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    Taught high school chemistry/biology, worked as a cancer research assistant, taught English abroad for a few years, and currently work in biotech. Restarting Pack 1280 http://potomacpack1280.com or http://potomac1280.mypack.us
  1. Hi - our pack is another MyPack/SOAR user here. Email mailing lists are a breeze to setup and maintain, members could be marked as 'inactive' should they drop out but can be also easily re-activated. We have a password-protected site where photos are shared, announcements are made, and even events can be paid for by a linked PayPal account. Support has been outstanding, very responsive to requests. Last summer when I did due diligence on the alternatives (including - yikes - a mashup of Google Groups, Signup Genius, Facebook and Google Docs) I wrote up a review of the three leading contenders. PM me with your email and I'll be happy to send it to you.
  2. When my first-grader was looking at scouting, Pack 1280 didn't have anything functioning at the local elementary school. So we and a few other intrepid Tigers signed-up, and attended another Pack's meetings, although we wore 1280 uniforms. Didn't really meet as a den, I didn't know very much on what to do, and just participated in the monthly meetings and occasional outings. Last year, my Wolf's little brother became a Tiger, and a Tiger Den formed. I started leading a Wolf Den (as Pack 1280), still met with the other Pack, and wonder of wonders, the Tiger den found a leader, and they met as well with the other pack. At this point there are some 14-16 boys involved. This year, we find a new chartering organization, we had three successful JSNs (already 9 have signed up and paid yearly dues), and tomorrow night is the first Pack meeting. Last Sunday I met with a mom of a 4th-grader, who is looking to get involved back into Scouting (he participated as a Tiger and a Wolf in another locale, last year wasn't involved as they were new to the neighborhood, and the 'defunct Pack 1280' didn't have anything at his school or we just didn't reach him. Anyway, he is interested, and will come out (likely) tomorrow night. Two other moms are interested with their 4th-grader, speaking with them they are clearly intimidated at starting to lead a Den, no prior experience. I just found out a fourth mom wants to sign-up tomorrow night (has the paperwork filled out). We have (luckily) found an experienced Tiger Den leader, so they are in good shape, the existing Wolf Den is full so we are on the hunt for a second Wolf Den leader (that will be tomorrow night's exercise), and I'm leading a Bear Den along with Cubmaster duties (which I'm fine with, and have an assistant to help). My question: am I nuts to just 'kick-off' the Webelos Den, organizing meetings, and getting things 'off the ground' with the four (at present, one signed up, three very interested) and see how that goes? Am I crazy to be concerned about a Webelos den (I could jettison them all to the other pack we met with last year, they are struggling a bit, and have my own concerns about them). I'm not interested in burning out, I'm actively looking for leaders and have found a few to step-up (we even got the pilot Lions program off the ground, from one 'Sneak Peek' event identifying a leader there), with the 4th-graders I know I could at least start it by organizing a few first meetings. Any input / wisdom welcomed. Sincerely, Dale aka 'scooterdog'
  3. New Cubmaster here - re-starting a defunct Pack. I took several hours over the summer to look for the best tool, and chose SOAR. Echo all the comments above - automatically-updated email lists is a godsend, setting up sign-ups for an event is easy, and making online payments via PayPal connected to the event is great. I've had several instances of difficulty (one email list not working correctly, another different issue in terms of incomplete documentation) but the email (and even telephone!) support has been great - a complete reply within 4-8 hours. Before that I tried the free Google Sites / other Google resources, and there's no comparison in terms of time, hassle, flexibility, and fit-for-purpose.
  4. Hi everybody! Father of a Wolf and a Bear, when the Bear was in 1st grade we looked for a pack at our elementary school and at JSN was disappointed to see nothing there. Turns out the Pack serving two local schools had devolved into a club, and basically those then-Webelos I were allowed to age-out. First year the Tiger was minimally involved, with two or three others. Last year something amazing happened, we organized two dens in the other pack, and it started to grow. Now we're setup to jump-start the pack, with no less than three schools with JSNs (this week), and a good committee of six (including a unit commissioner). New to the cubmaster thing, a ton of reading to do, and figuring out how to start a new Tiger den (and possibly jump-start some new Webelos dens). Already at several Sneak Peek and back-to-school picnic events found several interested 4th and 5th grader parents. Any and all advice appreciated! Dale aka scooterdog
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