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  1. Yeah, I don't know why it didn't like uploading the original files. I had uploaded the originals to Instagram. When you do that, it saves a reduced copy on your phone. I tried uploading those copies and that's what failed. They failed from my phone and laptop. They failed doing file upload or opening them in photos and doing ctrl-a, ctrl-c, and then in the body, ctrl-v. By using Snip and Sketch on those photos creating yet another version, I was able to paste from Snit and Sketch into the body of the posting. So maybe Instagram adds something to the EXIF data in the file that th
  2. In Snip and Sketch, I did ctrl-A, ctrl-C. Then in the body of the post I was trying to make, I did ctrl-V. Not upload file. Is there some filter on EXIF data? Here's a pic of my ugly mug hiking with my EVH pack that it did let me upload.
  3. It failed on my phone (Samsung) and on my Windows laptop using Chrome. I could only paste photos from doing a screen capture with Snip and Sketch.
  4. When I opened the pictures in Photos and tried copy and paste. It failed. When I used Snip and Sketch to do a screenprint of the images and did copy and paste, it worked.
  5. He completed his Eagle project yesterday. Well, Miss Utility didn't come on Friday to mark any utility lines, so planting a couple of trees will wait or not be done. His high school recently was renamed from Robert E. Lee to John R Lewis High School. The crew built a decorative bridge to symbolize the march on Selma. The grass was removed and leveled. Weed barrier was installed as was river rock. It ended up being a bit more work than expected.
  6. I'm trying to post something and attach some pictures. The file sizes are under 1mb, but I get upload failed every time.
  7. Well said! I have a hard time convincing some people about trail runners. Some people just refuse to believe things they were taught are wrong. Most thru hikers on the AT, PCT, etc. wear trail runners. Boots do NOT provide any additional protection from rolling your ankle, they weigh more and are more blister prone. https://www.cleverhiker.com/blog/ditch-boots No kidding on morale. It's tough. We had a very young crew last time. One had a bit of a breakdown and wanted to quit. Two days later he wanted to come back as a ranger. You can make suggestions to your crew leader. Getting ear
  8. Well, we'll see if those folks continue but as the population grows, it's not a surprise there are more people on the trails. The AT is never too far from some town. I'm backpacking in Yosemite next month, as long as the fires stay away (no with scouts). I hope the AT never becomes a permit thing like it is out west.
  9. I'm fortunate to live about an hour from the AT in Virginia and a member of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club. One of the best stories about the AT is Grandma Gatewood hiking it and in a way, pioneering the ultralight backpacking movement. At 67, she was the first woman to hike the entire AT. Many scouters who think they need a 75 pound pack should read up on how she hiked from Georgia to Maine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grandma_Gatewood
  10. They made no age exception for us a couple of years ago. You're right about the weight limits. We saw several adults who were clearly way overweight. A couple of them were behind the rest of their crew hiking up to Baldy and looked like they might not make it. I always say it's their place and we'll follow their rules, even the ones I think are dumb, outdated or don't teach the best backpacking skills. Now if you ask and they make an exception, you're still following their rules.
  11. Very little. Check the guidebook on their web site. That's it. They provide most things.
  12. Swim test is the usual, but a tad shorter at the environmental center. The biggest issue some scouts have is swimming in a natural body of water vs. at a pool. At Sea Base, you're swimming near docks in ocean water. Take a hammock and a tarp. That's what I did. It was really hot and while you can take the fly off of the tents, you can have storms every night. A hammock means you have better airflow and you don't have to tent with another person. That's a big reason why I took a tent to Northern Tier and Sea Base. I hate tenting with someone else. It's very hard to sleep. Sea Base act
  13. They have a percolator, coffee, creamer and sugar. You can bring a mug or use a bowl from the chuck box. I took a mug. The percolator is pretty simple and the scouts clean up. 😉
  14. Man, that's old school. Today, it would be Essential Oils. Gotta stay current with the kids.
  15. My motion sickness issue has gotten worse as I've gotten older, unfortunately. I really can't enjoy boat rides.
  16. Photo dump: https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/a2j8RWwvSieTQV4LSUNkDQ.9Oe9MUTqGg6wWy9BodD2UX
  17. Some more random thoughts/advice. Adults, consider bringing a book. You should be leaving your crew to run dinner. You'll have down time. Tell your crew leader to mentally plan out meals with the food out. Set aside the items for each of the meals. Don't do this with them. I wish they'd noticed the gravy packet for the potatoes, but let them do it. If any crew members take a hammock, make sure they have practice setting up and accept that there might not be adequate spots for everyone. The tents are 4 person tents. Even if you have a full crew, you won't have 4 in a tent. Y
  18. Same. I scratched my legs so much yesterday they started to bleed.
  19. <record scratch> You're probably wondering how I could possibly almost get hypothermia in the keys in summer. We'll come back to that. Some random thoughts on out Out Island Adventure. I was smart booking out vans well in advance because the cost of rentals went up. I was dumb booking at Miami instead of Ft. Lauderdale, which has more and cheaper flights. Every high adventure is a long wait at the rental counter for our van(s). Two hours this time. I hate rental car companies. While you might not need much insulation on the island, you do at the Environmental Center f
  20. Well said. I think the current YPT measures are very good. They do rely on people following them. A conspiracy of 2 registered adults could result in a failure. Let's all do our part to provide a safe program for the youth in our charge. I know the victims will forever be affected by what happened to them. I hope they are able to find some peace in their lives. And last, I hope Avis has our 2 vans at the Miami airport so we can get to Sea Base on Monday.
  21. I now see they specifically say no mess kits, so I don't think they want personal stuff. Could be Covid related or maybe standard policy.
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