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  1. Nope, we aren't with a church at all. Our school's PTA is our chartered org.
  2. This may be the wrong thread, but I wanted to know if a rechartering situation that I just encountered was unique or if this is associated with the new charter relationships. Our unit turned in our recharter directly to the DE on Saturday. There was nothing within the recharter paperwork that required the signature of the institution head OR the chartered org rep. In the past, both of them have had to sign our recharter. When we were taking the paperwork in, we thought they would tell us we got an incomplete packet and we needed to go back and get those signatures. When we asked, they sa
  3. One thing we've done to combat this is to make our schedule very consistent and very early. I feel like for a lot of families (mine included) whatever makes it to the calendar first is what wins out. If someone asks us to do something and I look at my calendar and there's something already there, we can't do it. If a party or sport or scout event makes it there first, we go to that. All of our dens meet at the same time/place every week so even families with multiple scouts are still only devoting one evening a week to scouts. We also keep the same den meeting schedule from year to year- you
  4. Just finished our join night and ended up with 19 new scouts! Not too shabby when you consider that our roster last year was 18 strong. Surprisingly, it was a lot of older cubs. Our Bear den doubled, but we'll likely combine our Tigers & Wolves. Weird times. Excited for some new life breathed in!
  5. Our chartered org is our primary school's PTA so we have a foot fully in the door there, which is really nice. Our council & district, however, has been pretty much mum about recruiting. We have a new DE and I had to call and text and email to even get flyers to put into student folders. (edited because I just remembered that what actually got it done was that I cornered him in the parking lot after the popcorn meeting.) In years past, we have had little join gifts from council, DE coming to join night, signage for the school. They've given us booklets and pamphlets to give to new fami
  6. We set up tables at our school's open house and had 28 show interest. Our join night is tonight and we're eager to see how many join. We didn't recruit at all last year, so we are hoping to beef up our Tigers as well as our Lions, and we have interest at all levels. Fingers crossed!
  7. Right, I think that was much more true before it was $100 for a new member to even get in the door. It really *doesn't* have to cost a lot on a local level and we run a pretty tight ship, but the increasing fees are making that increasingly harder.
  8. When my family was brand new to scouting, my husband and I went to a council event because there was a contest to name the new district and we were told my husband's submission was in the finals so we should come for the announcement. It was one of our earliest interactions with anything above just our pack. Before the announcement of the winner, a council employee passed out bracelets that had the acronym SIFTS on it and went on to explain that we should wear these to remind ourselves that: Scouting, It's For The Scouts or SIFTS. He talked about how as scouters, our focus will tend to wander
  9. Talked with my treasurer this morning and beefed up the Pack Expenses part of our chart- very closely reflects all of our actual expenses at this point. It looks a lot worse. Gulp. Thank you guys so much for the pointers and just for commiserating. Glad to know we're not alone- we've worked hard to be smart with our money, provide great programing and the constant fee and cost increases in other areas are just pummeling us right now.
  10. Long time lurker, finally coming out of hiding because as I sit here and plan our annual planning meeting that will take place tomorrow, I'm stumped over how to make these rising registration costs work. When fees were raised after we had already collected registration two years ago, we ate those costs. We still had something of a rainy day fund so this past year, we used that fund to pay registration for all of our cubs who wanted to continue with whatever COVID programming we could provide. We are not broke-broke but we no longer have a high reserve that we can fall back on as we have in the
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