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I haven't heard anything like that, but, personally, as a Venturing Silver earner, I prefer the ribbons. They make a very distinct difference between the Gold, Silver, Ranger, and Quartermaster Awards (all happen to be medals). Also, since there are five categories to the Bronze Award, a Venturer can wear all five ribbons and wear medals at the same time. For instance, I have earned the Outdoors, Youth Ministries, and the Sports Bronze Awards. I can wear all three of them and also wear my Silver Award, Eagle Scout, Ranger Award, and Silver Hornaday Award, Religous Award, and the council Venturing Leadership Award. According the the 1999 - 2001 BSA Insignia Guide, only five medals can be worn in a single row. So, if the Bronze Awards were to become medals, Venturers who have earned multiple Bronze Awards couldn't wear all of them for display if they have earned five or more medals. Too many medals given out makes the uniform look very cluttered, and even then, medals are only worn during ceremonies. The Bronze Awards ribbons can be worn all the time (however I recommend not to do so, such as outings or campouts since they tend to fall apart). Personally, BSA should just leave the Bronze Awards as ribbons and leave the higher awards as medals so that Venturers can wear everything, especially multiple Bronze Awards. And on another note, BSA should give the Ranger Award a square knot instead of the Ranger Bar to represent the medal. I know that BSA has done it in the past and I feel they should bring the knot back.

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National has indeed added a new medal to the Venturing program. Available for this new medal are special bronze award pins that go affixed on the ribbon. The old bronze award ribbons will be available to use on informal activities, the medal should be worn on formal activities.


Also the name of the Youth Ministries bronze awards will be changed to Religious Life.

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