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Hi Gang,


Time is 0600 AM, Thursday, 6 Sep 2007. Virus still seems to be active.


www dot xvgaoke dot cn slash 1 dot htm is the page which tries to open. My antivirus software says: "You have opened a dangerous website. Close your browser and ........"


Hope this helps you isolate and neutralize the culprit.




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It might be worth trying Firefox (www.firefox.com) -- I've logged in multiple times in the past week, and never seen that issue. Most browser exploits target IE, both because it's the #1 browser, and because FF tends to be more secure and resistant to such problems.


This does not, of course, address the problem of a server hack or exploit, allowing the presence of some code redirecting you to the Chinese hacker site.


For what it's worth, the entire login process has components that are written in an IE-only manner. I actually had to scan through page HTML source code, on the new registration page, in order find the URL for the page that was the next step. The 'next' button (or whatever button it was) didn't work in FF, but I was able to register OK, once I found the page URL's and entered them manually.


I don't know if this IE-only code is related to the browser exploit, or not.



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Hi Guys,


Got the following error message when trying to post a reply in another area this evening:


Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ''80040e14''


[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]

Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ''9''. 


/forums/forum_library.asp, line 261


Hope this means something to you? Thanks!

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