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Yah, I confirm da bug Ohio Scouter reported. When posting a new message, I get


Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ''80040e14''


[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]

Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ''9''.


/forums/forum_library.asp, line 261


The message still posts, so da error is happening after the update (but lots of folks are startin'' to double-post as a result). I''m running FireFox, Mac platform.

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Hi Ed,


I''m having problems, too. I suspect somehow the site infected my Internet Explorer browser with a virus. I switched to Firefox and am not having any problems. I guess I''ll try to clean IE Explorer with my virus software and see what happens, but I read that other users aren''t having any luck cleaning their browsers. Good luck!

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Noticed one poster reporting FF .


There are some URL based exploits that affect both IE and FF. They are not (to the best of my knowledge) FULLY fixed in either browser, but I know FF / Mozilla has been issuing patches to fix bits and pieces of this problem


The CURRENT FF version is! Compared to, it DEFINITELY is less vulnerable. I think that there''s an equivalent patched version for the 1.5 series.


So . . . if you are using FF, go to Help|Check for Updates , and patch up to the latest version. It only takes minute or so, if you''ve got cable. On a modem, you''ll probably have time to go make a pot of coffee, though.



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