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    If that comes to pass BSA will have jumped the shark... We as a nation have truly lost our minds and common sense.
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    I was priming yesterday - brushing Benjamin Moore Fresh Start, rag wipe off trim, brush drip, rag wipe trim,... and this morning I read about this flawless mural... What materials did you use to create this mural? I used Behr house paint. It’s 100% acrylic latex. It’s the best thing to paint masonry. It’s very resilient to the sun and weather. I use a satin finish. I’ve used it for years and years. How long did it take to create, and what was the creation process like? I did the sketches first. It took a few days overall to formulate the original idea. Getting it approved by the board of the church took longer than anything else. It took a couple of months. I thought we weren’t going to start it. It took about two weeks from start to finish to do it. The mural probably has about 10 coats of paint on it. Acrylic paint is something like watercolor because you have to layer it. You end up leaving a lot of color on the wall, particularly with skin tones. The gold medallion is a mix of yellows and golds. More including motivation and when painted at source: https://greenvillejournal.com/arts-culture/art-in-focus-boy-scouts-mural-greenville-sc/
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    BSA is relying on the good will and reputation that scouting had developed in the previous century to get the bankruptcy court to overlook the obvious contradictions in its position. I don't know how this will work (from a purely legal perspective). I do know that scouts and scouters see the contradiction, and it is not helping BSA to develop good will and reputation in this century.
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    (Disclaimer: my employer is a competitor to, partner of, and customer of Oracle, and I personally have some expired Oracle certifications; however, my statements below represent my own opinion, not that of my employer.) I don't think so. Apparently BSA has several contracts with Oracle, and they're only trying to terminate some of them. The motion says, "With respect to the Volunteer Learning Management Services, the Debtors have concluded that substantially similar services are available at a lower cost from an alternate provider." So I would guess, and I think they want the judge to believe, that they want to continue online "Scouting U" in some form. Either they have a paid-up license for the software and want to purchase cloud hosting for it cheaper elsewhere, or the content is sufficiently portable that they can host it in another vendor's software on cheaper hosting. Given my experience with "migrations" and "upgrades" and "refreshes" and "consolidations", both as an IT professional and as an end-user, I'm a little worried that the "substantially similar ... at lower cost" might not be accurate. It might be prudent to print out hard copies of course completions in My Scouting, and retain other written records, and printed training materials (even if currently officially "obsolete"). Just to "Be Prepared", of course.
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    I will treat you as you treat me, hopefully with mutual respect, love and friendship. When you resort to violence, looting, destruction and vandalism, you have lost me, and I no longer care what your cause is...you are a common criminal and no better than those you protest against.
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    Not sure scandalous conveys the true stupidity that is The Summit. What was billed as a donation and 4th Crown Jewel is a grossly underused and over developed vanity project. Basically a development looking for relevance. Why is the BSA bankrupt? Look no further than $500 - $750 million shoved down a rat hole in West Virginia
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    In a little more than 4 years or so, Troop 111 has quietly done what most of us only talk about too much, but for whatever reason fall short much of the time. THIS is what National should be doing, but just as 111 is doing, just that, doing it and quietly putting it out there for the community to see, and maybe take away some of the media's tarnishing. This unit grew out of a pack. The two primary leaders took their cubs and began the slow evolution, through Webeloes that were already doing some of what the troop now does, and moved the younger boys into a new troop, focused on this program. This video is an accurate depiction. By that, I mean that the youth are the most important element, and Craig and the other leaders prefer the background and they mentor. Craig is an Eagle, and I had the privilege of seeing him grow up and I believe council him for a merit badge or two. More importantly, his father was a mentor for me as I began my journey in VCC. Craig represents what I fondly remember about his dad, and I only hope that he and their unit continue to carry the true image to the world. Pioneer Hike (8-04-83) Reflecting on the scouting way, while set alone within the wood; I saw the boy that once was me who sought to grow, be understood. But now it’s someone else's son whose youthful zeal rings through the trees, who looks to Me to understand, to see the way He sees. Thus, the cycle has come around, the scouting boy became a man; and what he learned within his youth, he returns, the best he can. Camp Chawanakee, B.S.A. Shaver Lake, Calif. 8-5-83
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    I'm in favor of requiring Scouts to demonstrate virtue signaling, so long as it is done in Morse Code.
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    It is inevitable. Been happening in tech for some years now. See https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/06/12/tech-industry-has-an-ugly-master-slave-problem/. You'll note in the article Yale stopped using the title master for the heads of their respective Colleges. The BSA has already signalled their virtue, they will have to submit to every demand moving forward.
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    So your main camp was a Virginia slave plantation, and your council has been asserting its white privilege to use it as a Boy Scout camp. I wouldn't sweat the bankruptcy. BLM is going to claim the camp for reparations anyway.
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    It "means" that when there is a reversion on cessation of a stated required use, the property immediately belongs to the grantor or the grantors estate, not the bankrupt grantee, and the property is not subject to being used to satisfy creditors of the bankrupt grantee This outcome is quite predictable on general property law principles.
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