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  1. Also, the initial thing we were looking at was discrimination (kicked out after many unfair disciplinary actions combined with the physical assault, causing me to be uncooperative with the leaders) I was kicked out for lack of cooperation, but it goes beyond that, and disability was one of the things; they were not accommodating as required (I didn't really need it, but they were required to provide certain accommodations anyway). As well as that, they easily let everyone else rank up fast. For ME on the other hand, they made it extra difficult for me to rank up, between tightening t
  2. So, this incident happened in Arkansas, I no longer live there. Not sure what the penalty is for aggravated assault is in Arkansas, or conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, or hate crime on the basis of disability. I don't want to take legal action. This incident happened in 2017. What I WAS told by the attorney was that this incident WOULD show up in the future for that troop. Not sure if it appears when someone signs up for that troop, or what will happen. If a documented incident takes place, does it show up for future potential members?
  3. For background, yes, I do have neurological disabilities, one of them being Asperger's. So, in 2017, I was beaten during a scout meeting. Not a single leader did a thing about it. I no longer trusted the leaders, who hated me to begin with anyway, and so I was not very cooperative, and was very hostile (being beaten up and then blamed will do that). Then, one of the kids in the troop who had a grudge against me became the Senior Patrol Leader (obviously there were conflicts of interest). Due to my use of bad language (Everyone else used horrible language, but they were not scolded like I was.
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