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If your Crew has been around awhile, gather pictures from various activities you have done and put together displays/poster boards with a few lines of text about the trip.


Go to the scout store and buy the 5 Bronze awards,Gold, Silver, Ranger medals to display with a few lines on the requirements


Have a few handbooks that can be paged through,


Get the requirements for the Ranger Award and have them handy


Have an organizational chart of the crew, be sure to emphaize this is led by the youth, there is no Venturemaster, only an Advisor


I love the idea of a BBQ, be sure dessert is either Baked apples or bannanas


Oh yeah, my son says to be sure you have a selction of music to play during dinner and while the guests talk and peruse the exhibits, real music the kids will like, not what the adults want to hear, after all its the kids crew


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