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  1. Hey EagleInKY and ScoutNut! Yes I sure hope that I get to change that name eventually (provided I am not "dumped" out head first heh). Thank you for the "welcomes" and I FULLY intend on taking advantage of ALL of the Akela's in our den! Thanks for the suggestions! TH
  2. Hi all~ I am the Tiger Cub Leader for pack 409 in Vermilion Ohio. The weekend after the disaster our pack got together and we did a car wash to raise money to donate to red cross. I am proud to report we raised a total for $816 for the relief efforts! All our advertising (radio and otherwise) and supplies were completely donated once we told everyone why we were doing it they were happy to help! TH
  3. Hi Everyone~ I just found this website and it seems like a great suppliment to all the help I am getting from my pack. I am completely brand new to all of this. My son is a new Tiger Cub and I thought well I guess I will jump in feet first and become the den leader (not to mention no one else wanted to do it). So any suggestions or advice will be of much appreciation! I look forward to getting to know everyone and sharing my experiences! Take care TH
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