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  1. Hello all, I started as a Tiger Leader and have now taken my boys all the way through to Webelos. I used to be great at planning outings. My boys have been everywhere, and done just about everything. We've done the aquariums, zoos, camp-outs, pool parties, corn maze, young eagles, etc. Now that my boys are starting Webelos II though, I'm starting to feel tapped out. I think I've run out of ideas. The only thing we haven't done is Laser Tag, so we'll probably do that. We just went to an Art Museum (Our 2nd) and painted pottery as part of their Artist Badge last month. Now
  2. I feel your pain. I was just speaking to our DE about this recently. I am a Webelos II Leader. My boys are bored with the Cub Stuff. I want to plan more exciting things, but always seem to find my hands tied by the Guide to Safe Scouting for Cubs. A lot of my parents have gotten together on their own and done things as well. They all went canoeing once. We also just happen to have a guy in our Pack that goes Caving. He invited my Webelos on a trip. He was taking his 6 year old son too, so I was pretty sure it would be ok. I had to explain to him and my parents that this is not
  3. Brag vests and segments? Is the Brag vest the Red vest? If so, most of our boys wear those, but what is a segment? I'm not familiar with that term. Thanks.
  4. Where do you get the Denner Tab? I don't see it on Scoutstuff.org.
  5. Hello all, I introduced the Denner and Asst. Denner program to my Webelo 1's this year. So far, it's working out great. I'm amazed at the effect those shoulder cords have on the boys. As soon as my first Denner and Asst. were elected, they puffed out their chests, and you could tell they were very proud. Both have done a great job this month. As we approach next month, my Asst. Denner will step up as Denner, and we will elect a new Asst. The kid that has served as Denner for us in September took it so seriously and did such a great job, that it got me thinking. After his term
  6. Hi, If you send me your E-mail address I'll send you a couple of Flyers I made up for all our Schools (over 1000 Flyers) just using graphics and Word Art. I put down my number, but when they'd call, I'd direct them to the appropriate Pack. I don't care which Pack they decide on as long as it gets Boys into Scouting. I also made up a Day Camp Flier, and a Tiger, and Cub Scout Brochure. I'll be happy to share all of it with you. This is the first year we've ever done a Spring Recruitment, so we'll see how it goes. Our DE also went in and did School talks and brought in Council F
  7. Thanks Lisabob. I don't really need the Trained Strip to feel like a Den Leader. If they want all of our Leaders trained than they ought to offer training more than twice a year, and a little closer than 45 mins away. We need a Traveling Trainer or something. Most of our Leaders can't even make it to Roundtable because it's a 1/2 hour away. Their kids have other commitments too. I'd love to attend training, but my job calls for working some Saturdays, and everytime they've had it, I've had to work and have been unable to switch with anyone. I said in an earlier thread, our
  8. Hello all, I thank you all for your advice. We went on our Field trip and had a great time. The Weather was perfect! No one was hurt, and I'm sure it's something the boys will remember forever. Incidentally, The Pilot that was our contact said that ever since 9/11 they don't make copies of their Flight Certificates and hand them out, or their Medical Certificates. He told me that they don't know which planes they are using until the day they fly. He also said that they had run into this before with Scout Groups, and it was such a hassle they had to go all the way to National H
  9. Thanks SR540Beaver. I appreciate your comments. Our problem is that we have no committee. We are the largest Pack in our area and we have a very hard time getting our parents to volunteer for anything. I'm serving as a Den Leader and as the Asst. Cubmaster, Day Camp Director, Recruiter, Webmaster, etc. Our Pack is primarily run by all the Den Leaders. Our Cubmaster is also serving as a Den Leader. His Wife is also a Den Leader. They are a great couple and we all work very well together. I've heard of Packs with Committees, Trainers, and Advancement chairs, but I've never actually seen
  10. Hello again, Thank you so much for all of your suggestions. I agree that I don't want to over prepare them. If I take them Orienteering a couple of times before they cross, I don't think that will over prepare them. Most of them seem to forget everything I teach them 10 minutes after I teach it anyway. LOL We've worked on knots a little. I know that Webelos is their own program, but most of my boys seem to see themselves as "Boy Scouts in Training" now. I've even heard them call themselves that. They think they are the Big men in our Pack now. I've been their Den Lea
  11. Hello again, I appreciate all of your comments. They are always helpful. I think we will rent a heated Cabin. No disrespect to my Boys, but I don't think they are ready for Winter Tent Camping yet. Maybe next year. I do have to say though, I think a lot of these Guidelines must be the reason a lot of Den Leaders step down. My Den has gone on almost a Field trip every month from Sept-May for the last three years. We always found someplace to take the boys that went a long with our theme. We've had a Den Camp-out every year too. I never filed Tour permits because I didn't know
  12. Hello, I am a Cub Leader from SW Ohio. I have 10 boys that will start in Jr. Webelos next year. I read some posts recently that spoke of Cubs not being ready for Boy Scouts when they crossed over. I've also heard comments from our own Troop Leader that some Cubs cross without even knowing how to use a compass, etc. We've introduced the boys to compass use on our camp-out last year, but only as part of a scavenger hunt to find their Breakfast. They were given clue cards that said things like "Go North for 130 paces". That worked out great ant they had a lot of fun. Bless two of
  13. Hello, I am a Cub Leader in SW Ohio. I've been with my boys for 3 years. Next year we start out trek down the Jr. Webelos trail. I've read some items in this forum about Webelos not being prepared for Boy Scout Camping when they cross. I would really like to make certain that my boys (10 of them) have all the skills they need when they cross over. In that vein, I'm interested in putting together a Winter Camp-out for them. Unfortunately, I've never even thought about going camping during the winter before, and am just starting to research it. My boys are all 9 and 10 year
  14. Hello all, I am a Cub Scout Den Leader for a Bear Den. Actually, they just earned their Bear Badges, so I guess they could be considered Webelos now. Anyway, we are trying to take a field trip to participate in the Young Eagles program. If you need more info on them check out this link: http://www.youngeagles.org I was looking at our Council site and found the forms for a Local Tour permit. It asks a lot of questions that I don't have answers for. Like the Insurance coverage amounts on everyone's car. I didn't know. I actually had to call my Insurance Company and ask the
  15. Hello all, I have been a Cub Scout Leader now for three years. I started with my son in Tigers. Before this, I have no Scouting background whatsoever. Each year, the requirements get harder, and I feel less and less equipped. This year was our Bear year, and I had to go out and find subject matter experts to do the teaching for me several times. That's fine with me. I think it changes things up a bit for the boys. I don't really have an ego about where they get the information they need, as long as they get it. I'm very nervous about Webelos. It looks as if the program chang
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