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SCOUTER's Support American Red Cross Relief Efforts

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I encourage Scouters everywhere to join with the community and support the efforts of the American Red Cross in disaster relief. The devastation along the Gulf Coast is unlike any natural catastrophe this country has seen. The failures of leadership at nearly every level to prevent or prepare for the disaster, and to deal with the aftermath, have been evident, and the fragile nature of society is on display for the world to see.


The emergency workers, volunteers and military folks now helping on the ground are doing amazing work under unprecedented conditions.


The efforts of the Red Cross represent the best of the American people uniting to help each other. I have made a donation, and encourage you to do the same.



Click Here to Make a Donation Now


Perhaps you can also add a link to your website or emails to encourage others to support relief efforts? SCOUTER.com has created a link for you to use to help collectively show support in this cause:




A simple image (as displayed above) can also be obtained from http://www.scouter.com/assets/images/redcross.jpg



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Hi, my name is Bill, a Cubmaster of Pack 735 in Tigard, Oregon. We're taking our leftover candy bars and selling them to raise money for the hurricane relief fund. We will be donating our $$'s to: 'Hurricane Katrina BSA Employee Relief Fund'

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My son and I from Troop 15, Madison MS loaded 71 cases of water on Wed. the 31 and drove to Pascagoula, MS. We passed this water out to people on the streets and then hooked up with the Red Cross and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief and worked unloading, delivering food, water and ice. The devastation is unimaginable.

Chris McCoy

Michael McCoy

Troop 15

Madison, MS

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Hi all~


I am the Tiger Cub Leader for pack 409 in Vermilion Ohio. The weekend after the disaster our pack got together and we did a car wash to raise money to donate to red cross. I am proud to report we raised a total for $816 for the relief efforts! All our advertising (radio and otherwise) and supplies were completely donated once we told everyone why we were doing it they were happy to help!



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