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So what do you do for a living?

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I'm a helicopter pilot for the US Navy.

Okay, then I"ll play nice.  

I build aircraft carriers for Her Majesty :-D

Besides being a Military retiree, I've degrees in Forensic Science (M.Sc.) and Criminal Justice (BPA)....however, since there's not much crime in this rural area I've morphed into a jack of all trades (sort of), and for the now I'm doing this


replicating 18th century clothing for re enactors


Training/teaching re enactors basic skills used in the 18th century


Part time instructor in mountainneering, and rock climbing


Instructor in advance canoeing skills


River/Backcountry guide


part time school/tour bus driver


volunteer EMT and ARC worker


volunteer Swift Water Rescue Tech


Proxy hunter for game (I hunt for large landowners/farmers who either dont't have the time, or just don't like being in the woods, but do enjoy having venison on their table)


Waiting on a movie deal for the Alamo


and of course summer camp....

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Service Manager for local Ford dealership. I over see all aspects in the shop. I am in a process of changing dealerships and responsibilities right now. Also a youth baseball coach for 8 years . Have been in scouting for 8 years as well.


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I work for the Virginia Army National Guard Counterdrug Task Force. I am a Budget and Safety NCO for the program. I am also a Field Arty. Instructor.

The Counterdrug Task Force lets me support Scouting by making contact with our Drug Demand Reduction personnel. They can come to Troop meetings and camporees and talk to the kids about the risk of doing drugs.I was able to get a OH-58 to land at our last camporee.

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Isn't it amazing that will all this workplace diversity and comraderie that no one has admitted to being a lawyer and no one but me has admitted to being a current BSA professional?


I'd love to have a lawyer respond . . . it might draw some of the heat away from the professional service of the BSA.


Okay, I'm taking my tongue out of me cheek now. No cheap lawyer jokes, please.



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Well I just back into Scouting after taking a 14 year break. I install HVAC ductwork, for those who don't know that is HEATING VENTILATION AND AIR CONDITIONING. And to me there is no such thing a a professional Scouter, you do because you love.

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Rootbeer, welcome back to Scouting. I'm sure you were missed. Excellent point about professional Scouters -- we aren't in it for the money. If you find a professional who isn't in it for the love of the Boy Scouts of America, consult your wrist watch. Their tenure won't be long.



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I should have added a little about my history with Scouting. I was involved with scouting up to First Class rank. I completed the requirements for Star, but dropped out before it was awarded. I left when I hit the age where a driver's license and girls tool priority. That is a choice I regret to this day.


Anyway, I became involved in COPE four years ago when I went through with a class from college. I was invited to become an instructor, where I have served to this date. I will be going next week (May 17-23) to Camp Bob Hardin in Saluda, NC to Director School at the National Camp School. Can't wait!


I also was recently asked to serve as a Unit Commissioner for my council. I am looking forward to the challenges of that job as I will complete basic training shortly.


Due to my prolonged absence from Scouting, I am trying to learn everything I can. I was out of scouting (except COPE) for about 10 years and quickly found out that there is so much I didn't know.


So, with that said, I will end by giving a warning to the "older" crowd. Be prepared (no pun intended) for a load of random, and sometimes stupid, questions from me as I try to gain much needed insight.





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Welcome to the fray!


I gave up working on my first million. Been working on my second million for quite some time. If I don't get there soon, I'm going to give up on that and start plans for my third million!


You've found a terrific place to ask your questions. You'll get a few well intentioned answers from people like me, and a couple of people who will give you the right answer. Once in a while, those will be the same. But pay particular attention to Bob White, DSteele,, Korea Scouter, and EagleDad. Everyone on this forum has valuable things to share, and I've appreciated them all. But these four really make this forum terrific.


DSteele asked about lawyers. Our SM and 2 ASMs are attorneys. they bring an intersting perspective to much of the program.



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My job? Being a Dad of course! It pays treasures beyond measure.


My second job is Business Analyst. I've basically been doing the same thing in one form or fashion for the last 22 years. For those who don't know what a Business Analyst is, I work for a company that provides data processing to the financial industry. It is a glorified customer representative title. In fact, my titles have been Customer Service Trainee, Customer Service Representative, Senior Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Officer, Assistant Customer Service Manager, Conversion Representative, Account Manager, Project Manager, Operations Analyst, Operations Officer and finally Business Analyst. In short, I've worked on the software/application conversion, implementation and support side of the business dealing with banks, savings and loans and credit unions. I keep the customer happy for a living. It has given me the privilege of traveling to and working in TX, AK, TN, CO, WA, NM, FL, VT, IA, MO and my home in OK.


I'm working on my second million now....I gave up on my first million!

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