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  1. If one claims to be introducing a program, then I think it is implicit in that claim that it will be separate, not the same program that already exists. Why would an existing program need an introduction?
  2. Baden-Powell himself thought that the BSA was too bureaucratic, and I'm sure it's only grown more so in the decades since his death.
  3. What % of LDS scouts typically earn Eagle?
  4. Weird, I always thought the audience of Boys' Life extended beyond the BSA.
  5. That's an odd statement (about WOSM being the grantor of a license for scouting). I'm sure WOSM would like things to be that way, but as Baden-Powell put it many years ago, "Scouting is a movement, not an organization." There are many scouting and guiding associations that have nothing to do with WOSM or WAGGGS.
  6. WOSM doesn't have a "scout license" but they could, in theory at least, revoke the BSA's membership in that association.
  7. My family is Catholic but one thing that has kept us away from organized sports is the prevalence of Sunday games. Not that playing games on Sundays is bad, just that it interferes with church, family, and leisure time.
  8. Troops of St. George is not scouting, so it is not Catholic scouting.
  9. I don't know in what sense Troops of St. George is supposed to be an "alternative" to the BSA ... it's not scouting, as they will tell you if you ask them.
  10. Typically they express concern, promise to review, and then decide that whatever it was is OK.
  11. Directors of non-profit corporations making nothing is normal. https://www.councilofnonprofits.org/tools-resources/can-board-members-be-paid
  12. It doesn't have any authority to speak for the Catholic Church, no. In my opinion it is basically an arm of the BSA (a trademark search will show that the BSA owns the trademark to the organization's name); it doesn't work with non-BSA scouting associations (not even the Girl Scouts of the USA) or recognize them in any way.
  13. The insignia (badge or patch) that is on the beret.
  14. No, actually, what B-P actually did do matters much much more than what you or I or anyone else thinks he might do today.
  15. Scouts Canada is about 1/4 the size it was in 1965 (its peak) and 1/3 the size it was in 1990.
  16. Those are all the hardest things though - especially the last.
  17. Only this time, they're not going to be able to put the toothpaste back in the tube.
  18. I'm sure that scouts in mixed units can do whatever they need to do, the real question is whether the individual character can be brought out in each in such units. I'm really skeptical about that.
  19. Yeah wouldn't want to say that WOSM and its member associations are bad even though many have made a hash of the Law and the Promise, would we?
  20. I didn't realize it either until yesterday! I did know that college credit seems to matter more than whether or not one is an Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Gold Awardee.
  21. Gold Award holders are treated the same as Eagle Scouts at least with respect to military enlistment - both can enlist at pay grade E-2 (Army, Air Force, Marines) or E-3 (Navy).
  22. Sounds like the BSA made a mistake in never really implementing a Rover program.
  23. He can be presidential when he wants to be. I'm sure the Jamboree will be one of those occasions.
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