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  1. When Camp Powhattan closed for the summer, we took advantage of the opportunity to transfer to Summit's merit badge camp at the same price. During the pandemic, I started with a new company (doing the same job), so even though I'm the scoutmaster, I don't have enough PTO to do both this and Northern Tier (fingers crossed). Summit had multiple Zoom presentations and I have to say I am very impressed with the people who are running the program. We've never been there, but they certainly give one confidence. I'm of course hoping that all the evidence that outdoor activities are safe and
  2. Part of the difficulty of removing the Lenin statue is that it's on private property and isn't that some lovely irony. A couple of people were murdered in CHAZ/CHOP by people with guns. They also established a wall to keep out undesirable people and there's some more irony for ya. In Harpers Ferry, WV, the mob defaced the statue of John Brown, showing incredible ignorance.
  3. No one born in the 1800s and back can meet the woke progressive standards of today's far left cultists. There's no room for nuance or imperfect people who also did many good things. It doesn't mean you don't discuss the bad things, but you don't erase people like the USSR.
  4. The latest update from NT says we need 2 thermometers. No contact ones are ideal for a mixed group out in the wilderness, but the lowest cost ones have poor reviews. The good ones are rather expensive for a troop to purchase 2. For anyone else going this year, what are you doing to meet this requirement? My other idea is 2 cheaper digital oral thermometers and get disposable covers. I'm not sure if they're going to ask us to check everyone every day. That would require a lot of covers and wipes.
  5. Few people born in the 1800s can pass the purity tests of today's woke culture. However, there's a statue of Vladimir Lenin still standing in Seattle.
  6. Sorry for the misunderstanding. All's good as the kids say.
  7. The virus does not distinguish between reasons for people gathering. Either it is safe or it is not safe. If it is killing grandma to gather for one reason, it's killing grandma for all reasons. If it's safe to gather for one reason, it's safe to gather for all reasons. The Constitution guarantees the right of the people to peaceably assemble. When there are extreme circumstances, that right can be temporarily restricted, but the government does not get to decide based on whether they like or dislike the reason.
  8. The rules for this pandemic are now Calvinball. Governors are extending lockdowns while participating in massive events with no social distancing.
  9. Tracing is impossible when people are gathering in large numbers at protests. Schools reopening in the EU has not resulted in an increase in Covid cases, and that's indoors where it's more likely to spread, unlike Philmont.
  10. Not really. On May 28, ABC News tracked the 21 states that started opening up before May 4. There was no major increase in deaths or infections. Also, you can drive into NM and not have to do the 14 day quarantine.
  11. NM seems to be implementing some extreme restrictions while other states are in the process of opening things up. A week or so ago ABC News reported that states that began opening before May 4 saw no increase in deaths or infections. I disagree with what NM is doing, but that doesn't really matter. Sad news.
  12. I saw the commercial today for the law firm compelling people to come forward to sue BSA. The commercial comes across just like all of the "Slip and Fall, Give Us a Call" law firms that advertise all the time. People who were hurt as kids deserve compensation. I just wish the individuals responsible were the ones being punished. Not just the ones who committed the acts, but also those who participated in the coverup.
  13. We need to change. Even without the lawsuits and bankruptcy, we need to change. We're going the way of bowling alleys right now. I'm 50 and as a kid, I lived in a bowling alley. It was tough getting a open lane at times. People belonged to leagues. Since then, society changed and belonging to a league is not something people want to do. We can't be nostalgic. We have to figure out how we can serve today's youth. Lots of people think they have the answers. I don't claim to know who has the right answers. I suspect adults younger than me with younger kids will know better than people 50 -
  14. Summit is apparently filling up. The first week we wanted is no longer available.
  15. I'm not sure this is a good decision. As of today, we are moving from a now-closed Council camp to Summit's merit badge camp. We asked some questions including if they plan to reduce capacity. I was quite surprised that they intend to operate at full capacity. Here's some other info we got from them. a. All troops will be required to monitor scouts and adults temperatures daily beginning 5 days prior to arrival. b. Temperature checks and additional screening will be done upon arrival and daily while we are there. (So arrive early) c. Face Masks/PPE will be requir
  16. Do you think BSA or anyone can predict what government actions will occur this summer that affect HA camps?
  17. To be fair, I don't think that's what they meant. They will comply with state law. If NM says all is good, but then in mid-June changes to shutting things down, there's no way Philmont can know that in advance. Any group going to any summer camp has to accept this possibility. If you can't, then you need to take the options for canceling.
  18. We're going to try to make this work. It's about the same drive as our planned summer camp. They will offer an end of June session if they can get 600 participants to commit to that week.
  19. Northern Tier has an update for today. Canada locations closed for the summer due to the border closure. Swim test is pretty much if you've passed in the past you're good. Part C health form expiration extended. WFA not required. Guides will be trained. http://www.ntier.org/Covid-19/
  20. As we get closer, I suspect the announcements will be much more location-specific rather than coordinated.
  21. I just got this email. It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that, after a thorough review, the National Capital Area Council has decided to suspend our resident camp programs at Goshen Scout Reservation, Camp William B. Snyder, Camp Airy, and the Day Camp program for the 2020 summer season. We know camp is an important part of every Scout’s summer, and this decision was not made lightly. This is not the end of our summer programming, however; NCAC has assembled a team of volunteers who are designing a fun, exciting alternative program that provides advancement opportunities for our
  22. Not to play lawyerball, but a large percentage of Phlying Philmonters fly into Denver and drive into NM. If you fly in May 31, is it a 1 day quarantine, increasing by 1 as you go back for 14 days into May?
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