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  1. The BSA online training system in my.scouting is misleading as to the training required. You can complete the classroom portion ONLY in my.scouting and your training record will show you as "position trained" even though you have not met the complete "trained" requirements (IOLS). Also, the system will not differentiate between the online and the classroom training, i.e. it will not waive the S24 classroom portion when you completed all the online training or the other way around. Your training records will say that you need to complete S24 even though you've done all the online modules.
  2. That is correct and was already last year. One of the stops in the Internet Recharter is YPT, the other is CBC. One of my units last year had adults having their YPT expiring while Council was processing the recharter and it got put on hold and that unit nearly lost their tenure over an expiring YPT cert the day before Council was going to accept the unit recharter.
  3. In our Troop the SPL/ASPL will present the final annual plan to the committee for approval. They provide some insight on the motivation and goals of the various outings and some rough programming ideas on what they are planning to do. I look at my role as sort of an audit function on the overall outings. Are they realistic with the Troops resources or will they require high cost or other resources to make feasible? How can additional resources be achieved or not? Are they within the borders of what can be safely achieved (GTSS)? We try and estimate which outings require a lot of committee supp
  4. I think that BSA is not the only one struggling with membership numbers but there are also some clear heavy hitters when it comes to membership growth and maybe we should seriously consider what they are doing different: Organization School Age Population Members Percent BSA 50.7M 900’000 1.8% Scouts UK 9M 420’000
  5. I assume from your description that you run the B and G Troop completely separate and not as a linked Troop? We require that each Scout has one adult family member sign up initially as a committee member and be active in the Troop for the 1st year. This gets the adults involved and interested and gives them the time to get familiar with the Troop before they sort of decide if they want to take on other functions on the committee or do the ASM required training and switch to that side of the program. Also, we run as a linked Troop which means that there are enough adults on the committee to be
  6. @ShootingSportsI have never seen something like that. I guess you would have to go to individual other associations and see if you can find what there market share would be in terms of youth activities. Attached is the plan that our Council has shared on their website for market share and growth they are trying to achieve. Unfortunately, Council plan and reality are strongly drifting in our Council. AWC BSA Strategic-Operational Plan 2021-23 (1).pdf
  7. @Cambridgeskipreach out to me. I am the CC / UC in Boulder area.
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