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  1. We do pumpkin decorating but we paint or pin to them as the CM says cubs aren't allowed to use knives. We have this contest every year and have awards. A good tiger activity my boys liked was Leaf rubbing turkeys for Thanksgiving. It fufilled the leaf rubbing requirement and was tied into a holiday. We rubbed leaves for the turkey tails. Another good one was paper rockets. We used film canisters and alkaseltzer/water to shoot them into the air. Some went pretty high. So many crafts, so little time. Cajun
  2. Welcome and a BIG THANKS for the offer. I am currently needing all sizes. I need 3 in S, 4-6 in M, and atleast 5 in Large. I would take any and all offered as I am also receiving emails daily from out of state people who have read my posts who need uniforms also. I know of atleast one out of state person needing a M in tan long sleeve. I would appreciate any help and can offer stories of shirt deliveres in return for your help. I have a po box to make it easy to send the shirts and wouldn't mind helping with shipping costs if needed. Thanks up front. Uniforming a pack one boy at a t
  3. I received a package today. In it were 2 brand new shirts!! I wanted to say thanks and post so that the sender would know they had arrived. I thought I would share the story of the scout who is to receive the blue shirt. I don't have the acutally story of giving it to him yet but I wanted you all to know why he was picked to receive it. We will call him "C". This boy came to our "Field of Dreams" which is when our boys get to go out on the field with our Local Baseball team for the National Anthem. He was in his orange Tiger shirt but it wasn't tucked in. I knew he had a cub belt as
  4. Wow! Deja Vu! THis is my pack too! I was so disappointed in my pack that I have volunteered to take over as CM next year. I am biding my time as Wolf Den leader and doing my best to keep my boys in it until I can make some real changes. I have already made some! Last meeting I was the only den leader to show up so I made sure to have enough of my project for everyone. The parents that are coming are getting to know me and know that I am always prepared. I hope this makes it easier for me to become CM. I am also making pack plans and informing the current outgoing CM of them at pack me
  5. A scout is trustworthy. As a current cub den leader this is my opinion. If a parent comes to me and says their child has completed an item I have 2 choices. 1, I accept their word on the matter and sign off or 2, I call them a liar. Number 2 has never happened. It is up to the scout and Akela to determine when something has been done. My books tell me that along with the den leader and cub master that Akela is also the parent or other important adult. I take the word of my boys, period. I have yet to have anyone be proven a liar. If I had that much doubt about something I would simpl
  6. I just had to post this, read on and you will see why. As you all know I have been asking for donated uniform parts to help my boys who can't afford them. The first shirt was sent without a return addy or name and it was just given to a boy. Now, that said, who ever sent that could have "spoken up" after my post about the boy and said " I sent that shirt, I made that boy happy, Aren't I a great person" but they didn't. I have also received several private messages from others on this board who are sending or are going to send some items, some are even sending new items. Again, these
  7. I haven't been in scouting long enough to know about the types of camps that you are talking about but I do find it ammusing when referenced to our local day camp. I worked at the day camp this year that is supposed to be run by our pack. I was the only den leader from our pack there (Doh!) Our pay for the week of day camp was "a Camp T-shirt, $5.00, and all the hugs you can get". Now remember, we are the poor area here. Not only does the $5.00 not really cover todays gas prices ( I drive a 1985 Dodge Ramcharger with a live front axle and a big 360 engine, I may get 10 miles to the gallon
  8. Good Morning! Here is a cheerful story for today. Last night at the meeting I brought with me the donated shirt I had received. I had a cub in mind for it. As the cubs were arriving I saw him in the parking lot and took the shirt out to him so as not to call attention to it. Well, I shouldn't have bothered. This boy is my shyest wolf cub. He is very sweet but doesn't have an outgoing personallity. But I digress, I took the shirt out to him and he took it. I turned my back to him as I was showing his dad the proper patch placement and when I turned back around he had removed his oth
  9. Our pack has never had a face painting so I thought I would try one out and see if I can't get the CM to include it later too. Just anything to keep the boys interested! Cajun
  10. Stay at home mom. Full time, no large paycheck but plenty of benefits. Cajun
  11. Hi all, I am looking for a face painting ceremony for inducting new boys into my wolf pack. I know there are several on the web for graduation wolves but I need one for the beginning of the year. I saw one somewhere but can't find it now. I was where you invite the boys to be members of your den and paint their faces with colors symbolizing what they will learn. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Cajun
  12. Hi all. Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I still need donated uniform parts. I have only received two shirts, but I am thankful for those. I could use any size blue and any size tan right up to adult size for the bigger kids. I received an email request for a donated uniform but unfortunaly I am unable to send any out as I don't have any tan shirts. Maybe a larger pack could sponser us? Cajun Uniform Closet Pack 582 c/o Kristi Cantor PO BOX 1111 Kodak TN 37764
  13. I use the tape method. I tape the patch on then sew through the tape and then pull the tape off. Simple but effective. I think I even saw this posted here somewhere else so I must not be the only one. I sew it with the pocket still attached and just try not to sew it to my finger. Cajun
  14. Eamonn, I feel for you. DH ( that is Dear Husband on most days on others the D can be not so flattering) Decided that my office closet was too full. He cleaned it out. I now have a stack of wood projects on my desk that he told me to "Use it or lose it". Good thing I have a cub meeting tomorrow. Just the opposite of you however, I just went from a small 2 drawer file cabinet to a LARGE 5 drawer. I now get an entire drawer for Cub stuff. Clutter is all in the eye of the beholder. According to DH I am a clutter queen and a pack rat. However, to everyone else I am a "neat freak". I
  15. Volunteer. Any person from Tennessee or elsewhere whose blood runs pure orange during football season. Cajun (in Vol Country)
  16. Welcome! First go to http://www.scouting.org/cubscouts/faststart/ for some quick online training. Then go to http://www.scoutway.net/pacsky/ypt/protection.html for a quick youth protection training online. Hope this helps and good luck from someone who has been there. Kristi Qualifications: If residing in this country but not a citizen of the United States, agrees to abide by the Scout Oath and Law, to respect and obey the laws of the United States of America, and to subscribe to the BSA statement of religious principle. Is at least 21 years of age and of good
  17. Hi all. I received a cub shirt today in Youth L and wanted to say thanks to who ever sent it. A cub is already on my list to receive it. There was no name but I am sure it came from here so a BIG THANKS!!! Cajun Uniform Closet Pack 582 C/O Kristi Cantor PO BOX 1111 Kodak TN 37764
  18. Unc. My hubby and I have discussed the possibility of getting too much but I really don't see that as a problem. If I get more than I need there are always places like this to post the extras so that they go to the kids who need them. My main concern my be my pack but I think this should go further than just one person working to uniform one pack. If nothing else it seems that I have inspired at least one other to do the same. If we all work together to share the extras we shouldn't have any kids left out. hoping for loads, Cajun
  19. I am pleased to announce that my efforts have not been in vain. I now have at least one shirt on its way and another person has sponsered a new shirt for one of my cubs. Hopefully this will only be the begining for my uniform closet. Thanks for all the advice and if you want to help you may send uniform parts to: (edited for safety reasons; please PM author for address) We can all make a difference in a boys life if we just try. Thanks again Kristi (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  20. A scratch off card is a card with circles covering the amount from $.05 up to $2.00. The CM wants the boys to go door to door and sell mini candy bars for the price uncovered by the scratcher. You could get a mini candy bar for a nickle or for two bucks. This is supposed to be a "Great" fundraiser. However, I am not sure I want to participate in this as the BSA says that the boys shouldn't solicit donations. I think that my CM is walking a fine line and I don't want my boy to be the one to step across. I am looking forward to being CM next year but don't want this to put me in an odd p
  21. First off, WElcome to the pack! I too am a Wolf den leader. Unfortunatly my pack doesn't run like the program helps supports. We meet 2 times per month at our COR with all the other dens. Basically it is like 2 pack meetings per month, the CM talks for a while then we break for den meetings. I can't change things right now but next year I am taking over as CM and there will be changes coming. My advice is to do what is best for your boys and yourself. If too many parents complain you may want to remind them that you volunteered, they didn't. You will have boys that work on there books
  22. Hi, welcome to the group. I don't have any experience with special needs in my den but we did have a boy in my sons class last year. Here is my suggestion. If the boys with autisim do better at the begining of a meeting I would have them come later to the meeting so that they are still fresh at the end. I would also have them stay later to have a little one on one time with them and their parents to cover what they missed at the begining. This would give them group time but also a more personalized portion too. If they do better latter in a meeting I would switch it around and have
  23. I spoke with my CM and he saw no problem with the card. He said we will be selling mini candy bars for the "price " uncovered and giving coupons as a thank you. He said his app was approved on this by the council. I don't know . . .still seems like a very fine line to walk. Cajun
  24. I don't really believe there is one thing and one thing only that makes a program successfull. Or if you like political speak "There is no smoking gun". IMO it is a combination of many factors, while money helps it is not required. While good leaders help, a bad leader can be considered fun by the boys. Uniforms look nice but an ununiformed group can have just as good a program. I think that it is many factors added to the personal combination of members within the region that determines a successfull program. Cajun(This message has been edited by cajuncody)
  25. I am sure there are some horror stories out there of first meetings but not from my pack last night. It couldn't have gone better!!! First off I had planned for a blow gun demonstration from a friend of mine who is with the cherokee group here. Well as a plus he brought his costume and also did his medicine man talk. The CM asked if the whole pack could participate since I was the only real den leader there last night. So we made it a pack event. The kids loved it. Our current CM and I even took our turns at it. I did lousey but the kids loved it! The best part of all is "John Smith"
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