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    • Agreed. He also passed the SM conference. I think the OP was right in doing an appeal. It isn’t like a suspension 2 years prior labels him a felon for life. Sounds like he turned things around and should end awarded eagle for having completed the requirements. Unless there is a huge detail the OP chose not to include, it seems pretty open and close. 
    • The split should occur in 4th grade, not 5th. The entire reason why Webelos became an 18-24 month program in the 1990s instead of the 9-12 month program in previous years was the research showed that it takes about 2 years to get the Scouts, and in my experience the parents as well, up to speed with the differences between Cub Scouts and Scouts. Whomever made this decision did not do their due diligence, and I fear this will continue to hurt troops' retention of new Scouts.
    • I'm sure your son faced enough judgements over those two years between suspension and the Eagle application.  If after the suspension, the troop kept the scout registered, then the suspension should not be used against him.  Key point is keeping the scout registered and participating is tacit agreement that the scout could earn Eagle if he stays active and working the requirements.  It's too late at the EBOR to use the suspension against the scout.  ... It might be very different if the incident was a month before the EBOR.  
    • I'm against the "insta-Scout" for AOL crossovers as well.  First, it starts teaching the Scouts the self reliance and self advocacy that are necessary in Scouting and in life.  It's not the simple Cub Scouting rubber stamp anymore, you don't get sign-offs just for showing up. The Scout needs to seek out the older scouts (PLC members, Troop Guides, etc...) and to meet the adult leadership as well to demonstrate their skills and earn the sign-offs necessary for advancement.  It goes a long way for the SM, ASM's, and others in getting to know them as individuals as well.  Our troop may be unique in that we seem to get 3 or 4 new Scouts every year that have no prior scouting experience. Starting out AOL crossovers at Scout will make those that have no experience feel behind and frustrated.  
    • This incident was 20+ years ago before all the hype.  More recently I know of one case where mom threatened a lawsuit against BSA if an extension was not given to her son to do a new project after turning 18. Long story short, The kid did NOT follow the directions given to him by the benefitting organization (BO) prior to approval, and did NOT listen to the recommendations of his SM and ASMs, one of whom was a professional contractor. He ended up getting kicked off the BO's property, turning over all unused funds to repair the damage he causes, got Scouts banned from ever doing another service project there, and nearly caused the BO to be shut down and fined until repaires were made.    Sadly he was still registered and active in the troop when I met him. This was about 6 months after National approval, and he was 15 or 16.
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