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  1. We went in 2019, the year after the big fire that went through Philmont. We had a fire every night. This was encouraged specifically to reduce the amount of fuel on the ground for wildfires. I believe over 20,000 people go through Philmont every year. We saw crews having fires every night. I would venture that more dead wood is cleared now than in 1971 with that many crews.
  2. Cooks Peak Fire Update: April 26th, 2022, 11:00 AM MDT The Cooks Peak Fire is estimated at 54,021 acres and 18% contained. There has been no report of further loss of any Philmont structures. Philmont personnel were able to survey areas within the burn zone and Olympia trail camp has survived. There has been loss to a significant amount of fencing and gates. Philmont continues to protect structures and the Carson Meadows cabin was wrapped yesterday with fire retardant material. The precipitation yesterday was a significant aid in fighting the fire, however there are
  3. Two months later, I still can't get our recharter problems fixed by anyone at District. The volunteer didn't have the right access and the professional is new (they seem to have a revolving door). Her boss is mostly unresponsive. I still have 4 messed up accounts. So I can't just send messaged through Scoutbook. I have to then also forward the message to the people with messed up accounts and not everyone can RSVP. It's tough enough getting people to read my emails. I don't get paid enough for this.
  4. Philmont is now under mandatory evacuation "Go!" status. https://www.krqe.com/news/wildfires/fire-reported-in-colfax-county/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=socialflow&fbclid=IwAR0ikS__WSf3YkDXBJ0yud5XQHJaLc_RAQvL0jAx0fQ9Wjc2hMMXmLqD7GI NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A fire started April 17, around 4:15 p.m. in northeastern New Mexico located on private land north of Ocate near the Mora and Colfax County lines. NM Highway 120 from mile marker 14 to 26 and areas east of County Road CR009, north of NM Highway 120, Rayado, Sweetwater, Miami, and Sunnyside,
  5. Keep the first responders and all those affected by this wildfire in your prayers. I might need to come up with a Plan B for our Philmont trip this year, but I hope it won't be necessary.
  6. Yeah, the permits for the High Sierra make it a challenge. I think we're leaning toward Yellowstone/Wind River Range now. The possibility of nothing but rain in the Olympics has pushed that option down the list.
  7. For car camping with the troop, I have a Jetboil with the largest pot and the French press accessory. I pour the coffee into a Thermos to keep it hot. About 8 tablespoons of course ground coffee for a 1 liter Jetboil. Boil the water. Stir in the 8 tablespoons of coffee. Let the coffee sit for about 5 minutes. Slowly push the press down to the bottom. Pour the coffee into the Thermos. I've never mastered the percolator. For backpacking, instant is the only thing that makes sense to me. I don't want to deal with the grounds, which LNT says you should pack out, despi
  8. One thing to always remember is that the rules imposed by national are created by people who don't have to live with them and make them work. They are also created by people who, in my opinion, are more focused on the big picture of keeping the organization financially solvent. That second part is definitely necessary, but it can come at the cost of frustrating the VOLUNTEERS who have to make their decisions work. I'm sure they will deny it, vigorously, but I don't get the impression that National and Council leadership cares much about the effects their decisions have on us or if we don'
  9. I think we're saying the same thing. The urban areas are the most dangerous when trying to follow someone.
  10. I only have 3 adults. For Philmont this year, we just added 2 scouts from another troop so we have a crew of 12. We're renting a 15 passenger and a minivan. Often they charge an absurd amount per day to add an extra driver, but I get your point. Also, have the drivers make separate reservations. They got really confused going to Sea Base when I reserved 2 vehicles. I hate rental car companies. That's my greatest stress on high adventure travel. Yeah, BSA says not to caravan and that's good advice. On the highway, it's not that hard to safely stay fairly close if traffic is light. In urban
  11. This is another reason I use Smartwater bottles instead of Nalgenes. They're not just lighter and cheaper, I can fit 2 in my backpack side pocket as opposed to just 1 Nalgene.
  12. We were able to get a van that fit our budget. I like the flexibility of having the van so we can do side trips as time allows.
  13. My son just got a postcard from the National Eagle Scout Association with an offer to be in their 2021 Yearbook. Is this, well maybe scam is not the right word, but a scam like those National Super Smart student yearbooks they tried to sell us when we graduated high school but was really just anyone who would pay for the book? Are you just paying for the book or is there any other benefit to this?
  14. Yeah, we're doing Philmont this year and renting a van from Denver airport and wow is it expensive. I'm hoping things are better next year when we do a roll your own trip. I'm trying to find a few viable trips to present to the troop for 2023. Viable for a group of scouts is the greatest challenge. The scouts have done none of these trips I'm looking at, so they'd all be great experiences. My wise Committee Chair said pick trips I'd love to do since I'm doing all this work and the scouts will love it, too. We've been rotating between Philmont, Sea Base and Northern Tier. I thought i
  15. I did see that they, and other areas, are doing the lottery thing rather than the Ticketmaster method. I was thinking if Plan A, backcountry permits, doesn't work, Plan B would be trying to get one of the many campsites in the area and do day hikes. Then drive south and do a few days in the Cirque of the Towers, which currently doesn't require permits. Plan C, well, that could be more backpacking in the Wind River Range or something else with no permits required. The thing that makes me most nervous is not having first hand experience there. Also, it's not like going to Philmont the
  16. Yikes! While doing cost estimates, I'm including the cost of service for a Garmin InReach mini. I'm willing to buy it (and likely sell in eBay when done). I'm not sure I'd do much off trail stuff in an area I wasn't familiar with when on a scout trip.
  17. I think this might be a good time for national to reevaluate the charter org model. Troops shouldn't have to rely on a church or other organization to be able to exist. We've seen where these other organizations have different philosophical views and that can lead to them taking it out on troops. I can also see them worried about liability, whether real or perceived.
  18. Our Committee Chair is doing that. She handles rechartering. She handed the check directly to the rep along with some paperwork. He separated the 2 in his folders and I think that's why we were not credited for paying.
  19. I got an email that we weren't rechartered because we didn't pay. I had our treasurer send proof that they deposited our check. Now I noticed that one of our scouts and his mom are no longer showing up in Scoutbook. He has the same first and last name as another scout in our troop who aged out but is now a registered adult with our troop. We had problems with his account in the past because of it. My son just aged out but registered as an adult. He now appears twice in Scoutbook both as a scout, not adult. Scouts who left our troop and did not re-register still appear in Scoutbo
  20. Yes, they have a limit, but I believe it was 15, so more than we would take. We wouldn't even need to count some of the scouts as livestock.
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