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Dave where do you find the time?

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Thanks for the responses, folks. I appreciate the defense.


I have sent commandopro a couple of private messages and he has not responded. Perhaps commandopro doesn't know how or chooses not to respond.


That's all I'm going to say at the moment. When I get angry on these forums, which I try not to do, I get messages reminding me that I am supposed to follow the "high road."


I appreciate those private reminders -- those of you who have sent them.




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I realized that commandpro is likely a professional scouter himself just after I posted. I would guess that he is not responding because he is pretending to not have the time to follow the board closely. It'll be a few days until he comes out of faux hiding and we hear from him. UTPBHO...


Remember when we were talking about the true meaning of hypocrisy as pretending to be what one is not? Busy busy beaver..

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I'll be as Courteous as I can regarding this subject.


If you have a probem with Dave's participation here, and the time of day it occurs, that's a subject that really should have been addressed with him in a private message, rather than the type of public downdressing that you've engaged here. Not responding to his private messages is just plain rude. If you are, as alluded here, a professional Scouter; not only are you failing yourself and Dave by the lack of SCOUTING courtesy, but also with the lack of PROFESSIONAL courtesy.


How and when Dave assists fellow Scouters from across the country IN ADDITION TO HIS LOCAL COUNCIL is between Dave and his superiors, just as it is for EVERYONE here who enters the forums during the work day. Have you ever heard of a LUNCH BREAK or COFFEE BREAK? I'm sure even professional Scouters get them, too. Does Dave need to start submitting activity and timesheets for your approval? Does everyone else, too?


And as for the assertion that his time spent helping others is a direct correlation to his impending loss of position, that's certainly a malodorous crock of digested edibles. As pointed out earlier, ALL types of non-profits are pinching pennies and doing some belt-tightening; and just like in the private sector, often middle management is the first to see the effects. I can assure you that Dave didn't expect a new belt hole with his name on it. And don't tell me your council has never, ever had an end-of-year crunch of some sort, either financial or otherwise. If not, must be the first year of the Council's existence, eh?

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I'm not ignoring a thing. I have no idea how to get private messages though. I haven't recieved anything via email, and I don't see any other way to recieve them. Perhaps I need to spend more time on here and get familiar with all of the features.

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Official retraction: Sorry Dan, I didn't mean to pull you in to this mess.


I meant Dave. Since you were the main subject, then that should have been easy but it wasn't.


Outrage can lead one down a short road to the dumpster. Lately, the road seems to be getting shorter.


After considering commandopro's statements, I am spending too much time here myself.


Just in case anybody asks, I wouldn't touch any site that wasn't work related during work or even after work hours on the company's computers. I know that if the boss wants to track one of us, he can do it pretty easily. I find plenty of other ways of being unproductive. I love my work but there are those days that I get in the way of it.


They make the smokers go outside at our building. I think that they should build a small room for them. They could then recycle the smoke from the Smoking lounge area and pump it directly to the desks of all of the smokers with two little hoses. Then any time during the day, a smoker could draw a few breathes of rich smoke filled air and blow it back into the room area for anybody else to breath in again. It would decrease the high price paid for tobacco and increase the number of hours at their desks. Instead, I have to walk through a smoke cloud each time I enter or exit. I dont mind so much because I know that second hand smoke is probably good for you.

Fuzzy B.


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I post this only because Commandopro seems to be lost when it coems to private messages. Click on send private message on the left if you want to send me a message.


If you're not receiving the private messages I have sent (and who knows who else has sent) then click on "edit your profile" and enter the correct email address for yourself. That's where the private messages will show up.


I really hope you private message me, Commandopro. I'd like to help you out. I'm angry at you, but that can pass.


I'm getting tired of typing stuff and then deleting it, so I'll stop.


Done with the last delete. This does lead me, Mr. Commandopro to two pieces of advice I'd like to leave you with:


1. Stop calling yourself commndopro. We don't need such dramatics to do our job.


2. Stop using language such as "intense pressure" and "crisis of epic proportions." These terms only serve to scare good volunteers and are not necessary.



I've deleted a bit more . . .


To any who feel I've said too much . . . please accept my apologies.(This message has been edited by dsteele)

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A couple of questions that I have sent you privately:


Are you a professional Scouter?


What is your title and tenure?


In short, who are you?


There have been two other professional Scouters who posted on these boards during my brief time here. Both answered the above questions before I could ask them. One moved on to become a Scout Executive (RMV) the other is a Field Director in California.



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Dave Old China,

As someone who is always cool calm collected, and who never gets hot under the collar or emotional. It was nice to see you following my fine example in dealing with this.

You do of course have my number and if need be you can give me a call so that we can share more of my great insights into tranquil service to others. ( I am glad that it isn't storming!!)


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Thanks for the reminder, Eamonn.


It's daylight now and I'm much more calm. In retrospect, I'm really glad I didn't post the stuff I deleted.


Truth be told, I'm much more worried about our cat (one of three) who is in intensive care at the animal emergency hospital in Milwaukee. I know he's just a cat, but he's been part of our family for 13 years. Part of me hates to see us spending serious money to try to stem the tide on his kidney and heart failure, but we love the little beasty and if that's what it takes, that's what it takes.



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Dave, about 15 years ago my wife spent about $5,000 keeping her dog alive and all it bought her was another couple months of lying on the floor.


If I'm lying in a hospital bed, wheezing with tubes coming out of me and the best hope is to keep me alive and doped for a couple more months, let me go.

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Laughter doesn't come easily to me at the moment, but you brought it. Thanks for the offer, but I don't think anyone needs to be beaten up.


Someone needed to laugh however, and you did bring me that.





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This guy walks into a bar and is carrying a chicken. The bartender tells the guy with the chicken that he doesn't serve chickens in his bar.


The chicken responds by saying that she doesn't serve bartenders eggs in her coop either.


The bartender is taken aback by a chicken that not only talks but responds intelligently. He says, "Tell me more".


The chicken begins to tell the bartender about her life in the coop, hatching eggs for a living, and being courted by the local rooster.


The chicken and the bartender hit it off really well that evening. He serves her drinks and she throws in an egg or two.


The bartender asks her out on a date and one thing leads to another and after a few months they get married.


Don't cackle because this really happened.


I thought I would try my hand at a little humor.




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"Stop using language such as "intense pressure" and "crisis of epic proportions." These terms only serve to scare good volunteers and are not necessary."



There are times when I have intense pressure and a crisis of epic proportions but I just grab the sports section and head up stairs & after awhile it goes away.


You are right. These terms usually turn away good leaders.


And my offer still stands!


And I for one don't think commandopro is yaworski on Fat Old Guy. I don't even think Fat Old Guy is yaworski!


Ed Mori

1 Peter 4:10(This message has been edited by evmori)

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