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I've just come back from the second weekend of my Wood Badge training. Each Wood Badge Patrol was assigned a Venture Scout as a resource person during our Outdoor Experience. My patrol was fortunate to have as our Resource person an outstanding Venture Scout. We were lucky to come in contact with a young lady who had earned the Ranger Award. She and the other Venture Scouts were outstanding individuals.


I believe that these young adults made quite an impression on all of the Scouters in attendance.

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We have recently started a Venture Crew with a few Eagle Scouts and the rest will be to Eagle within a year. The Bronze Award will be about another year and the Ranger will take at least 2 years. The RANGER Award is not an easy task, recently I was suprised to learn that National is not tracking these awards like they keep track of Eagle Scout. They have no software to record the award. There is no National review of this award. I hope this will change in the future.

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