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This afternoon I'm getting some really strange stuff come in as I load pages here at the Forum.


When I look at my internet history, I see pages I've never seen before, such as content.womensforum.com, s108.cnzz.com, and xygaoke.cn.


I'm used to seeing google syndication, I know that's how Terry sells ads.


I'm concerned Scouter has been infected with "something."


You are free to remove this post once you've read it. I'm leaving for work shortly, so I am purging my cache. PM me and I'll try to answer about 0500 tomorrow when I get off shift.


YIS John

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I get this message in my inbox also:


_______ has just replied to a topic that you are subscribed titled 'Litttle girl in a Cub Scout uniform', on the SCOUTER Forums.


What is the link?

(This message has been edited by Gonzo1)

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Thanks for the heads up... the site is constantly under "hack attacks", though usually those are thwarted without trouble. Some of the code for SCOUTER now is more than 10 years old, so there's a couple of chinks in the armor.


This current problem is a result of a SQL injection virus, which embeds scripts within the posts. I've located the infection, and removed.


If you notice other issues, just bring them to our attention.


And it's always a good policy (here or anywhere on the Net) to not click something that looks suspicious to you!






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I received this email.......


Hello Dave,


Thank you for joining SCOUTER.com!

For your records, your username and password are listed below.


USERNAME: dawgfooddave

PASSWORD: xxxxxx



Remember, you can always change your password, or modify your

profile at SCOUTER's Membership Center.








The password was sent to me and as you can see I am not dawgfooddave. You might want to go ahead and tell him to change his password.

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I'm not getting any e-mail notifications but when I use IE, it takes a long time to switch between topics & I have noticed some strange addresses in the bottom menu bar. This doesn't happen when I use FireFox.


Ed Mori

1 Peter 4:10

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When I use IE, I can't use the back button on my browser. It is filled with




Just noticed this







Issues & Politics

RE: Where Is The ACLU?

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