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scout denied eagle

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Random thoughts.


I do get tired of stories with gross inaccuracies - the scoutmaster does NOT award the Eagle, so he cannot possibly prevent it being awarded to a scout.


Fair? If the facts as presented are accurate, it certainly is not fair for a scoutmaster to (apparently) deny a scout his Eagle scoutmaster conference - for any reason.


If a scoutmaster won't conduct the scoutmaster conference - for any reason, stated or unstated - the scout can and should go to his District advancement committee.


Did the scout and mom really think splashing this on Yahoo News would help? Now he has crossed the Rubicon and labled himself a "self-avowed homosexual".

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Oh the entire morally straight debate


And whether the BSA views Youth as asexual or not.


In reading the article the scout proactively notified his Eagle councilor that he has issue with duty to god and btw I am gay too....



Remove the gay issue.....


He was less than honest everytime he recited the Oath......Probably around 12-14 is when he came to this conclusion.....so for 4 years.


The SM has a bit of blame for this.....I would imagine in a SMC he should have brushed upon his religious beliefs or duties.



The spokes man from the BSA did a poor job describing duty to god......


What I take from the article is Deron Smith said that their cannot be any gay youth now???????????


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Now that it is in I&P:


Why is anyone surprised when this happens? BSA policy (for whatever it is worth or waht you think of it) is anti-gay. What makes you think that you would be awarded the Eagle award after coming out? Sort of like a man in seminary, completing everything and then being surprised when they don't ordain him because he announced that he was married. If you want to join the club, you have to follow the club rules.


Personally I think the club rules need a major overhaul but until then: "A Scout is Obedient"

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In reading the article the scout proactively notified his Eagle councilor that he has issue with duty to god and btw I am gay too....


The link posted by bear dad does not include any mention of DTG. Where did you find that?


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A sexually active gay youth should not be a scout, then again, a sexually active heterosexual scout should not be a scout. I don't know how else to put it.


Do scouts have sex, certainly, can a troop tolerate youth members recounting tales of sexual encounters? Not in my book



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Yah, well, all that is pretty consistent, eh? Not sure why anyone is surprised.


One of da big things that EBORs (and final SM Conferences) talk about is da Oath and Law. The lad was honest and said he didn't believe in a duty to God nor in keepin' himself morally straight. Good for him for bein' trustworthy.


Choices have consequences, and da consequence of those choices is that yeh aren't eligible for da Eagle Scout award. That shouldn't be a surprise to any youth who pays da least bit of attention as a citizen these days, eh? We've been in da headlines on the matter for his entire time as a Boy Scout. So good marks for Trustworthy, but bad marks for a couple other points, especially bein' mentally awake. ;)


Of course, given da media splash, it seems likely this is just another part of da current PR campaign, and the lad is in fact a willing participant in that effort.






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koolaidman, thanks for the link to NBC, that adds a lot of information to the story.


To answer bear dad's original question, yes, it's fair. It's fair for BSA to uphold its membership requirements. The scout chose to inform BSA that "he does not agree to Scoutings principle of 'Duty to God' and does not meet Scoutings membership standard on sexual orientation." So, he chose to cross the Rubicon twice. Actions have consequences and he had to have known what the consequences are for a member who refuses to accept BSA's membership requirements.

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I have pasted in below the email sent out by our council scout executive on this. It is pretty self explanatory and factually correct as far as I can tell. I understand that this made the Today Show this morning.



We want to let you know that one of our Scouts proactively notified his Troop leadership and Eagle Scout Counselor that he does not agree to Scoutings principle of Duty to God and does not meet Scoutings membership standard on sexual orientation. I want to assure you that the BSA did not proactively ask for this information, but based on his statements, and after discussion with his family he is being informed that he is no longer eligible for membership in Scouting.


As you know, the BSA does not proactively inquire about the sexual orientation of employees, volunteers, or members. Representing millions of youth and adult members in diverse communities across the nation, each with a variety of beliefs about this issue, BSA does not have an agenda on this matter, and its membership policy is not meant to be a blanket statement or a social commentary. We recognize there are many different opinions on this issue and that no single policy can accommodate everyone.


Also, a belief in God is the foundation of Scoutings strong, continuing commitment to encouraging moral, ethical, and spiritual growth. It is the position of the Boy Scouts of America that no one can reach their full potential without belief in a higher power. The ideals and principles of Duty to God and reverence set forth in the Scout Oath and Law are central to the mission of teaching young people to make better choices over their lifetimes.


We will continue to teach our members to treat those with different opinions with courtesy and respect at all times and to adamantly oppose the mistreatment of others based on any perceived difference. Please forward any media inquiries directly to my attention.





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Don't know if the Rubicon forks so you can actually cross it twice going the same direction, but ...


He was surrounded by men and women of good character, who didn't belittle him for his stance, and helped him to have lots of fun while he figured out what he really believed.


The kid got to complete a project that he will be proud of as long as it stays on that wall. He can tell his kids that when push came to shove, he was honest with his values. Scouting helped him reflect on important matters. None of those are detrimental.


Chalk it up to a success.


"worked for nearly 12 years to become and Eagle Scout" -- Pity ... now even cubs is no longer about fun. It's all about the bird.

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