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  1. Mom2Scout

    Scouting in Blighted Communities

    I would start with recruiting at least a small cadre of adults before recruiting scouts. You need engaged adults to help shoulder the burden or you will burn out quickly. Get your leadership together and then start reaching out. As someone who lives in a rural(ish) area with, as kids say, "nothing to do", offer a vibrant program that dovetails into the rural culture. Be willing to bend your vision to meet the community at least half way. Oh, and get your program out there --- newspaper articles, Facebook page, IG, etc. <--- Kids are very social these days.
  2. Mom2Scout

    Best Time for Scouting for Food

    My troop is in NCAC, so we will do it next weekend and the following will be picking up. Has everyone else switched over to those tags? Last year, we noticed a steep decline in houses who put out food. We think it is because the bag is more of a visual reminder to put out food than a tag is. Those sticky note things fell off of doors, mailboxes, etc. They just did not stick well in the colder weather at all.
  3. Mom2Scout

    BREAKING - Fee Increase Numbers

    Search me. It's a troop fee. At least I don't have to pay for each and every badge or patch like I did when my daughter was in Girl Scouts, so that's something.
  4. Mom2Scout

    BREAKING - Fee Increase Numbers

    We are up to $90 with the $60, $6 Council fee, and a $24 troop fee. So yeah.
  5. I anticipate less folks opting for it because of the rate hike a'coming! It's just one more thing that makes scouting an expensive thing for a kid to do.
  6. Mom2Scout

    Webelos 3 syndrone

    So true. Our troop structure is slated to change at our next COH. The boys will divide themselves into patrols, hopefully by identifying interests (and friendships). This was definitely a parent topic at a Webelos night. Our SM explained the patrol method and how the boys will form their own patrols in the near future. And why it was so important that they be allowed to do this.
  7. Mom2Scout

    divvying up costs for meals

    Our troop does it this way. Grubmaster for patrol is selected at meeting before campout. They work out the menu. He knows then what to buy. Mom of Grubmaster takes Scout to store and loads up grocery cart, incurring an $80 grocery bill. Mom turns the receipt into the treasurer, with list of scouts in the patrol who partook of the meals prepared with ingredients bought so that their accounts can be debited this amount/and if negative, their parents can get a statement showing how much they owe. Mom gets either a credit to the scout's account or a check back. Generally, she elects to leave it in there for the next time, another event, or for dues. Mom prays her scout doesn't need to be Grubmaster for a while.
  8. Mom2Scout

    possible fee increase coming

    Honestly, the popcorn kernels should be doing some math to figure out how much more in sales to plan to absorb these costs the best the troop can. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Maybe adding on some table sales will help.
  9. Mom2Scout

    World Jamboree Attire

    Hey all. We took a friend and her son with us to the Jambo on Thursday. They had a great time! Beckley is in the mountains. The start of our day was a tad cool, but the fog/mist burned off pretty quick. We didn't start to feel hot per se until later in the afternoon. There were lots of water stations to refill once your water was drank or got kind of warm to drink. Our Scouts went in their Field Dress (Class A) uniforms. This made it easy for folks to see where we were from (National Capital Area Council) and thus strike up a conversation. We saw a mix of some folks in their Class A's and some troops visiting in their own special class B's. A troop ahead of us in line had bright orange ones and that made it easy for them to count to make sure they had all of their scouts. Since most participants were in comfier clothing (no doubt keeping their Class A's clean for other activities), our boys stuck out in a crowd as well. Some participants from other countries were interested in the merit badge sash one of our boys wore. Be sure to go down to where all the Forestry service/Conservation tents are -- there are two badges to earn there. Plus next to that, there was a tent where you could earn the Medal of Honor, billed as the rarest badge you could earn.
  10. Our troop has a policy where they ask that merit badge counselors who retain blue cards return them to the advancement chair for safe keeping if a long period of time goes on between when it was started. Thus, if you are holding a blue card for six months and no scout contact, turn it in to the advancement chair for safe keeping. I do not hold blue cards. I feel that is a scout's responsibility. Plus, if they have a blue card in the zipper pouch of their book, then they know what they have to work on as a visual reminder. If the scout forgets to bring his blue card, I know what should be signed off the next time we meet with it in hand because I keep records. A quick email to a scout with a cc to the parent with requirements completed or needed is a good electronic record in case someone loses their card or I lose my records (as in we are going to cover #5 this week fyi, here's what you have done and if you want to work on anything else in between, bring it with you to the meeting for review).
  11. Mom2Scout

    When Do Girl Topics Move to Open Discussion?

    Um, yeah. I posted in a local group that our Troop has a girl troop and 95% of the posts were negative. I am not kidding. On the plus side, we might now have insight into why recruitment doesn't seem to be working (not much interest) and how our Scouts might be treated in the public at popcorn tables in the future.
  12. My thoughts on this... encourage scouts to share with their patrol leader when they see others who do good turns. This can be passed up the chain and perhaps tallied for a mention at a COH. On the flip side... there are a few rude scouts in my son's troop and he has a hard time dealing with that because he gets bullied at times in school. I told him that perhaps he should gently remind them that a scout is kind and courteous. It may just get them to stop and think about their behavior.
  13. Mom2Scout

    Scout Payment Log

    Our troop uses TeamApp for sign ups. It's very popular at my children's school for sports also. Any time my Scout uses the chat function, I get a notification. Our treasurer uses TeamApp to track on her end who is going so that if a fee is due, she can deduct it from their scout account and move money around on her end. Hope this helps.
  14. This has come up in our linked troops. I was advised by our CC that the guidance from U of Scouting is that a female must be present rule, when in a building, means that they are literally in the building and available. Kind of a line of sight thing. My concern came from an event both troops worked at, but that at the end when it was clean up (service hours to organization), a female scout happened to show up to pick up her brothers and helped out. That meant the 3 adults that were there for the boys now meant that it was 3 adults for both troops and I felt like if a female scout was to be present, we should have had separate adult leadership for the troops (even though it was one lone scout). Since a different female scout had participated earlier in the day, a female leader was on hand throughout the day. But had we not had a female there.... would she have needed to not participate? Therefore, if I were to meet with scouts at the library in a room, just leave the door open, shades undrawn, and another scout leader (who typically is at the library the same time I am for this particular merit badge I'm offering), can just circulate through the room and boom, I am two deep. And I have just male scouts right now for this merit badge. This guidance provided at U of Scouting is not a written policy. But yes, as I read the requirements myself, it sounds like if you had a male merit badge counselor for 2 female scouts, both parents would have to stay if one of them wasn't a female, registered leader. I got the impression that the rules were different in the wide outdoors... but yes, a firm policy and not a make-it-up-as-you-go policy would be nice!
  15. Mom2Scout

    Most and Least Popular Merit Badges

    District could encourage some friendly competition to boost those last place merit badges. Perhaps a ribbon for a troop's flag for someone in their troop earning one in the bottom 10?