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Looking for help with an old tent

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I was setting up a yard sale and came across an old tent of my grandfather's from Sears saddlery in Davenport Iowa.

Tried to find it online with no luck I'd love to use it but the poles are missing and I have no idea what they would even look like 

Tent has five holes in top. One in middle and in each corner seems to have an awning as well

Any help would be greatly appreciated 


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@Zombeye, welcome to Scouter. 

My folks had this kind of tent. It had a center pole, that had umbrella like framing out to each corner.  The holes at the corners tied off guy lines.  Depending on how it was set up, it might have a side room that had exterior poles to set them upright. 

Oh, the awning was also the winter door closure. 

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I spent many a night in a tent like that.  Pole in the middle of the tent was the devil's design.  We were told not to get near it on pain of death.

External pole systems were one of the great design innovations in the evolution of consumer tents.

I was intrigued, so I went looking for an image.  Here are pictures of a tent the spitting image of my family's.  As John-in-KC mentioned, there's a sort of side room.


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Thank you John-in-KC and T2Eagle for your replies they were very helpful indeed.

T2Eagle I could imagine my grandfather threatening us with said pain of death. 

Still unable to find this exact brand in hopes of purchasing poles but with those pictures I think I could make a set myself. I am able to determine that there is no sideroom 


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