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  1. Just curious, where is the Troop's Advancement Chair in all of this?
  2. I don't know what kind of area you live in, if it's economically disadvantaged, blue collar, or affluent, but it looks like you've possibly set up a haves vs. have-nots type situation, where if you or your Scout don't sell the popcorn your Scout doesn't get the rewards for their achievements. Having served as a Pack Committee Chair and Cubmaster myself, I know the difficulties of dealing with families not paying dues and also not being able to sell popcorn and how it impacts overall Pack finances and relationships with Council. If only 19% of the shifts for selling popcorn were claimed, did y
  3. Are you (OP) the Advancement Chair? Have you brought this up to the Committee or the COR / IH? If it's a matter of the family not having the funds to continue in Scouting, perhaps some sweat equity might help offset some of the costs - helping set up for the derbies or Blue & Gold, flipping pancakes at the pancake breakfast. In our pack, we had left those types of decisions up to the Committee with input from the COR / IH. Sometimes you just can't sell any popcorn no matter how hard you try. But if your dues have no padding to them, that might be something else worth looki
  4. I realize now I should have been more clear. Your Charter Org may require parents be included in any communication between the Scout and any adult. Likewise, some parents may insist on being included in any communication involving their Scout. In both of those instances we have to honor those requests. I've seen it from both sides as Advancement Chair for our Troop, and as a MB Counselor for our Troop and Council.
  5. In some instances there will be four people: you may need to include the Scout's parent, cc'd on e-mails for YPT purposes, if the Scout needs to reach out to you to set up the initial meeting, or for completion of partials afterwards.
  6. As of this morning, I'm still able to mark the Emergency Preparedness Award as complete in Scoutbook despite the notification that the award was discontinued 12/31/2021. I wonder if some of the older Scouts have completed the Merit Badge requirements, and may technically still qualify for the award in the same way a Scout can still earn a discontinued Merit Badge if they had started work (partials) before the official discontinuation.
  7. So how would they handle First Class Requirement 4B if a separate GPS device was not available? "Demonstrate how to use a handheld GPS unit, GPS app on a smartphone, or other electronic navigation system. Use GPS to find your current location, a destination of your choice, and the route you will take to get there. Follow that route to arrive at your destination."
  8. I think this is a very good reason for some Scouts not sticking around. My wife is an educator and she's always commenting about some of the rank and Merit Badge requirements and that there are a lot that are not developmentally appropriate for kids under a certain age. On the other hand, I took on the role of Advancement Chair for our Troop and I get a lot of comments from parents of Scouts that drop that gives the impression that they were expecting Webelos 3. Parent: "Whaddaya mean my son doesn't get things signed off? He was there!" Me: "Well, we've said since he started th
  9. Sometimes it depends on who's doing the asking. I was CC for the better part of 4 years for our Pack before taking over as CM for most of our final year until my son earned his AOL and crossed over. One of the hardest jobs I had as CC was to fill the open committee positions, and I had a lot more say "No" than say "Yes", but what really bugged me after the fact was that many of the parents that said no to me, said yes to my replacement. It turns out that they were all very close friends outside of Scouts, and I was an outsider to them, so it became more of a club for them and an excuse to
  10. Was the committee member the letter was shared with the Committee Chair or just another member? If it was Council that removed the ASM, then at the very least the Troop's Key 3 needed to be advised, along with the IH (if the COR was not the IH). Depending on what the accusation was that resulted in the ASM's removal, it may be prudent to advise select committee members of the situation - such as if it was financial impropriety or theft, the Treasurer may need to audit the books. If the accusation was abuse, then necessary YPT and G2SS precautions will need to be enacted.
  11. My son is kind of in the same boat, but he's got the triple whammy of trying to finish off his hours for Citizenship in the Community, plus the hours for his rank advancement, plus hours he needs for his Confirmation (non-Scout, but still...). His issue was that he had already started his hours at the local charity for Cit. in the Comm. MB and was half way done when COVID hit. The charity has reopened, but in light of COVID and a scandal involving a director there and an underage volunteer, the volunteer program is on hold and is being re-evaluated. His choice was to wait out the charity, or
  12. Or you'll have a symphony of ripping Velcro during your meeting as all Scouts realize they have something extra to fidget with.
  13. In any of the Merit Badges you listed, I don't see anything that seems too superfluous. Yes, some of the requirements parallel some found in Cit. in the Community, Cit. in the Nation, and Cit. in the World. I liken it to being in college and having to take a general US history class to meet a graduation requirement, and then finding it interesting, taking a separate class on the Civil War or the Industrial Revolution as an elective. An interested and invested Scout will see the differences and nuances in each Merit Badge and learn from them accordingly, especially with an invested MB counsel
  14. But the problem for my kids right now is that their pediatrician has cancelled all of the scheduled physicals, this includes all camp and sports physicals, along with the annual "wellness" visits to limit possible exposure. He said he's not planning on resuming those until some time in the summer. When he does resume, it'll probably be long after any camp forms would have been due. Also, at this point, I'm not looking to start doctor shopping either to find someone that would do that work. I don't need the headache of filling out extra paperwork both with any new doctor or with the insuran
  15. The one big drawback to the PTAC merger, I think, was poor communication about the benefits of the changes to the proverbial "rank and file" and it ticked off a lot of people, particularly parents and other Pack/Troop volunteer leaders that weren't as involved on a district level. Changing day camp locations, cutting back on offerings, and centralizing popcorn distribution definitely have major financial and organizational benefits to the merged council. But talking up all of these benefits while minimizing the inconveniences came across as hypocritical and patronizing. Parents were upset o
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