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  1. SouthernTierScouter

    JTE Commissioner Requirements

    I realize a commissioner signs the sheet off at some point, but like Jameson76 mentioned they have never contacted us, shown up before, or been around. I even asked one time who it was at council and they gave me the Deer in Headlights stare, no clue who our UC was. I'll be sure to use that "Show me where that's written, please." part. Thanks all.
  2. SouthernTierScouter

    JTE Commissioner Requirements

    Anyone have this happen to them? We bumped into a district commissioner, conversation started about having a unit commissioner come visit the troop (never seen one before in my life come to a pack or troop event, don't even know who they are). "When he asked about our meeting information so he could get a Commissioner to us, I mentioned to him that they're of course welcome any time but with September being busy with back-to-Scouts stuff, PLC elections, etc, it may be better to wait until October if they want to see a normal meeting. And that's when he said "Well, that's not allowed, because you're supposed to have a commissioner visit every month for Journey to Excellence." I've looked at the JTE stuff, doesn't mention Commissioner any place.
  3. SouthernTierScouter

    Outdoor Code for Non-Americans

    Now that's just silly, we all know those evil aliens from outer space don't deserve our consideration.
  4. SouthernTierScouter

    End of Year w/out Rank complete

    They refer to Tigers, Wolves and Bears as "Cub Scout Dens" also in places. Clearly they have some need to get publishing and messaging consistent.
  5. SouthernTierScouter

    End of Year w/out Rank complete

    Page 19 of the Guide to Advancement also says: Arrow of Light. For boys who have completed fourth grade. Cub Scouts do not “go back” and work on ranks designed for earlier grade levels, even if missed due to their time of joining. Likewise, Cub Scouts do not “move ahead” to the next rank until the completion of the current school year (or until their next birthday if their chartered organization transitions by age). Page 20 of the GtA Many adventure pins help Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts develop interests in areas that may lead to hobbies or career choices. The Webelos and Arrow of Light den leaders and assistants,...
  6. SouthernTierScouter

    Outdoor Code for Non-Americans

    That was bad, even for a Scouter!
  7. SouthernTierScouter

    End of Year w/out Rank complete

    Be careful here, and check the Guide to Advancement 2017.... page 20 "Boys who join Cub Scouting for the first time as a member of an Arrow of Light den, or boys who were previously members of a Webelos den but did not earn the Webelos rank, shall work on Arrow of Light requirements during their fifth-grade year. They can earn the Arrow of Light Award without earning the Webelos rank."
  8. SouthernTierScouter

    Outdoor Code for Non-Americans

    We actually don't know why you have to be an American to care about this sort of thing. It was just suggested me to this past weekend at a council training event we use "As a Citizen of the World..." to replace, "As an American..."
  9. SouthernTierScouter

    Veteran Unit

    As far as sloppy record keeping goes, this is not something unheard of. Our Troop went to council to try and find out about the oldest charter and they told us we were Chartered in 1900.... you know 10 years before BSA was founded. So obviously something is wrong in their records!
  10. SouthernTierScouter

    Scouting Assembly Community Discord

    Excellent! Thank You!
  11. SouthernTierScouter

    Scoutmaster Clark Green

    Yup he's back!
  12. SouthernTierScouter

    Can't Upload Profile Picture

    Avatars can only be 100x100 pixel exactly of type png. I know it says differently on the upload screen.
  13. SouthernTierScouter

    Scoutmaster Clark Green

    Between Summer Camp and High Adventure, I think he just took off the last few months. I'm hoping he's back in September.
  14. SouthernTierScouter

    Shutting down Troop

    Make sure you help the boys transition into another troop. That should be top on the list!
  15. SouthernTierScouter

    What makes them stay with Scouting?

    A sidebar on this, since a lot of what needs to be said was already said above. Remember to we want them to be out doing other things than Scouting. To live the Scout Oath and Law out in their daily lives. To bring those values to their sports teams, school groups, etc. So a good program doesn't punish Scouts for having lives outside of Scouting. We aren't the ONLY option, just part of the bigger picture. So encouraging to be a Scout 'out there' can help remove any feeling that they have to choose Scouting or Sports. Don't make them pick one or the other. They might not be super active at meetings during baseball season, but what about the rest of the year?