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Asking an SPL to Resign?

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@@Eagledad @@qwazse Thank you guys so much for all that advice. Here’s what I’m planning on doing:


- have my ASPL retrain all non-leadership positions (such as chaplain aide, quartermaster, etc)


- On camping trips send scout to PL that asks me something before talking to PL


- have guide / instructors do more


Thing is though, I had the guide and instructor teach one meeting, I was so bored it wasn’t even funny.

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Ask the SM to consider the Scout Promise.  What is the first promise a Scout makes?  His duty to God comes first, his duty to others is second and his duty to himself is last.  If the Scout had a tru

@@MattR @@Eagledad @@qwazse Tonight, I had the ASPL lead the activities (see who knew what knots game), guide/instructor teaching about hiking (upcoming hike soon), and I was able to focus on my ES pr

In all honestly, the ASPL(s) and PLs should be the ones running the event. SPL is suppose to delegate and oversee. It can’t hurt to miss one event for personal matters. And I like your reasoning abo

ItsBrian, bored is good. That means everyone is doing something. That's teamwork. I''m sure you can find something else to work on. Some other way to make the patrols stronger?


But getting back to PLs that won't lead. Given that the PLs have likely never experienced good leadership they are likely learning on the job. Something I realized is that it's easier to learn leadership if the rest of the team is willing and able to follow. In other words, they need to understand teamwork. Each scout has a job and does it. The PLs job is not to plan everything, it's to get everyone busy, helping the patrol reach its goals. Recently I've been working with some younger scouts on teamwork. The result is we have a PL, who's 11 years old, and the only help he needs is a bit of focus. Well, the entire patrol needs to be kept on task, but that's it. They just planned their own campout. The grubmaster brought menus everyone could vote on. There's a scout in charge of the activity and he has a list of ideas the patrol went over last night. The PL is talking to everyone to make sure they're getting things done. Sure, there are a few parents asking if anything needs to be done and how is it going. But the teamwork is developing. Leadership in this case will be easy.


You said that your PLs can't plan. I'm sure that's true. But part of the problem might be that they are frozen with fear in that nobody will help. So one thing you might try is to start working on teamwork. I've tried with 14 and 15 year olds and I'll tell you, it's a lot easier with 11 year olds. Sure, it's like herding cats at times but they want to try.

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@ChristianDad  I would like to say Thank you to you and your son for being passionate about Scouting.  I think you have raised an exception young man that is going to do great things in life.  Please do not let this deter him in his leadership training.  It breaks my heart to hear about your wife and his mother.  As a man that has lost his mother, I know what a blow some day this will be.  Spend every chance you can together and do what makes you happy including any Duty to God that will make mom happy.  My priorities in life are Family, God and Country.  It appears yours might be as well.  Everyone on this thread is well meaning and helpful, use it as a guide or just advice.  My advice would be to follow your own instincts, they appear to be spot on.  Good Luck and Thank you.

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Missed out on the discussion, but I skimmed through everyone's responses.


2 issues that come up that haven't been mentioned.


1) The SPL has only one month left before his term in office ends.  He will be short on time for his advancement if he needs it.  There's nothing in the book that says the POR requires that the scout serve the 6 months in just one position.  All he needs do is 1 month in another position to achieve advancement.  It's not the end of the world.


2) With only 1 month to go, I would think it a good idea to start training a new SPL to take over and what better way than to have the new guy get some hands-on experience?  Sink or swim is a rough way to learn, but it does work.  The new guy could get some "no safety net" experience handling the situation before he has an obligation to take on the job full time.


After all, what better way to get "selected" for the SPL position?  A well prepared speech to the boys or a demonstration of what he can do for the boys?


I don't know what the motivation is behind the SPL's decision, or the SM's decision, but in either case, it's not the end of the world.

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