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  1. In the article, Skurka does a good job explaining different techniques for different circumstances.
  2. While at Northern Tier, most of our campsites did not have any tree that allowed for a proper bear bag hang. At our 1 trip to Philmont, since we weren't in Valle Vidal, they of course have cables set up so you can do it right. Quite often, either the right tree doesn't exist or people do it wrong. Luck prevents a bear from getting an easy meal, but could lead to the bear having to be killed. Here's a good article by a backpacking expert on the subject. We probably should reconsider hanging bear bags unless we're certain there is a proper bear bag hanging tree available. One of t
  3. To help out my wife and daughter, I just had to pledge to be a sister to all Girl Scouts.
  4. That's what we have planned for next year. I hope you mentioned that in the review at the end. I've long hated the singing and we never do it as a troop unless we're somewhere where they make it part of the program. The scouts never seemed to enjoy it. I think part of it is people being stuck in traditions that scouts don't really enjoy. And some adult leaders look down on you if you're blunt and say these traditions are not enjoyed by very many scouts today. I know part of it is being in lockdown mode for so long, but we all, scouts and adults just loved being at Northern Tier
  5. One per year and we work hard for the money.🤑
  6. Last night we had an adult leader meeting. Our CM has been very busy with work and family responsibilities. We gave her a report on our successful Summit Merit Badge Camp and Northern Tier trip. We did Philmont last year and she asked us to compare it to Northern Tier. They're very different adventures. I loved Philmont and Northern Tier. One thing that was common about Summit and NT this year was the lack of program. I know some won't want to hear this, but it was a great thing. Hear me out. Normally at Summit they have evening program. This year, the scouts were free to do wh
  7. We had an adult leader meeting last night to discuss this. We've got about 30 scouts and we're going with 4 patrols. We'll start by having 2 patrols at one house and 2 at another, meeting outside. Meetings might be shorter. To get our big group of new scouts up to Scout rank, over the summer, we met like this with some doing it over Zoom. Next week, we're going to have the PLC plan the scout year through December. Normally we'd have the full year outlined, but there's just too much uncertainty to do that. We'll revisit the planning when it seems appropriate. We plan to schedule
  8. You shouldn't need straps. Guylines work just fine. There are many, many ways to set up a tarp from using trekking poles, sticks, trees or some combination. You'll need one or more of these depending on how you're setting up your tarp. Half pyramid can use just one. A frame needs two and so on. Unless you have some giant, heavy tarp, there's no need for straps.
  9. I can't believe some of you think it's OK for scouts to sell stolen goods. And whoever voted to ban laser tag should be permanently banned from all scout events.
  10. I kidded about taking the water taxi to start, but while our interpreter was great, I don't think using an outfitter results in a significantly different experience. This is particularly true this year when there is no program at NT base camp. You just get your gear, eat a few meals and stay in a cabin with just your crew.
  11. That video production is far better. But you guys cheated and did a shuttle boat.
  12. I finally figured out how to combine GPX files from the rowing activities I tracked on my Garmin watch. So this is the route we did.
  13. Thanks. I actually didn't keep track of that. I perhaps tried a little too hard to just be along for the ride and let the scouts/interpreter run the show.
  14. My editing skills aren't the greatest, but I put this together of our NT trip. I wish I'd captured more, but this gives a good idea of what it's like. There are a few stills, particularly at the start, but it's mostly GoPro videos from the camera on a headstrap.
  15. The cold showers were one of the very few things our troop noted as a negative when they went for the first time this year. Lack of shade and the extreme distance between activities were the others. They very much want to go back next year.
  16. We only had a half hour in the store, and I got there later than the rest of the group as I had to take care of something. I wasn't looking for those types of items, just hats and shirts. I don't recall anything like that, but that doesn't mean they weren't there.
  17. If you're looking for exercises to do, here's what I'd suggest. Obviously getting out in a canoe is great, but most people can't do this multiple times per week. The rowing machine is good cardio. It doesn't exactly mimic canoe paddling, but it is good. Shoulder press. You'll be lifting heavy stuff and carrying heavy stuff. Weighted walking lunges. Sometimes we had 2 people carry the (mostly) empty canoes on short portages. This will get you used to holding heavy weights and strengthen the legs. Core exercises benefit most activity. Planks, crunches, etc. If you're at
  18. We were only given a 30 minute window to shop in the store. We wanted to take our interpreter out for dinner when we returned but we were told if we left we could not come back in.
  19. There are canister stoves that simmer well. Our remote canister stoves do. We did make the desserts (pudding, brownies, cake) with varying degrees of success. We had the dromedary bags. The tablets at Philmont were better than the Polar Pure at NT. You can backflush the Sawyer Squeeze. People take them on through hikes of the Appalachian Trail, so they should be good for a week. True, take the pants, particularly if the weather will be cold and rainy.
  20. I'll add thoughts as they return to my brain. If you get to a campsite, and there's no grumper or fire grate, you're in Canada. DAMHIK My Railriders Eco Mesh pants worked very well. They don't zip off into shorts but have a long zipper along each leg that when unzipped has mesh that keeps bugs out but allows air in and water to drain out. They also come treated with Insect Shield. Fozzils Bowlz are great for both Philmont and NT. We bought them as crew gear. They're light, cheap, compact and when you unsnap them, easy to lick clean. We found for bsoth Philmont and NT, treating
  21. Thanks! During the day, no problem at all. First and second nights not bad. Third and Fourth nights they came out to feast for about 1.5 - 2 hours.
  22. Sunset and then sunrise view from my hammock.
  23. First, we had a fantastic time. Really, it couldn't have been better. Second, I'll post the route we did later. I intentionally let the scouts and interpreter deal with that. We left Springfield, VA, flew from Reagan National Airport direct to MSP. We rented a 15 passenger van for our crew of 8 and gear and drove 4 hours to Virginia, MN. Not sure why we did that to just end up in Virginia again. Virginia is the closest town with national hotel chains. We stayed at the AmericInn with a great view of the railroad tracks. Well, my room did. Get the front of the hotel to be away from
  24. Our troop went to Summit Merit Badge Camp June 18 - July 4. I don't know if anyone got tested, but we're required to report back to Summit if anyone gets sick. We have no reports. There were only 270 people there that week with 700 the following week. There were no reported illnesses during the week our troop was there. WV recently reinstated some restrictions. Some sound like if they were applied to Summit, then Summit would have to close. I've seen no updates on Summit's site since June, so I assume they're still operating. I've been searching for news stories, and I'm not see
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