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    • I am willing to bet there was a local architect with a Scouting background who would have donated their time on creating a plan. We had one that came up with plans to renovate one camp locally, and the PTB axed it.
    • Supposedly they received over $6M for the camp sale so have ~$3M to spend on this camp.  The camp has very few cabins, toilets, a small dining hall and is very underdeveloped.   Definitely hope they listen to local scouters.  When I talked with the council leadership, they emphasized they want to ensure they have good plans before adding anything.  We will see...
    • Would love to be privy to whatever that master plan suggested is. Can't imagine that someone you are paying to come up with that plan is only going to suggest things that are little/no cost or that can be done only with volunteer labor. 
    • ??? Why not get the local Scouter input first and then determine if it is necessary or even affordable to hire an outside national architect firm? So for an existing camp, we have local scout leaders familiar and concerned about program quality and summer camp costs and Council execs seeing money that immediately needs to be spent to hire an outside architect firm to develop a master camp plan??   
    • Indian Mounds Reservation was sold to a NA Tribe.... Probably the best buyer of the land.     Dear Scout Leaders:   Earlier today, the Trustees of the Milwaukee Boy Scout Fund completed the sale of Indian Mound Scout Reservation (IMR) to the Forest County Potawatomi Community. The camp sale follows Three Harbors Council’s decision to end camp operations at IMR last fall. This difficult decision was reached following a comprehensive review of our two camps while taking into consideration the significant contribution of $3.685 million requested from our council to support the Settlement Trust, a compensation fund for survivors of abuse in Scouting, established through the BSA’s financial restructuring process. Selling the camp was a necessary and important step as we support survivors of abuse and ensure that we are in the best position to serve youth and families in southeastern Wisconsin for many years to come.    Following the board’s decision, the Trustees of the Milwaukee Boy Scout Fund, who owned the camp, entertained multiple offers to purchase IMR. The property went under contract at the asking price in the fall, and following a due diligence period, the sale closed on June 1st. The buyers are still determining the future usage of the property. The property is zoned as “Institutional” and therefore the current permitted usage is restricted to camps, parks, schools, hospitals, or similar uses.    The proceeds from the camp sale will be invested in the Milwaukee Boy Scout Fund, a separate Trust that serves as the council’s endowment fund, providing annual support for Scouting operations. The sale proceeds will allow the Trust to recoup the $3,075,000 it provided to Three Harbors Council as a special grant to assist in the council’s contribution to the Settlement Fund. At the discretion of the Trustees and pending the completion of a new camp master plan, funds from the sale of IMR may be made available for future investment in Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta.   While we are pleased to have the sale completed, today is also a time to reflect on Indian Mound Scout Reservation’s legacy. The camp was founded in 1917 on the shores of Silver Lake near Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. IMR served thousands of Scouts throughout its 105-year history. We are truly grateful to the Scouting volunteers, donors, and community leaders who donated their time, talent, and treasure to support the program at IMR. The camp had an incredibly positive, lifelong impact on Scouts, leaders, and families across our council.    As we move forward, the Council’s focus will be on strengthening camp facilities and programs offered at Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta, located on Dyer Lake near Burlington, Wisconsin. Past Council President, Dr. R. Scott Pierce, is chairing a committee of camp volunteers charged with developing a new master plan for Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta. The council has hired Domokur Architects, a national leader in camp planning, to help guide the master plan process, and opportunities for Scout leader input will be shared in the coming months.   Please reach out to Camping@ThreeHarborsScouting.org with any questions about the camp sale. Any inquiries from local news media should be directed to Scout Executive Andrew Hardin.   Thank you for your continued support of Scouting in Three Harbors Council.   In Scouting,   Kimberly Kane Council President Andrew Hardin Scout Executive
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