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  1. Veteran Unit

    As far as sloppy record keeping goes, this is not something unheard of. Our Troop went to council to try and find out about the oldest charter and they told us we were Chartered in 1900.... you know 10 years before BSA was founded. So obviously something is wrong in their records!
  2. Scouting Assembly Community Discord

    Excellent! Thank You!
  3. Scoutmaster Clark Green

    Yup he's back!
  4. Can't Upload Profile Picture

    Avatars can only be 100x100 pixel exactly of type png. I know it says differently on the upload screen.
  5. Scoutmaster Clark Green

    Between Summer Camp and High Adventure, I think he just took off the last few months. I'm hoping he's back in September.
  6. Shutting down Troop

    Make sure you help the boys transition into another troop. That should be top on the list!
  7. What makes them stay with Scouting?

    A sidebar on this, since a lot of what needs to be said was already said above. Remember to we want them to be out doing other things than Scouting. To live the Scout Oath and Law out in their daily lives. To bring those values to their sports teams, school groups, etc. So a good program doesn't punish Scouts for having lives outside of Scouting. We aren't the ONLY option, just part of the bigger picture. So encouraging to be a Scout 'out there' can help remove any feeling that they have to choose Scouting or Sports. Don't make them pick one or the other. They might not be super active at meetings during baseball season, but what about the rest of the year?

    I generally agree with the above two replies. Ask him what he thinks he did wrong, and why, and how he can improve. The boy will likely be harsher on himself at this point than you would ever need to be. Be positive about his coming forward about all this, and taking this step. What you should not do is threaten punishment, withhold any advancement, or otherwise be a disciplinarian. Its a chance for him to realize his mistakes, to figure out what he can do better next time and improve.
  9. Eagle Project / Incomplete MB

    Doesn't sound like this District Eagle Board Councilor knows what he's talking about. As Col. Flagg quoted above it can be started any time. Also from the Eagle Scout Workbook Eagle Scout candidates must use the official Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927, as produced by the BSA and found at www.scouting.org/advancement. Although it is acceptable to copy and distribute the workbook, no council, district, unit, or individual has the authority to produce or require additional forms, or to add or change requirements, or to make any additions, deletions or changes in the text, outlines, links, graphics, or any other elements of the workbook.
  10. Its rather interesting to me how different BSA and GS are. In our Pack we are always recruiting, wanting more Cub Scouts, the more the merrier, please join us! My daughter's primary GS Leader (my wife is a Co-Leader) doesn't want to do any recruiting for them. This will be their second year (1st graders) but the woman doesn't want to allow any more girls in. We have a small pool of kids to pick from in our area, but still, why would you not want more kids to experience your scouting? I just don't get that.
  11. Webelos khaki uniform question

    It does appear they simplified it both the Webelos Handbook and the Webelos Leader Handbook. Probably to, well, you know, make it simpler for Scouts, parents and new leaders.
  12. Untrained Leaders Report

    I have found the more modular approach has worked out well for us. An adult can do a few videos at a time, that fits their schedule instead of having to commit to an 1.5 session. People are more likely to pay attention in small bite sized time frames as well. And they appear to be generally modern for when they were made.
  13. Webelos khaki uniform question

    Part of the confusion is I think from The Latin Scot's post is he sort of has it backwards. You can ONLY wear the oval patch on the Tan shirt, but you can wear all the other patches on the Tan Shirt. So you should never see a Webelos still in his blue shirt with the oval patch. Personally I prefer to leave the pocket blank until they earn the Webelos rank, then put that oval patch on. 2015 Printing, can't find a newer one.: https://www.scoutstuff.org/media/content/docs/pdfs/50015_Webelos_Unif_InspFNL.pdf "Webelos Scouts have the option of wearing the oval-shaped Webelos badge by itself on the tan shirt only; or the diamond-shaped Webelos emblem along with other rank badges on either the tan or navy blue shirt; or if the Tiger Cub emblem was earned, the Webelos diamond-shaped emblem may be worn on either the tan or navy blue shirt by itself and centered on the left pocket."
  14. AOL Crossovers come back to camp with the Pack

    See my PM reply Weather improves, and the kids go off to Baseball and Soccer. April may be a bit early, I might have misjudge that a bit, but by May they are off playing sports.
  15. AOL Crossovers come back to camp with the Pack

    No place, you are right about that. We don't limit advancement to just up to the B&G, scouts keep working on things throughout the year until our program changes over. However, our B&G is mid march and we almost always hit rank completion (or close enough) by then. Having it all one big event works well for our parents, the moment April arrives we loose 50% of the scouts to spring sports and we'd never get families back for a second event to celebrate ranks. Works well for us to do it this way. We don't need another party to celebrate scouting, we celebrate scouting at every meeting!