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  1. Was curious to know what the protocol is for this situation: Came into a pack where all of the current leaders and committee members are crossing over to boy scouts so the entire committee was stepping down. New members (myself included) have agreed to take the open committee positions and were voted in, now some of the old members decided they wanted to stay and refuse to step down. What is the protocol for this? If a member has been voted in is it not BSA policy to abide by that to avoid situations like these?
  2. Thank you both for your quick response and oh man it's so hard for me to sit on my hands and do nothing but that's why I'm getting suggestions because I don't want to step on any toes or jump in the middle of a hornets nest if it's not necessary... everyone claims to be leaving because they are boys are crossing over into Boy Scouts next year and they have their own committee and or because they have too much personal drama going on to uphold the position anymore it really is a big mess... in my opinion I feel like they got the grant money from our charter organization to fund the program for
  3. Hi everyone I am new here and need some advice. I will try not to make this too long winded if I can.... basically this started last year when I was a tiger parent I watched our entire pack flounder around no communication misappropriation of funds etc. etc. this year I agreed to step up and be the Wolf leader and when I attended the first committee meeting it was revealed that every body on our current committee intends on the stepping down at the end of the year. So I did some asking around and got a group together that is willing to take over the committee and I am going to step up as the
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