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  1. One thing that I have found is that things go much smoother if I stay up a little while after all of the Scouts go to bed. I normally don't go to bed at home till around midnight anyway so it isn't a real big issue for me. That and it is kind of peaceful to quietly watch the campfire die down to embers by yourself. The first couple of times I did it I was very surprised how much movement takes place after the Scouts were supposed to be asleep. At various times there were a couple boys who were going to switch tents, others did the flashlight under the sleeping bag, others were having l
  2. I am an email administrator for the Toro Company. In case you don't know us we make lawnmowers, snowthrowers, irrigation equipment, and other lawncare equipment. If you need something like that we make darned good stuff! (sorry, had to get a plug in :-) Ted McLaughlin
  3. I just wanted to add something to the posts regarding the Silver Tomahawk #80 lodge. When I was inducted back in (I think) '83 I was incredibly impressed. I had been going to Camp Eastman for 4 years and every year I watched the older Scouts get 'tapped' out and I wanted it SO bad. Unfortunately not long after my ordeal my family moved away and I (very long story here) dropped out of Scouting. After I got back involved again a couple years later I immediately got involved in the OA. As I moved from job to job, and place to place for some reason I was never satisfied with the OA. The
  4. >"Why on Earth do you feel compelled to remove him from your unit?" >Because rules are rules. And thankfully some rules fall by the wayside when people realize that they were silly to begin with. Things such as slavery, not allowing women to vote, and many other forms of discrimination were all rules (not to mention driving 55 mph) until people came to their senses. I have spoken with many Scouts who doubted their religious beliefs, or at least the beliefs that their parents insisted that they had. One Scout, a couple months after he got his eagle, asked me if they cou
  5. I guess I technically fall in the 35 and under (for 3 more weeks anyway) so that might color some of my opinions. By the way this is my first post here in a long, long time. I couldn't even begin to think of what my ID and password would have been back then. It's funny, the only troop that I have ever been in (and I have been in 7 so far) that required MR_Whatever was the troop where I was stationed in Germany. It was disconcerting to me that as an 18 year old to be called MR by 15 and 16 yr olds. I didn't have a problem with the 11 yr olds calling me that but it did bother me with th
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