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    • @sst3rd The fire is indeed burning less brightly than it was,  and National may be filling a big bucket of water  but I plan on keeping watch as long as there is an ember glowing. I think I owe this to the memory of the  four advisors who showed me the meaning of the three Obligations.  Three  of them are gone now,  the fourth is living with the Comanche in Oklahoma. Sometimes I feel like I am the last of the Mohicans,  old and worn out,  But the some of  scouts truly  love the ceremonies and that keeps me going. Oldscout448   consultant to Standing Bear Ceremonies LLC
    • Here is a council charter renewal form.  filestore.scouting.org/filestore/mission/pdf/523-027_WEB.pdf In short a council pays an annual National Service Fee of 3.5% of the total of the salaries of the professional and office staff, though some councils could pay closer to 4%. There is also a national charter fee of $1,000.  This fee is waived if the form is submitted on time.
    • The global progressive agenda is anti-god, so taking god out of the program is inevitable. Some of us have been warning that god will be removed from the program since homosexual behavior was allowed as normal in the program. You can’t accept immoral behavior as normal with god standing over the principles of the program, so the liberal culture removes god to give man authority over the principles. Changes to the Oath and Law are close. Once that happens, unit leaders values will dictate moral and ethical behavior. Morality will depend on the strongest outspoken adult. Scouts will not be allowed to use their personal principles to balance the leaders judgment. Morality will be dictated by the guy with the biggest stick. Barry
    • Agreed.  The Circle 10 letter, in successive bullets, says they pay fees to National, then all money stays local.  It can't be both.  My council issued substantially the same statement.  Nobody cares about the legal structure, BSA is BSA.  Going to be an interesting FOS season.
    • On an near-empty beach with a troop of Boy Scouts nearby.     DANA POINT, Calif. (KABC) -- A small plane made an emergency landing on a beach in Dana Point Saturday, startling some beachgoers on the sand. The pilot told authorities he had just taken off for what was supposed to be a leisurely flight from John Wayne Airport when the plane lost power. The lucky pilot landed on an empty stretch of sand. The plane came to a stop at the edge of the surf and close to a troop of Boy Scouts.

      "He climbed out on his own, the greeting of throngs of Boy Scouts there -- they were very excited -- and they pushed the plane onto the sand," a beachgoer added. https://abc7.com/small-plane-makes-emergency-landing-on-beach-in-dana-point/4906282/
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