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  1. The Counselor keeps it as part of his/her records for a period of years. (just like paid bills & taxes)
  2. We flip-flop every other year going in-council and out of council. This seems to work for us and keeps everyone happy.
  3. Our Troop washes only their towels and field uniform shirts (class A) at the mid-camp point.
  4. Board of Review Training - http://www.scouting.org/boyscouts/trainingmodules/board%20of%20review%20training.aspx How to Hold a Board of Review - - - - A board can expect a Scout to be neat in appearance and properly uniformed.
  5. That's easy! Horses don't even wear shirts so they have nothing to worry about, dead or not Actually my son went to NYLT and that paperwork said he needed to have a full week's supply of FULL BSA UNIFORM. It said (and I quote), "ONLY THE OFFICIAL UNIFORM - SHIRT and SHORTS or PANTS ARE ACCEPTABLE" That indicates to me that it's a policy of some kind. The Required items list says the same thing, must have short sleeve uniform shirts, at least 2 pairs of uniform shorts or pants, official belt and buckle, and Interestingly enough it does say he can have "plain or Scout related T-shi
  6. We have a pretty poor District - so poor that we underestimated on the number of folks that would show up to our District Banquet. The District Committee made reservations at a local joint that serves up BBQ and salads. Well they kept shoving more and more people into the dining room by the time everyone showed up we filled the room and then some. It was OVER filled..... and the guy that actually got the District Award of Merit didn't get a place to sit down and eat his dinner. His wife gave up her seat too - so others could sit. many people didn't get a dinner that night even though they paid
  7. I personally think Fast Start is a waste of time if you are already going to do Position Specific training, New Leader Essentials AND Youth Protection, but that's my opinion. Luckily fast Start can be taken online at one's convenience.
  8. Oh man! It must have been contained immediately or at least wasn't too bad because there's just nothing about it at all in the news. I hope all is well.
  9. Spitting off buildings and high places.................. must be a testosterone fueled thing because I can honestly say I have never had the urge to spit anywhere
  10. Yep, he's real - while I do not know him personally, he is in my Council and the word about is that he's a real person, and even a SM lol (This message has been edited by Joni4TA)
  11. Thought provoking post, thank you.... as our community is on the brink of starting a new pack... this is the kind of thought process I need to be reading and thinking about.
  12. Add another ignorer to Trev's list... his excessive use of the word hello just really got my goat. I found it extremely antagonistic
  13. My son went to NYLT last week and I am glad; it seems like he has gotten something out of it, and he was well complimented by one of the adult volunteers at the camp. Apparently they have already interviewed him to be on the NYLT staff next year. He announced this to his Troop on Tuesday.. that he had "A LOT" of fun, and learned a few things as well as refreshed on some things. He seemed proud, a little different, more aware of how he represents himself in the group - all good things. I am glad he was recommended by his SM! Even though he whined and cried about how it was his first week out of
  14. My daughter #1 is a 2cnd year Brownie and I am the Brownie Leader. My other daughter #2 is going to be a 1st year Daisy this year (we early bird registered her). I waited several months back when #1 signed up to see if anyone else would be her troop leader. I didn't really want to do it because I have a lot on my plate. But basically I ended up finally stepping up in November when it was clear no one else was going to. We missed fall product sales and almost missed cookie sales because we didn't have a "formed troop." I am thinking rather than go through all that again with daughter #2, I
  15. Ok... now that I have a minute or two to myself... I was referring to total cost when I said nearly $300. I am not exaggerating.... it really does go up that far. And yes I was talking about the CPR/First Aid, ARC Book, expense of travel to get to the training, the Troop Camp Leadership modules (which ends up being split up into 3 different sessions at 3 different locations, over about 3 months - one full 8-hr, another 3-hr, then an overnight + day-long), each costs in the $15 realm, plus you have to buy the book. If they make changes in ANY of those books/manuals, guess what? I have to g
  16. I use TroopMaster too.. for Girl Scouts as well as Boy Scouts, and when I was a Cubbie leader, I used it for Cub Scouts. Well worth the money to me.
  17. Well I did go to the overnight. It was fun to be with other Girl Scouters and I did freshen up a few things that I needed to learn as far as orienteering so I can't say it was bad. I taught the ladies how to make a dump cake in a dutch oven (though we're in a council-wide burn ban and had to use an electric oven instead of charcoal). ScoutNut, wish I had misunderstood my trainer, but it wasn't my trainer that said the outdoor training expires, it's right in the Program/Training guide, and on my training card too. I suppose it is different in every council. Ours is Southwest Texas. An
  18. Gunny, I respect that... and we fundraise too but still couldn't afford to reimburse folks for gas. If we did, as I said - we'd have to cancel the outdoor program as we know it and camp only on people's farm land for free. We're a humble troop... and we don't make much money on fundraisers. We're a rural Texas commnunity. Popcorn sales suck, and we do a few bake sales every year for the boys to earn money for summer camp. We bust tail at community service... and our CO has never monetarily supported us. 1/3 of our boys get camp scholarships just so they can go to summer camp. We just can
  19. well that was my first thought... to go see what the Girl Scouts do differently, and how to do it the Girl Scout way and all.... but I really do believe the 3 hours for the mess kit, forming a patrol and making a chore chart was a little excessive. I guess it's just a vent.... and tonight I go for my overnight to finish up my Troop Camp Leadership. Maybe I'll change my mind about the courses once I am done. I don't know. Unfortunately my Council doesn't seem to take any waivers for training unless it's First Aid or CPR. On and On I trudge....
  20. This sounds like an interesting concept. Wasn't long ago we were just starting to figure out what these contraptions we call computers, actually DO for the general public and laymen. I'll be interested to hear how this turns out!
  21. Ok, nothing to get in writing. Though it may be just a rumor... I heard this from somewhat credible sources IMHO. I heard our District Training Chair say it to my dear husband, (My husband is the former District Training Chair but is now the District Camping Chair). Then it came up at the District Committee Meeting, and the District Chairman was a little upset that the Council would even consider making HER retrain, as she is a Scouter veteran from the days of yore and all.......... No one furnished anything in writing or any kind of confirmation... it was just a matter of discussion
  22. we're doing a spaghetti dinner on the 21st! I'll let you know how that goes. The boys are doing all the serving and waiting on tables. We're also having take-out! The last successful fundraiser we did was $1 chocolate bars. We made $830. The Scouts took them to their schools and sold out very quickly.
  23. Regardless, what Lisa's dealing with is the rule rather than the exception.. and it is extremely annoying!
  24. resqman, There is a huge difference between repeating Youth Protection, Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense every couple years (where I am Health & Safety and Climb on Safely are not required). They don't take 32-40 hours to complete. All 3 courses in their slowest-taught time at most take maybe 3 or 4 hours and you can do it online at your convenience. Also, BSA doesn't require you to repeat SM Specific and OLS every 3 years either, and if you're a Cub leader and do the BALOO training, you're DONE - no repeat necessary. Also, the BSA courses are FREE or the fee is nominal where I am
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