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    • The intelligence community monitored and assessed intentions, capabilities and actions of foreign actors. While it did find significant intent and actions by Moscow to use cyber tools and media campaigns to influence public opinion, it did not analyze U.S. processes or public opinion.  The report made no assessment on the impact the activities had on the outcome. Either in agreement or disagreement.  https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/3719492/Read-the-declassified-report-on-Russian.pdf  
    • Update Aug 13, 2020 The National Capital Area Council announced that CSCI, a consulting, enterprise IT, and financial management firm will sponsor a new, special council shoulder patch honoring retired Air Force Brigadier General Charles McGee. “We are extremely proud to recognize retired Brigadier General Charles McGee for his tremendous accomplishments and contributions to Scouting,” said Scout Executive Craig Poland. “Brigadier General McGee not only meets the criteria for the special edition council shoulder patch – he more than surpasses it. The values embodied in Scouting are reflected in his daily life and work.” The one-of-a-kind patch honoring McGee will be available to nearly 60,000 Scouts, according to the Scouter Digest release. More at sources: https://www.wrbl.com/news/national/boy-scouts-honor-tuskegee-airman-retired-air-force-brig-general-charles-mcgee-with-new-shoulder-patch/ https://weownadventure.com/boy-scouts-honor-tuskegee-airman-with-special-edition-council-shoulder-patch/
    • The Chicago Black Lives Matter organizer who justified looting as “reparation” has doubled down — insisting this week that even calling someone a criminal is “based on racism.” Ariel Atkins told WBEZ that her group “100 percent” supports the violent looters who trashed chunks of the Windy City Monday, again repeating her claim that it is “reparations.” “The whole idea of criminality is based on racism anyway,” she told the NPR station. “Because criminality is punishing people for things that they have needed to do to survive or just the way that society has affected them with white supremacist BS,” she said. “I will support the looters till the end of the day. If that’s what they need to do in order to eat, then that’s what you’ve got to do to eat,” she said of those who even tried to smash their way into a Ronald McDonald House caring for sick children and their families. Atkins dismissed the idea that civil rights had “ever gotten wins” from “peaceful protests.” “Winning has come through revolts. Winning has come through riots,” she said. ... Atkins had no sympathy for the businesses damaged in the spree, which included a small convenience store likely to go out of business after being looted twice in months. “The fact that anybody gives a s–t about these businesses over what is happening in this city right now and the pain that people are in and the suffering that is taking place, I don’t care,” she admitted.  
    • Portland protesters, rioters target police with lasers and fireworks outside federal courthouse Portland protesters and rioters returned to a federal courthouse late Wednesday into early Thursday morning, launching fireworks toward police, shining lasers into officers’ eyes and splashing at least one cop with paint, authorities said Thursday morning. Several hundreds of people in the Oregon city gathered near the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse, the neighboring Multnomah County Justice Center and a nearby police precinct station after nights of demonstrations elsewhere, including a different precinct and the offices of Portland Police Association. The group set off commercial-grade fireworks in the direction of the fence protecting the courthouse shortly after 10:30 p.m. Police ordered them over the loudspeaker to “stop launching fireworks and starting fires,” according to a press release. nstead, some members of the group allegedly responded by shining lasers into the faces of officers making the announcements. Others blocked traffic and started at least one small fire in front of a nearby precinct, authorities said. Police declared an unlawful assembly shortly after 11:30 p.m., but the events continued to escalate. “A large explosive and other fireworks were thrown towards officers, along with fist sized rocks, bottles, and cans of paint,” police said. By midnight, police reclassified the unlawful assembly as a riot, at which point the group allegedly moved back toward the area of the courthouse. “They threw eggs and continued to launch commercial grade fireworks towards officers,” police said. The crowd had dissipated by roughly 2:30 a.m. but not before someone vandalized a police car parked in the area. Over the course of the night, officers used tear gas to break up the crowd. Several people were arrested and multiple police officers were hurt, including one who suffered a severe hand injury. Associated Press   Sounds like the Russians?
    • Americans are doing a fabulous job on their own.      U.S. Intel repportedly leaked the view that the Russians impacted the 2016 election.  The U.S. Government under Obama disagreed.   So we must try to access the weight to be given the unofficial reports of an officially  questionable source.
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