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  1. I will try to make this short and painless. I want to know what you would change first if you were to become CM of this pack: The pack meets twice a month. Every meeting the current CM talks for about 30 mins then we break for den meetings. We are short 2 den leaders. I have never heard of any Commity members. Our DE knows we don't follow the program and is frustrated with our lack of growth. No parents want to volunteer for anything. Our "den chiefs" play football outside instead of helping. They boys aren't having any fun (except of course in my den where we are working and having f
  2. >Talk about making a poor white haired immigrant feel odd before his time!! Eamonn < I think it is never to early to feel ODD! Seriously though, was it my den meeting? ;-) It could have been. All my parents stay and we all have a blast. They go on every outing too. We parents have as much fun as our cubs. I wouldnt change it for anything. Kristi
  3. I don't think this was a case of looking away and them getting away. This 2 yr old toddled down a 75' gravel driveway, across a road and up 200' of road and ditch. He wasn't moving very fast, he was doing the high step that most "New" walkers do. The man wasn't just angry he was belligerent, with me and the child. The only excuse he offered was (and I quote) "I told you not to go near the road". To quote another wise saying "The very young do not always do as they are told" (Stargate). He was at fault. I would never have forgiven my self if I had hit that boy with my boys in the car or
  4. First thing I would do it to GET TRAINED!!!! If you have to put off ousting the CM for a month I would. If you have your training you are much better prepared to run the pack with DL's until a new CM is named. Also the training my show you some other things that are being done wrong that you can correct immediatly. It will do no good to start replacing people unless you have trained people ready to step in for them. Have a volunteer or two take the Cubmaster training. Don't just tell everyone the CM needs to be replaced unless you can offer them a couple of trained people to choose from
  5. Do something gross. REally really gross. Make some slime, flarp, or goo. Boys this age really love gross things. Contact your local herp society and see if someone would bring some snakes. Get them in something hands on so that they just can't wait to go to school and tell their buddies. Make the first one something they will never forget and they will be back for more. Make sure you tell them about plans for the next meeting. And be sure you recognize each boy for something. Paint faces or hands. Tell an interesting story about something they will do later in other meetings. But the
  6. Hi all, I hope this goes here. I was running late this morning and had a sick child. We were on our way to the doctors office on a winding hilly, back road here in East Tennessee when I came around a blind curve and found a T-Dot (Tenn Dept of Trans) truck parked on the road with flashers on. This gave me the heads up I needed to hit the breaks. Good thing I did because there was a small (around 2 yrs old) little boy walking up the rural road ALONE!!! The driver of the T-Dot truck was just sitting in the cab watching this boy toddle along. I immediatly got out and caught him (gently of
  7. Hi, welcome and good luck. I have been trying to uniform my cubs by donations and have been having some good luck. If I get some extras in I will send them your way. So far everything I have received has gone to my boys and was mostly in the blue not the tan. I will keep you in mind when I get some more. Kristi Uniform Closet c/o Kristi Cantor PO BOX 1111 Kodak Tn 37764
  8. Well, since I am the current Wolf Leader I wouldn't have a problem with it at all. My son and I have recruited several boys for Wolves from his friends and classmates at school but I wouldn't know where to start to get some Bears. Our Scout Night didn't work as the paperwork kept getting lost so we had very few boys show up to sign up. Even some existing memebers of my den didn't know when it was. Could you give me any ideas on getting some more bears? Should I just put on my uniform and go class to class at school handing out some info to interested boys? Should I ask the current bear t
  9. I COULD send a PM but I like hearing all the discussion. Points and counterpoints are always fun. Bring on the discussion! Kristi
  10. Opps, did that at the last meeting, didn't plan ahead. Kristi
  11. Question: If a pack has only one bear can he be allowed to participate with the Wolves to keep him in Scouting? kristi
  12. Hi all. I am looking for somemore good ideas for our upcoming Election day meeting. Here is what I have, please add more. (We do not run like a normal pack, all den meeting start out as pack meetings and then we split for dens, can't change this till I become CM this coming spring) First off, Ben and Jerry's has donated 2 election themed ice cream cakes for us. They are partnered with Rock the Vote this year and I thought it would make a good snack. Other plans: Pin the tail on the donkey and pin the trunk on the elephant, Share our projects for the Silver Heritage Award and Sin
  13. A package came today from a donor for my cubs uniform closet. Big thanks to "You know who" for sending this. In it were a couple of Wolf hats. Funny story about Wolf Hats. The first scout I put in a donated uniform sat next to me at last nights meeting. While the CM was speaking he kept whispering to me things like: "Wow, where did (name deleted) get that cool hat?" "Is that a wolf on that hat?" " Do I get a hat like that?" and finally he just came out and asked "When are you going to get me a hat?" Well I am happy to say that today I went to the school and gave him a hat. He was so ha
  14. Wow! The generosity of Scout people!! Fantastic, the shorts would be great too! I don't know for certain what size he wears but they should fit even if he needs a belt. Thanks a bunch. Scouts are a really great group of people. Kristi
  15. Hi all. I have a new need. I just always seem needy don't I? Here is the story: We do not have a Webelos leader. Last year the Webelos didn't get to meet due to an apathetic adult. Now, that said, I have a new boy coming into my Wolf Den. He is from a very financially challenged family and will be getting a donated blue shirt just as soon as I get another one in (Large). Well, his father is a former scout and has said he will be the Webelos Leader. He will be riding with me to training this month and the pack will be picking up the registration fee for both him and his boy. Now the
  16. I consider myself a sucess story. I started with 8 tigers (I was the den leader). I ended with 6. I lost one due to financial problems at home and one to a busy family schedule. All 6 are back this year plus we have recruited 4 more! I consider this a sucess because the wolf den now has 10, we have 2 bears and 3 webelos. So other than the incoming Tigers we are the bigest den and we are still growing, added another today in fact. My secret to keeping Tigers? Go for crafts, games, and belt loops. My tigers were thinking of quiting when I found out we could earn belt loops. They are
  17. Our Extreme Camping (waiting for the echo to die down) is really rather tame. We camp at an approved KOA camp ground (actually just a half a mile from my home) and do a few activities. Our Webelos get to prepare a meal and the others get to help with meals. We have 2 Baloo certified people. We camp in tents and do a big fire with lots of campfire activities. Maybe earn a belt loop or two. Not really that extreme. The kids think doing anything outside in January is extreme and I just get cold easy. ;-) I call it Winter Camping because it takes place in January. Kristi
  18. HEE HEE HEE, and the winter camping I was talking about was about 40 degrees, shows how cold natured I really am. :-) Our winters are mild here highs in the 50's lows in the 40s. Does this mean we aren't allowed to camp anymore? Leave it to me to stumble into a wrong practice. Kristi
  19. Does it really matter where it is found, or how many times in print it is found? The BSA published Tiger Cub handbook states word for word on Pg. 150 (and I quote) "The Boy Scouts of America PROHIBITS any Bobcat ceremony in which boys are physically turned upside down." This is a BSA publication stating that ANY Bobcat ceremony, not Tiger Cub Bobcat ceremonies or Wolf cub Bobcat ceremonies. Prohibits is in Bold type so I think they probably feel strongly about this. How many other places does it need to be? Most Cubs start as Tigers now and should earn their Bobcat Badge as Tigers. If
  20. I have a question about keeping warm in tents in the winter. My pack started "Extreme Camping" last year in January and wants to continue this as a yearly event. I didn't attend last year. I was the Tiger Den Leader and no Tigers attended. Since I am going to be CM next year this is something I will have to do if we are to continue this as a yearly function. The problem is that I am very cold natured. If only one person out of a hundred gets cold it is usually me. How can I stay warm and keep my own children warm (currently a 7 yr old wolf and a 5 year old sib)? I know someone here
  21. Tom: I see you are in my area. Good to know I am not alone in being new in a troubled pack. It will be good to share info with someone who is located in the same area as my pack when I become CM. You may know of local resourses that i haven't even heard of. Kristi Uniforming my pack one boy at a time. Uniform Closet c/o Kristi Cantor PO BOX 1111 Kodak Tn 37764
  22. BW: I didn't mean you would "come after me" , it was mearly a phrase meaning that I wanted to make sure I covered BSA rules so that you didn't have to point out my error. :-) I may have misunderstood, I thought this was more of a family camp type thing that allowed families to be taken care of by extened family. Mayhaps in covering myself from one error I commited another ;-) Cajun
  23. If it were me, this kid would go. I would ask some other adults to help me with my personal responsibilities and plan in some extra time to take him. I found an adult who has grown kids and used to be a Scout leader to become my assistant and it allows me to do more things as she is a friend of the family and helps with my kids too. Scouting needs kids and some kids need scouting more than others. The den may be just what this child needs. I would also give some more responsibilites to him to make him feel important. Also plan a quiet place where you can take him if he needs to calm down
  24. The answer is in the Tiger Handbook where it says no upside down. also I found this for you: "Bobcat Turning - There is a long history of BSA discouraging the practice of turning Boys upside down when awarding the Bobcat Badge. Click here to see a copy of a 1997 letter from BSA concerning the unacceptable and unwarranted practice of turning new Cub Scouts on their heads when pinning on the Bobcat Badge. It ends with the following statement: There is no point to this type of "ceremony", and it contains significant potential for harm. As such, it has o place in Cub Scouting and shoul
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