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    Have served as (cub) Committee Chair, (troop) Member of Committee, Den Leader, and merit badge counselor.

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  1. DavidLeeLambert

    New LDS Guidelines for BSA recruiting beginning 6/1/19

    The LDS church already was "not acting like any other church", by having a policy stating that all congregations had to have a Scouting program. Some of the winding-down requirements that might seem harsh are probably a necessary reaction to that. The Church has decided it can't prudently be yoked to the BSA any more, so it's making sure there's a clean break; no back door where a Bishop or Scoutmaster or former Area Authority Seventy can say "my troop is really the same old LDS troop as such-and-such, even though it's no longer sponsored by Salt Lake", and then actually use funds from Salt Lake to run it, or have so many members from the same ward supporting the same unit that when something bad happens liability comes back to the Church. The May 2019 Joint Statement was sent by e-mail to local leaders (not sure exactly who, but I got it directly, probably from calling as Committee Member), and a Church News article about it quoted the closing paragraph “it continues to support the goals and values reflected in the Scout Oath and Scout Law and expresses its profound desire for Scouting’s continuing and growing success in the years ahead.” To paraphrase @HashTagScouts, members of the Church are welcome to continue to participate with BSA programs just as they can already participate in city soccer, karate, YMCA, 4-H, even GSUSA... but the Church just won't sponsor it. I see the prohibition on leaders "referring" or "recruiting" people, and the rule about the bulletin-board posting, as ways to be fair between existing community packs and troops, not as an attempt to shut Boy Scouts down. As someone with callings into an LDS-sponsored pack and troop, my interpretation is that I can't walk up to a parent and say "Brother or Sister So-and-So, your son would do great in pack X" (not that I've had much success with similar pitches of the LDS pack), but if someone asks me "what can I do?", I can say "go to the Be a Scout website and search for your zipcode" or "look at the bulletin board", and if a parent asks me point-blank "I'm thinking about Troop X; what do you know about them?", I can give an answer based on my actual experience. I know there's one branch in my stake where a non-LDS troop had already been using the LDS meetinghouse as their usual meeting-place, well before last year's announcement. Arrangements like that may have to stop, but then again maybe they can get an exception as long as they're not "recruiting" at those meetings.
  2. DavidLeeLambert

    Webelos II - Adventure Requirements - Clarification

    I'll agree with that as well. Furthermore, the requirement isn't "follow the Patrol Method completely"; it's "practice the Patrol Method, by doing the following:". And of course, Cub Scout requirements are measured against Do Your Best. At the council-organized day-camp I took my son's pack to last year, the Webelos helped choose the provisional-den yells, and only the Webelos in each den made the provisional-den flags. That counted for (c) of the requirement, at least. Later, after we got home, at a regular den meeting, we talked about the Patrol method some more and the boys had an election. They actually chose a boy who hadn't made it to camp. If I had planned better, I would have had a Denner cord ready to give to whoever won the election; but the election was what satisfied the requirement, not what they wore after it; and they earned a belt-loop (and their rank) by completing the Adventure.