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  1. NDW5332

    Parking cars as fundraiser. over $25K (NE)

    I think LaSalle Council themselves raise money by selling parking spaces at their council headquarters in South Bend, right across the street from Notre Dame, on football Saturdays.
  2. NDW5332

    Blastcars and Model Building

    I wonder if the intent with the Blastcars was to provide a source of parts for someone building their own model: i.e. axles, wheels, eyelets, etc... It might be an easier source of parts if the Scout in question doesn't have access to a fully stocked hobby shop where they could get what they need for their own model.
  3. NDW5332

    Who's got these Boy Scout Movies?

    If I'm remembering Jaws correctly, there's a brief mention/scene of Scouts doing their Mile Swim. At the end of Dolphin Tale, there are Scouts in uniform acting as crowd control during the dolphin race/fund raiser.
  4. NDW5332

    Ideas for stories around campfire

    When I was a mere Tiger Den Leader, I took OWL training, and one of the presenters was a 90 year old Scouter and he explained the importance of a good campfire story. Then he proceeded to recite "The Cremation of Sam McGee" from memory. While I found the prose to far over the heads of a group of Tigers, I think that poem's mix of an outdoor tale, humor, and the macabre is perfect for older Scouts.