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  1. I haven't seen this one yet but you can bet that my trip to council tomorrow will find me with one. Kristi still in training
  2. I see problems in this on so many different levels. But to stick to the point ... Why can't they complete the Tiger Requirements. They may not get any electives but I was TDL last year and remember the book very well. You could handle the den items more than one at a time in a meeting and just really push the go see its, combine some. Do the hike and the historical site at the time at the same place if possible. The Fire department could be on the way to the TV station, just add plenty of time and a gathering at the next school level game would cover the other. I know that you will h
  3. I too checked into "like kind" donations (clothing and other items instead of money) I did find one place willing to receive and distribute them to the tsunami areas but it was overseas and the shipping charge would have been more than my poor little pack could afford. My suggestion on this is to send "like kind" donations to the still hurricane raveged Florida cities. We do still have people here in our country that are in need. Kristi
  4. JQuestion: We have a small pack witha bout 20 scouts, 10 siblings, and 8 adults that race cars. What method would be best for us on a 2 lane track? Kristi
  5. At the risk of coming out on the wrong side of a discussion yet again. I have to ask: What about all the people in Florida that still don't have running water, electricity, or homes? I am not against helping when needed but shouldn't we do something about the problems at home too? Kristi
  6. Hi and welcome pkcubmn! It is good to have some new people in the forum. I agree with you about knife education. I also feel that in general people can blow situations out of control, as from the comment that a sheaf knife was making everyone uncomfortable. I would have been different if the wearer had been cleaning his nails with it. Anyway, pull up a log around the fire and join us for a spell. Kristi TN (By the way, typing in all caps is considered yelling and is in bad form in most forums)
  7. I can use anything and everything. Just let me know if you need any other info. Kristi Uniform Closet c/o Kristi Cantor 418 Arthur Douglas Way Kodak Tn 37764
  8. Anarchist: I received the package today. Not sure how long it was at the post office and the parcel alert was stuck to the bottom of my PO BOX and I couldn't see it as I am short and it is on the top row. Thanks a bunch. I can use it all. My Cm still hasnt gotten me the "advancement to rank" bead holders and I have two that have already earned wolf with out them. Now I can get them up to par. Such a nice thing to receive after Christmas. Will deliver all the goodies at our meeting this Tuesday. thanks again. Kristi
  9. My gifts were perfect! Everyone knows I am spending more time outside now with the scouts so the key for me was warmth. I received (among other things) a new coat (warmest one I have ever had), new gloves, and new boots. I am a very cold natured person so these were just perfect. I also got a bottle of the perfume that I love but am too cheap to buy for myself. On the flip side, my son (wolf cub) received a tent, 2 sleeping bags, binoculars, camp chair, and a lantern. I hope you all had a great Christmas too. Kristi
  10. I prefer: Jingle Bells, shotgun shells Granny's got a gun shot me in my underwear and boy did I run! Just call me crazy! Kristi
  11. It is confusing. I am the ACM of one pack getting ready to become it's CM, I am now CM of another pack (until we get it up and running and recruit some adults). My shirt sleeve says "Den Leader". I was hoping for a simple solution to the problem. Does Velcro work well? Just for a laugh, my "assistant" is now registered as a den leader in my original pack but is the ACM of the new pack (B and G club). We could both do velcro and just swap patches around Kristi
  12. I have a question for you all. I am now listed as the ACM for our pack but my DE has me as CM of a newly formed pack at the Boys and Girls Club. I really don't want to buy another shirt. Which patch should I put on my sleeve? I will be CM of my son's pack after Feburary. Should I just go with the CM patch? Kristi
  13. Merlyn writes : "If those are my ONLY to choices, I'd have to kill it, because currently the federal and state governments are violating the rights of atheists by having government agencies run Boy Scout units that unlawfully practice religious discrimination, which is unconstitutional. Religious civil rights are too important to violate so casually" I disagree. This country was founded on the belief that we needed religous freedom. That means you are free to believe or not believe. What really irks me is that people like you "say" we are trying to force our religion on you when in fac
  14. I, too, miss Bob. Since I am new he was often the voice of reason I needed to hear. My pack is very far off program and he always had some good advice for me on bringing them back to the program. Come Back Bob! Kristi
  15. We were given whistles at our district day camp this past summer. We were also given instructions as to when to use them. We were only to use the whistle in a true emergency. If you heard a whistle you knew there was a major problem and that the "folks in charge" were on their way along with our day camp nurse. I think that was the best possible use of them. We didn't even use them for the boys playing soccer for their loops. Kristi
  16. I agree that I was given an invitation to stick it out. I feel that this boy was put there to give me the lift I needed. It does feel good to be a part (no matter how small) of the process that can turn out boys like him. Kristi
  17. I really don't know if that is a good name for this post or not. But sometimes inspiration is hard to come by and you work with what you have. Speaking of inspiration: We were having a bake sale on Saturday in the cold and rain. There were only 2 scouts who showed up along with my assistant and myself. So, there we were, cold and wet, peddeling our wares at a local flea market. To be honest with you, we weren't doing that well. We only earned $62.00 that day but to my poor pack that is a lot of money, but I digress. So, there we stood when along came a group of 3 teenage boys. One of
  18. Well, about the membership cards, no one in the district got them. Our outgoing DE took them with him. My son was registered and didn't get one. I am really frustrated that the entire year just ended up not counting for me. It also makes me wonder just how many children weren't registered also. I know the lady at council told me another adult had to be dropped for lack of an application along with me so that means someone else is in for a surprise. The new DE is working with me on my current needs and is offering to help in anyway possible. I won't quit, reminds me of a poem: Sombody sa
  19. Hi all. I guess some of you may have noticed that I haven't been around lately. I have, I just hadn't decided what I was going to do. It seems that I was not registered last year. I filled out the application and wrote a check for the registration but it was too much of an inconvenience for my CM to turn it in. My DE told me about this and I nearly lost my desire to continue to fight my way up hill in this pack. So I took a couple of weeks to make a decision. I will continue. I talked with my CM (who still claims that I am registered even though council says I am not) and he is going
  20. My two cents . . . I disagree with the statement "Either he's being prepared to skin a buck, or he's learning to be macho, like his dad. " Just having a sheath knife doesn't mean you are trying to be macho or going to skin a deer. I am 5'1" and up until this year I always had a sheath knife ( maybe not on but near). The reason was I had horses and you never knew when you were going to need a knife. I used it to cut a girth off a downed horse before on a trail ride. I used it to cut bailing twine from legs when hay wasn't properly placed. I used it to cut the bottom of my shirt off to u
  21. Hi all, been a few days since I have been here as I have been busy trying to keep the ship afloat with a thimble. It is not working. Here is the jist of it: If my pack (now down to 16 boys) can't come up with some money quickly we can't: 1. recharter 2. hold a court of honor 3. pass our awards 4. do anything We are so broke that we can't even pay attention. It doesn't get any worse than this. The scratch off cards were a flop (yeah I know I told them so too). All the local shops are already booked for selling items (ie: bake sale) and our next meeting is Dec 7th. My den is de
  22. My opinion is that the best look would be a surplus military coat. However that is not BSA. Since there is no specified jacket I would assume (there is that word again) that you can wear any jacket. Military (most atleast) jackets are made to work well with that color green and can be bought for little of nothing. my 2 cents. Kristi
  23. The ACLU is alot like PETA, what started out as a good thing is now really about who they can tear down instead of who they can build up. When our Forefathers came to America it was to get away from religious repression and now here we are again right back where we started with a few people trying to dictate what we can and can't do. Kristi
  24. Wow. I have never heard of the Cub Scouts being put in the same catagory as the KKK. And I am from the south too! It amazes me. Kristi
  25. The link I gave was for the manufacturer. I would think that they could maybe do some without any coating or paint at all for you to use for cooking. They also sell water containers and bulk food containers so I am sure they know how to treat them the proper way. Kristi(This message has been edited by cajuncody)
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