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  1. I would advise against the one man tent - while the on-the-ground-enforcer of rules is your Ranger, they reportedly vary in their enforcement. Ours in 2010, one of the worst Bear incident years in quite a while, would NOT have allowed us to go on the trail with one person tents. His stated rationale was that the two man tents especially when set up in a group, look like something the Bear doesn't want to investigate. A one person tent looks like a snack size burrito. All of that said I really like the TT Rainbow and would like to have one for myself now that the kid is moving on to other a
  2. I can go either way with this. There should be a third voting option IMHO. My problem with the local option is the possibility of problems between Troops where one exercises the option one way and another exercises it the other and what has not been an item of contention in the past now becomes a reason why one group is "forced" to practice tolerance while another acts as it will(and that can occur with either choice acting as the bully). Now I realize that there are adults out there doing this now, but IMHO I haven't yet seen it have any effect on boys i've known yet. This decision
  3. I don't believe in additional requirements. I believe in learning the requirements and then having a program that emphasizes using those requirements - no re-test, no showing someone you retained the skill. Just needing to use some of those skills on a campout to campout basis. Just becuase everyone has planned a menu, budgeted, shoppped, safe food handled and prepared as a meal means that if you regularly have campouts that those "requirements" aren't going to be needed to be done again and "refreshed" informally by someone having to do those things. I believe in being a gateway (you do h
  4. Because I'm in Scouting, and only because I'm in Scouting I know quite a few Eagle Scouts, not necessarily from my Troop. I'm going to say 20 - 25 just as a representative guess. Now that is 20-25 Eagles out of 667(3% of all Scouts earning Eagle)-833 or 20-25 of 2000-2500(1% of all Scouts earning Eagle). Of the 20-25 I know there's only 2 who couldn't borrow my car just by asking, and 1 of those is still 15. Of the rest of the Scouts, there's only 2 I would hand the keys to, 1 of them is mine. Of all the Scouts(not just the Eagles) there's one that had drug charges, but worked wit
  5. Have always wondered why some minimal degree of sewing wasn't part of the deal - think it used to be an Eagle Required MB, wasn't around for that. It's a useful life skill not just in Scouting - no matter how much your spouse likes to sew - YOUR shirt never seems to get the button back on no matter how many other projects she completes - UNLESS you know how to sew. I like wearing my clothes and learned how to sew early on - my Mom wasn't a big believer in boys not being able to take care of themselves...
  6. Some Llama marketing guru is either really sharp not to come after this much bait or is really lagging behind the curve.
  7. SeattlePioneer, it goes to the House, where one would assume the party with the majority members would win, which unless the 3rd party has done it's complete ground game including having a majority in the House - they then lose to which ever of the two other parties holds the majority in the House.
  8. Backroads, being at the front desk of any help desk situation you have to realize that part of the reason folks show up or call is because they either Have a need for information they think should be available to them and they can't find it and know council should have it(they're the Pro's right?) Sometimes this is frustrating - as a help desk person in part, myself you have to defuse them and realize they aren't upset at you they are upset at their situation which in some cases is just being upset that they couldn't find what should be, and may in fact be, easily accessible information.
  9. The previous SM went to all the Council and District events and then filled in the holes with his own favorite camping spots to produce camping 12 months a year. When I started as SM, the next year the Commissioners decide that to revitalize "Scouting" that if you went to Klondike they would burn your sleigh( to ensure you built a new one each year - actually a good thing, but it was presented horribly, think various socialist dictator style) at the closing campfire - my boys threw the revolt flag that very day. We help at recruiting events(Webelos Woods), put out DL's, do Scouting for F
  10. One a LLama, two a llama, three a Llama, four, five a Llama, six a llama, seven a Llama, eight a llama, more....(This message has been edited by Gunny2862)
  11. All I know is the polling for neither Llama is to be believed. Llama this, Llama that, I feel a lot like that little girl who is "So tired of the Bronco-bama and the Mittromney, when is it going to be over?" It'll be over when all the Llama's have voted and their little Llama lawyers finish litigating the Llama-fest of litigable Llama selection issues. Electoral Llama College or Popular vote, there's millions of Llama litigation $'s to be had, and they'll all be scooped up like other things Llama's drop.
  12. Good citation perdidochas, the printed word takes precedence in discussions but when not provided I tend to listen to my spouse, on this topic, a Survivor and has a Masters in Psy. according to the APA she's in error on this point.
  13. Brew, no beating for you, someone else threw a hammer on your behalf. Good intentions, bad execution. Sorry for missing your location information.
  14. Okay I missed that part, our Troops Eagle mentor would have no need to see the letter unless they also wound up on his Eagle Board.
  15. "Normal" depends on your Councils and Districts Advancement and Eagle coordinating chairs (at least thats who it is here..., as those people change so does "normal". I'm not used to sending off two letters in two different directions for the same Scout but, read the sentence above...
  16. You know, the reason why I got into Scouting was because of my Spouse, who uttered the famous words "My baby isn't going anywhere with those Tan-shirted freaks unless YOU go with him!" I think she actually meant for the first several outings, but look what happened then... So now that he's aged out, I'm still doing trying to provide a good program. I still recognize that the public perception is out there, it hasn't changed, it hasn't gone away and it doesn't matter that other organizations now use our YP program as a model for developing their own. It doesn't make it easy to go out in
  17. Brewmeister, Oh, also, we typically use less than 6-7 canisters(have 1/2 to a full canister left on the last day) over 14 days with a 12 Person crew at Philmont, so based on your estimation of gas usage I think you are estimating a little high, especially for a weekend trip.
  18. Having read thru the thread and the parent thread, and admitting it's possible I missed something..., If one wants regional specific advice, it's a reasonable suggestion to either give your location or at least include it in your profile so others aren't offering advice from their region that won't work in yours. On the other hand if folks are willing to offer advice and the location info isn't given isn't it a little bit bad form to be barking about the out of region advice - after all they're offering it in the hopes the OP will succeed. SO, not knowing where Brewmeister lives... Th
  19. No substitute for a pre-ride or if you can check from the road a drive-by. Google maps and a couple of other map ing services have shown bicycle trails that are planned but not yet built in this area, or that were open but are now closed for construction. In this area our local bikes shops, while in competition, have joined forces to support the local bicycle club/advocacy group "SpringBike" - they are a great source for what is actually open. Does anyone elses area have that kind of arrangement or is it bike shop by bike shop?
  20. Those sound like Cub numbers that transitioned with some Parent. Even in Paid Non-Scouting childcare the numbers here (may not be correct in your municipality) run along the lines of 1-2 Infants, 1-5 toddlers(age 1 to 3), 1-10 children (age 3 to 12) and there isn't a specified number above age 12, but your Insurance carrier would like to have a conversation about that.
  21. Basementdweller, not that your point is wrong, but your citation is. The second forum link you gave refers to a Scout who winds up a Life for Life, not an Eagle, in his own words. Some folks did advocate for methods of rehabilitation for his error (it IS a youth program), but none said he deserved it in spite of his error.
  22. Sure, it's true that their method of electing the ASPL(or actually of NOT having the SPL selecting the ASPL) isn't in the book and that they would possibly not be in the situation they are in if they had done it that way, there is no guarantee that they still wouldn't. So, I elected to answer him IN the situation they are in. It is true however that by not operating inside the way the system says to, that in a way you allowed the situation to come into being, are you going to allow it to continue to run that way? It can be argued, and has been, and will be, that you need to change that sy
  23. koolaidman - for the win. It's hard when you are the SM and your son is a Scout, much more so when he's in leadership and you get to coach him about how he could do better. Mostly because unless you've built your own father/son relationship really well he may not hear it being about an issue but as a criticism of him. Unless you are going to turn the issue over to an ASM whenever an issue arises that includes your son - I know of others who did this, I chose not to. You need to be able to have the same conversations with your son that you would have with any other Scout. koolai
  24. As a relevant aside: "No Combat Ready Unit has ever passed Inspection". attributed to Joe Gay.
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