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  1. My husband and I lead the Cub Scout pack that both of my boys were in prior to last year, when our oldest took the leap into Scouts BSA. The unit he chose is small and the SM and ASM are both older guys with no kids in the program. The older scouts were not overly welcoming and one of the boys that crossed with mine dropped after a couple of months because he felt bullied. We had a transparent conversation with one of the families from our pack that also picked that troop to cross into. We both revealed that we felt incredibly uncomfortable sending our boys into the woods with these men an
  2. It would be interesting to know. They can't have the numbers for how many didn't sign back up at the beginning of this year, right? Their only insight into our roster is recharter and crossover. I'd love to see these numbers again in January.
  3. If I'm not supposed to share this level of detail, let me know and I'll remove. I can't see any reason these numbers shouldn't be public, so here's what one district is looking at: Packs Current Scouts as of 10-21-22 Number of new Scouts 2022 Scouts Last Year End Diff 3300 39 13 37 2 3384 22 8 14 8 3385
  4. Our district just sent out cub recruitment numbers in an effort to draw out registrations that are laying around. Included in the table are numbers at the end of last year, recruitment numbers and numbers from as of 10/21/22. Almost exactly the same amount were recruited as left. Last year ended with 786. Right now there are 790. There are a couple outlier packs that either gained or lost 15-20 but most groups are up or down 2-8 scouts. Some exactly replaced those that left. I see this as not great or terrible news. Our pack is up 2. I like where we're sitting and don't see it as a
  5. This is a really good point. Because it starts at Kindergarten, it's possible that even first grade parents feel like it's "too late" for them to start because it's a program in motion. Now, we see the majority of our recruitment numbers in Lions and then get a smattering in the other grades.
  6. Oh my gosh, this is exactly it! Cubs is so fun and that initial run at scouts just... isn't. I think we have extraordinary mediocre leaders, both youth and adult, in my son's troop and that doesn't help matters. It makes me feel better to know that that rocky transition isn't unique to our situation. I'm trying to better prepare the den of Webelos that I lead now for that transition. Hope that leads to more retention for the group.
  7. We charge them the same registration, which goes straight to national and we can't do anything about. We've made everyone's registration slightly more to absorb the $25 new scout fee because it feels so gross to ask new folks to pay more. We don't have pack dues, but we do have a minimum fundraising requirement or buy-out option, which we don't push with the Lions at all. If they fundraise, great. If not, also fine.
  8. We keep our Lion program really light. They come to one den meeting and one pack meeting a month but are invited to monthly hikes and all campouts and weekend activities. I'm the Webelos den leader this year and started with my scouts as Lions. We have 5 that have been here for the entirety of that time and 6 that have joined between Kindergarten and this year. There is not a skills or enthusiasm difference between having been around or brand new- for the parents or the scouts. That said, my oldest son crossed over this year and the difference between the cub program and the scouting progr
  9. Nope, we aren't with a church at all. Our school's PTA is our chartered org.
  10. This may be the wrong thread, but I wanted to know if a rechartering situation that I just encountered was unique or if this is associated with the new charter relationships. Our unit turned in our recharter directly to the DE on Saturday. There was nothing within the recharter paperwork that required the signature of the institution head OR the chartered org rep. In the past, both of them have had to sign our recharter. When we were taking the paperwork in, we thought they would tell us we got an incomplete packet and we needed to go back and get those signatures. When we asked, they sa
  11. One thing we've done to combat this is to make our schedule very consistent and very early. I feel like for a lot of families (mine included) whatever makes it to the calendar first is what wins out. If someone asks us to do something and I look at my calendar and there's something already there, we can't do it. If a party or sport or scout event makes it there first, we go to that. All of our dens meet at the same time/place every week so even families with multiple scouts are still only devoting one evening a week to scouts. We also keep the same den meeting schedule from year to year- you
  12. Just finished our join night and ended up with 19 new scouts! Not too shabby when you consider that our roster last year was 18 strong. Surprisingly, it was a lot of older cubs. Our Bear den doubled, but we'll likely combine our Tigers & Wolves. Weird times. Excited for some new life breathed in!
  13. Our chartered org is our primary school's PTA so we have a foot fully in the door there, which is really nice. Our council & district, however, has been pretty much mum about recruiting. We have a new DE and I had to call and text and email to even get flyers to put into student folders. (edited because I just remembered that what actually got it done was that I cornered him in the parking lot after the popcorn meeting.) In years past, we have had little join gifts from council, DE coming to join night, signage for the school. They've given us booklets and pamphlets to give to new fami
  14. We set up tables at our school's open house and had 28 show interest. Our join night is tonight and we're eager to see how many join. We didn't recruit at all last year, so we are hoping to beef up our Tigers as well as our Lions, and we have interest at all levels. Fingers crossed!
  15. Right, I think that was much more true before it was $100 for a new member to even get in the door. It really *doesn't* have to cost a lot on a local level and we run a pretty tight ship, but the increasing fees are making that increasingly harder.
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