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    • I - and I imagine everyone else here - thinks that holding on to the patrol method and preventing Webelos 3 is essential to delivering a quality program and, therefore, creating a culture of growth. This phenomenon of less scout-led pops up a lot here. The question is, what practices and what organizational culture will create the conditions for quality scout-led programs for not just select units but for the BSA in general? I think other who have been in the BSA longer than me have better opinions on specific organizational practices, but we shouldn't forget that what gets measured is what gets done. Our pack easily qualifies for JTE gold, but none of us are that proud because it doesn't consider what we're the proudest of. All the stuff in there is just the basics, and that's not the bar we hold ourselves to. Scouts BSA unit's success should be evaluated in large part on how well they have implemented the patrol method. What we can do as individuals, though, is consciously create an organizational culture where the patrol method is The Way. Talk like it is (even when it isn't... yet), explain it to everyone new to scouting. Easier said than done of course, but without engagement from a critical mass of leaders of creating such a culture organizational practices won't make a difference.
    • No worries, brother! Uniforms have a tendency to shrink all the time!
    • SCOTUS vacated the stay.  The settlement trust can resume its work.  Here's the (very brief) language of the order:  "The application for stay presented to Justice Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied.  The order heretofore entered by Justice Alito is vacated." Edit to include link to order:  https://www.supremecourt.gov/orders/courtorders/022224zr_e2pg.pdf
    • This is one of the numerous judgment calls from my perspective.  The Insignia Guide notes certain limitations, but ultimately, they are not absolutes as long as the owner can field objections by the Uniform Police.  So, do what is right for you and deal with the nonsense as able.  Not worth a serious verbal debate.  JMHO of course.  And, since I no longer am able to wear mine due to girth, I guess I could just turn it into a hanger brag rag of some sort.  
    • Would love to see it? Maybe worth a "show us your jac shirt" thread of it's own? I mean, if we are going to make a brag jacket, we might as well brag about it, right?
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