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  1. It's almost like boys and girls are different.
  2. Only this time, they're not going to be able to put the toothpaste back in the tube.
  3. I'm sure that scouts in mixed units can do whatever they need to do, the real question is whether the individual character can be brought out in each in such units. I'm really skeptical about that.
  4. Yeah wouldn't want to say that WOSM and its member associations are bad even though many have made a hash of the Law and the Promise, would we?
  5. Daughter of Eagle Scout Perspective

    I didn't realize it either until yesterday! I did know that college credit seems to matter more than whether or not one is an Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Gold Awardee.
  6. Daughter of Eagle Scout Perspective

    Gold Award holders are treated the same as Eagle Scouts at least with respect to military enlistment - both can enlist at pay grade E-2 (Army, Air Force, Marines) or E-3 (Navy).
  7. That's not what the congressional charter says.
  8. Outside Magazine: Boy Scouts Should Allow Girls

    Sounds like the BSA made a mistake in never really implementing a Rover program.
  9. President Trump to visit 2017 Jamboree

    He can be presidential when he wants to be. I'm sure the Jamboree will be one of those occasions.
  10. A letter from my SE

    Some interesting results if you Google the phrase "Making Scouting Accessible for Families": http://www.samoset.org/openrosters/ViewOrgPageLink.aspx?orgkey=1438&itemkey=14002- this one is open about its being about admitting girls into the BSA
  11. BSA Endorsement?

    I realize that this is a joke, but cold water is better because warm water will open up your pores.
  12. Outside Magazine: Boy Scouts Should Allow Girls

    Where is that figure from? Is that just the losses in Venturing? Because the loss in Cubs and Scouts from 2014-2016 is around 85,000.
  13. Outside Magazine: Boy Scouts Should Allow Girls

    Co-ed scouting:
  14. Outside Magazine: Boy Scouts Should Allow Girls

    The BSA National Council is definitely a 501©(3). 501©(1) organizations are "government instrumentalities" which the BSA is not, even though it is chartered by Congress. That is true but for-profit organizations cannot be tax exempt under 501©(3).
  15. Outside Magazine: Boy Scouts Should Allow Girls

    "Because [current year]" has to be one of the lamest arguments for anything.