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Different Troops... with different views of patrol method... ??

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    Yeah, I agree with what everyone else said here.

    My own preference is more of Troop 1. I've seen boys get very discouraged in Troop 2 situations where things failed too regularly. The troop of my youth was more of Troop 2 kind of troop and I know I found it frustrating. Others may find it more to their liking.

    I do not think that Troop 1 has the adults doing too much. In fact, you tend to see a lot of troops where the adults do a lot more than that.

    So my answers to your questions:
    Are they both boy led? Yes. Troops always reflect the philosophy of the adult leaders, and there is a large continuum of "boy-led".
    Is either of them doing it wrong ? No.
    How much adult involement should be taking place, while still being "boy led?" Different strokes for different folks. There is no "official" amount of adult involvement that is "correct". Different people have different preferences - mine would be for more involvement than Troop 2, but others do well in other troops. If you want to know which style is more likely to retain Scouts, you could always ask them.
    Are they [Troop 2] allowing too much adult participation? No. It's not too much, but they might be able to do better with a little bit less.

    I'm with SeattlePioneer - too much failure leads to a failed program.

    At the same time, though, too much adult micromanagement, even via the Socratic method, can annoy some boys - especially as they get older.


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      I read your story, and briefly skimmed over our colleagues responses.
      Bottom line. It is your families views, and it is your families' choice. So take all these advise/comments with a grain of salt.

      My own opinion....
      I have visited and been a member of quiet a few troops. I've been a member of some pretty good troops, and been a member of some troops that were lacking.

      I have only seen one model troop, maybe close to 100 Scouts.

      It seemed they were pretty close to being boy led, with quiet a few Life Scouts and Eagle Scouts still in their troop, assisting as JASMs and Troop guides. Still had some adult association in various roles. It seemed all their older Scouts had attended and wore the JLTC shield (before NYLT). They had a draw, that kept their older Scouts there, and the older Scouts did work with all their younger brothers and friends. The Scoutmaster and ASM's did do some teaching and leading; but very little.

      Like SeattlePioneer said regarding Troop 2. Scouts may learn from occasional failure. But if all they learn is failure and failure is a constant. Well, then they are not learning anything. To say it as a metaphor. Maybe they can hit the occasional speed bump in the road, but what happens when the paved road ends?

      Good Luck in your Webelos Den and your choices!

      Scouting Forever and Venture On!
      Crew21 Adv


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        Matching leadership styles to the maturity (needs) of the boys is an art. It is different for every troop and can be different for every patrol in the troop. I put together a short guide on the topic here: