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Our Crew was looking for a local summer camp with a high adventure program where the scouts could finish some core requirement and a few electives. We found nothing in Southern CA but we did find Camp Loll in WY. They offered 3 core + a choice of 3 optional requirements.


Most of our scouts will be Eagle by the end of the year and they are looking towards Ranger.

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found it!

Emerald Bay



They offer a variety of programs... including SCUBA for eligible members.


you might try these too.. came across the links while "surfing"




and you might try contacting the Mt.Baker council in Washington state.


I heard they were developing a program that might meet your needs


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Yes we were at Emerald Bay last summer and we did have a few scouts take Scuba - good program.

We are looking the circle Catalina war canoe trip; 3 days but no real Venture program.

Thanks for the other info we will look at it for next year!

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