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  1. For Emergency Preparedness there is a requirement for participating in a Troop Mobilization, and also take part in a Emergency Service Project ? what are these ? how to do them?
  2. You brought out the issue that is clear to most non-LDS scouters. In my district, most of the LDS unit leaders don't know what a scouting unit is, they don't like to go to training, and are just waiting to get away from their calling. It's that secret we don't want to say out loud. It's just something we don't want to say out loud. However, when when I first read the story I told people, "I bet that was a Mormon group...." And yep... Learned later I was right..
  3. We have a small unit where the Scoutmaster also wants to serve as the COR. Is this allowed ? I thought I read somewhere that the COR can serve on the Committee or a Committee Chairman.
  4. We have a small unit where the Scoutmaster also wants to serve as the COR. Is this allowed ? I thought I read somewhere that the COR can serve on the Committee or a Committee Chairman.
  5. I've heard something about a new requirement of 10 scouts minimum in a troop? or is it still 5 scouts ? Or 5 min with a recommendation for 10 ?
  6. Yes, the minimum used to be 5 ?? , but I think the new recommendation is now 10 by BSA. Bigger issue is that that the dual registered "COR/CM" left the troop in June of this year. At this point, the husband and wife team are scoutmaster, and serving as their own committee... Doesn't a troop need a CC, and three MC's... that are 4 independent persons ?
  7. I am a new District Commissioner, and one of the first things that I did was to review the rosters of the units and I found a troop that somewhat startled me... They have only 4 boys in their troop, and they have a total of 3 adults for all positions.... all the adults doubled up on "positions" in the troop. The Scoutmaster is also the IH. (He used to be the IH at his unit 3 years ago, but it never changed on their recharter for some reason) His wife is the CC and a MC. (She also serves as a de facto ASM) Their COR is also a MC. (He also serves as a de facto ASM M
  8. I am the new District Commissioner for a district that is in a rebuilding mode. We have not had roundtable meetings for about 3 years now, and I was wanting to get some ideas as to Roundtables that might "jumpstart" the SM's interest in attending. Sorry.... I do not yet have a Roundtable Commissioner yet.... So I am hoping to at least have a Roundtable every other month this year as at least a starting point, and then grow from there. So please if you can comment on some good topics that might generate some interest and attendance... Thanks everyone !!
  9. A camp that I recently went to had a "No Liquid Fuels - Propane Only" rule.... Is this a camp rule (High Fire Risk area)?? or is this a BSA rule ? Are Scouts allowed to use liquid fuel stoves and lanterns? or only propane ?
  10. As we are coming closer to Summer, and thus summer camp.... I am wondering if anyone has ever used steel mesh globes as replacements for broken glass globes? I hear that they allow out a little less light, but are worth it to prevent broken glass globes? ...and yes... I know that battery lanterns are even safer.... but I somehow need to hear that familiar sound of a propane (or liquid fuel) lantern... :-)
  11. I am in charge of uniform inspection contest this weekend at Camporee. There is a question about the totin and firem'n chit patch placement. Some scouts are placing on their right pocket flap. Where an OA Lodge patch also is placed. My understanding is that although it is similarly shaped, that these chit patches do NOT go on the right pocket flap. Only OA Lodge patch goes on the flap. Am I correct. In the insignia guide there is no mention as to where to place the chit patches, but the OA patch, and the Cuc Summertime Pack Award patch is specifically mentioned as to be put on the
  12. Does anyone know if there are any materials that are for helping encourage a church/club/organization to charter a pack or troop ? Brochures, pamplets, etc ? That we can take on our visit to these organizations when we are trying to convince them to charter a group ?
  13. Has anyone heard of using or working with the Red Cross or other organization to put on a Saturday, or two evening First Aid course that covers First Aid Merit badge? If so, how did it go?
  14. I dont want to jerk anyways chain... we are the sick District of the Council and I've heard we used to be the Gold Standard. I just want to make sure I'm not going off the deep end, if I just say, DAMN THE TORPEDOS... WERE DOING IT ANYWAYS !!
  15. Are these "official" district awards, or just ones that you've created within your district ?(This message has been edited by westcoastscouter)
  16. Why not also contact your local District or Council Commissioner ? Serve as a Unit Commissioner to a Pack or Troop ? It makes me sad when a parent serves from Tiger to Eagle with their son, and then once the son goes to college, they let themselves fade away... Scouting needs those leaders to stick around, back off a little in their commitment time if they want a break, but keep serving in other capacities... Our UC comes to lots of our events, campouts, when he wants on his own schedule.
  17. Is there a posthumus award for Scouters ? We had a long time Scouter, in his 80's, that passed away over the summer. is there anything similar to the "Spirit of the Eagle" posthumus award that an adult scouter can also be recognized for at our District Dinner ? -- John
  18. I am helping to schedule and put on our District Dinner in February. Our district is disfunctional. Just hired a DE after none for about a year. No district committee in about 3+ years, No District Commissioner for last 2 years. Last year the District Dinner was cancelled due to lack of registrations, and the award of merit nominations were all lost last year. But now we have a new DE, and a new DC. Both of whom are energetic and wanting to get the district back on track. A date has been set, and location reserved in February for a District Dinner, and nomination committee selec
  19. Can a Scout work on his requirements of Tenderfoot, 2nd class, 1st class, at the same time? or does the scout have to finish Tenderfoot before working on 2nd class, and then complete 2nd class before he can have all requirements of 2nd class before he can work on 1st class ?
  20. Per our CEx.... it is the District Commissioner... since the District Chairman is a volunteer, then the DC is the next highest volunteer... temporarily taking the position.
  21. Our district chairman has stepped down. I thought I read that either the District Commissioner, or the District Executive temporarily steps in to do his duties..? or is it someone else ? can anyone point me to the place where is says who does what when the District Chairman resigns/steps down ?
  22. Last year our DE resigned, and the District Award Dinner did not take place, and the Nominations for District Award of Merit nominations were thrown away, or lost in the process. We are back on track to have our District Dinner this year, and have the forms for year 2012 being sent out. QUESTION: Can we go back and get nominations for 2011 as well as 2012? Making sure the award is for service done in 2011?
  23. Is IOLS required to take a troop on an overnight camping trip? If yes, or no.. can you point me to the official policy ? Thanks !
  24. I am trying to help out with District Scoutmaster Roundtable, and need topics, ideas, types of speakers to invite, ect. ect... Any ideas of what SM's and ASM's would like to hear, see, or do at the Scout Roundtable... our's is barely attended I think do to it being considered boring, or not relevant...(This message has been edited by westcoastscouter)
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