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  1. Signing out friends…wish you all the best! Being censured for opinions based on credible evidence is ridiculous. I have my opinions of the lawyers; now I will add the moderator. Someone needs to call out the lawyers; and yeah my words were as kind as they come! Scout law #6. Add another point that doesn’t expire 😂
  2. I’m starting to wonder if this 15% is made up of a majority of survivors who have strong claims and come from open states. They are the ones who would benefit most from a BSA only bankruptcy.
  3. Thought they were going to report the vote numbers today. Anyone have an idea when they will be released?
  4. As a survivor I have to say that aside from the abuse my experience in scouting was positive. My abuse happened at the LC level and not my troop. The council leaders are total pieces of $h!t who cared for nothing except their reputation. My scoutmaster and all the leadership of my troop lived up to the standards they preached. They taught me leadership and character, and to always live the life I expect others to live. Through the many mistakes I made as a youth they taught me to accept the consequences of my decisions and guided me on how to make better ones in the future. My sc
  5. Cannot wait to read the comments about Chp 7 bankruptcy filing from our favorite twitter attorney and his minions. Survivors being manipulated and victimized again? Geez. Jim Stang is 100% correct…liquidation will not happen and even if it did it would take years and years, cost a boat load of money, force bankruptcies of LC’s and lead to nothing better than what we have now. Typing words and statements on twitter doesn’t make them facts! If an LC files for bankruptcy in a closed state do you honestly think they will pay any claims outside of SOL’s? They have no morals and won’t do what
  6. As per the DOJ in these cases the % approval is meaningless as it relates to Non Debtor Third Party Releases. The trustee believes and is challenging the releases on the grounds it violates the due process rights of individuals voting against the plan. There is no clear law prohibiting releases but many circuits are stopping them. 95% of the Purdue Pharma claimants approved the plan and yet the Circuit Judge tossed it. The approval % is what the judge will use to determine whether or not SHE approves of the plan. The number is irrelevant to the DOJ as they oppose third party
  7. I think as far as the DOJ is concerned they would not agree to any releases for LC’s and CO’s regardless of whether they up their offers or not. I think the DOJ attitude is no 3rd party releases ever. I would say the believe of you want protection file bankruptcy yourself. I totally agree with you that this will drag on in the courts for a long time…perhaps years and years.
  8. I don’t doubt it. I believe many of the firms who encouraged people to first vote REJECT and now ACCEPT had many claims from open states. This IR component is most likely the way they would get their clients to change their vote. Let’s be honest, attorneys work for money, and I am sure many were not happy with the fact they were losing money to firms representing victims from closed or limited states. And let’s be even more honest, I am sure some, definitely not all, victims from open states hate the bankruptcy and the previous plan because it took money from them and gave it to victims,
  9. My case was filed within the New York SOL open window and months and months before the BSA was reportedly considering a bankruptcy. Therefor me case is SOL protected. I was not joking about being OCD with this case. I had all my information and evidence ready for years and years knowing New York would eventually change the SOL. After my abuse a portion of what had happened was discovered through no action of my own…I hid the total truth for years. My parents wanted to take legal action against the BSA and LC and visited many lawyers in New York at the time; unfortunately every lawyer ref
  10. Again you are a stickler for words, and as your say words matter. Ok, you would say you would feel like a sheep, I get that. My question is whether you think anyone who changes their vote is a sheep. Am I a sheep? You certainly implied that and because words matter, you should probably choose them better. I certainly am not a sheep, and would never imply others who keep their votes are sheep either. I accept and understand why people think survivors like us have won the lottery. You were offended and called the poster out. I didn’t like being called a sheep, and accept and un
  11. I personally spoke with my attorney last week and he basically stated the $10,000 fee is to start the Independent review and the other $10,000 is to finish it. Being that the reasoning behind this fee is for the individual claimant, as opposed to the settlement trust, to pay for this review; I would assume nothing from the settlement trust will be used to pay for the judge or these reviews. I would hope she would be paid for from the $20,000. As someone who is considering this route I don’t think it would be fair for everyone else to pay for independent reviews, why should the entire trus
  12. I respect your decision and I never stated you won the lottery…both of us can be accused of that because I too come from an open state. I also agree with all receiving something…what that is is different for us. I am a total “black & white” type of person so we disagree which is ok. I am wondering why, if words are so important and you don’t want divisiveness, you would refer to people changing their vote as SHEEP. You were offended by the “lottery” comment and I am offended by your reference of sheep. Are you saying that me and other survivors who change our votes are stupi
  13. I need to call you out. You were offended by the “lottery” comment and expressed how important words were. You also expressed how concerned your are that comments will lead to divisiveness between survivors. Are you seriously calling survivors who changed their vote, sheep? Those of us changing our vote to ACCEPT are stupid and blindly following our lawyers and the TCC? We somehow have no clue as to what should be important to us, and are unable to look at all the info and make a decision as we see best? Is that what you are saying? We are stupid and blind and gullible?
  14. I’m seriously OCD and have to read and reread everything. Maybe a visit to my local Chinese restaurant will do me some good. Chopsticks and OCD would be a sight to see…after all the BS of this case we could all use a laugh. Hopefully the cookie at the end offered you a great fortune. Trying to keep the faith.
  15. Per the website Judge Welsh does have experience with child & child sexual abuse. Per the site: Civil Rights: High profile case on behalf of severely abused child against private foster care placement agency and government agencies; claim against school district on behalf of special education student raped by their students in classroom supervised by a substitute teacher; cases involving alleged hazing, harassment and sexual misconduct on a University sports team; multiple Title IX and Tort cases including claims of sexual abuse involving faculty, clergy and students in colleges, un
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