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    My interests are varied... golfer, cyclist, knitter, hammock and quilt maker, photographer, former computer programmer...
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    I signed up both of my step-children for scouts even before I married their dad. Since then, I have helped out with my girl's Girl Scout troop and my son's Troop. Now, I am scoutmaster for the girl troop and committee member for the boy troop and venture crew at our CO.

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  1. Since you mentioned the made to measure, I have looked into it and this may be the way to go for me...... Just need to pick up a few extra photography gigs to pay for a custom shirt order
  2. I agree about the microfiber snagging easily as mine is pretty ragged after about three years of wear (gives it character... LOL). I would love to have my tan scout shirts made out of nylon like my venturing shirt. Breathes soooo much better in Texas heat. Polyester and poly blends just hate my skin's ability for heat regulation. But alas, a nice cotton (without added spandex or poly) is not to be had with this iteration of the uniform design.
  3. Ordering a custom shirt is certainly a possibility. Just a little worried that the result would still see me wanting to alter a bit and I am on the fence about the new choice of fabric for the ladies shirts. Will probably go with adding darts and cutting some length off of a men's shirt. -Thanks!
  4. I am asking because I really want to go and buy an XL or XXL uniform shirt and then alter it down to fit me better than the current female options. The current cut of all the female variations are quite short and not really cut for properly/modestly covering a chest if the shirt fits the shoulders. (and if the shoulders are too large, then the shirt really pulls out of a tucked waistband easily when lifting an arm) Sooo... I am thinking about altering a mens shirt. Has anyone done this? Did you go with adding darts or simply cut/resew the side seams? I am a fairly decent seamstress for dr
  5. I like to always pack a small fan, kindle, and folding chair. Oh, and if we go somewhere with trees, then a sleeping hammock is a must. My boy and his fellow scouts always bring a few decks of cards. Whenever there is downtime, one can always find a least one group of boys playing whatever card game is currently in vogue. Sometimes, a football or frisbee. We have one asst. scoutmaster who is a whiz at cooking dutch oven desserts at least once during the week. Layer chocolate chip cookie dough, Oreo cookies, and brownie mix. Once done, it is topped with vanilla ice cream.....yum
  6. Thank you for sharing this template! I already use OneNote for my personal life and keeping up with meeting notes for jobs so I am familiar with the application ....now off to continue my preparations for our new troop starting in two weeks....
  7. Thank you all for the warm welcome! Currently, I counsel photography, cycling, technology, and nature MBs. About 12 boys in our troop are working on their cycling (when our crazy Texas weather cooperates for the shorter rides) and they are planning on finishing the badge requirements with an epic day of mtn bike riding out at Palo Duro Canyon closer to summer time.
  8. Hi there! Little background on me... eons ago, I was a little Girl Scout Brownie for a year or so, then joined not one, but two different Explorer Posts in high school (a high adventure post and an Indian Dance troop). Fast forward to becoming a step-mom to two lovely kiddos, I have been a Committee Member and Merit Badge Counselor for the past three years of which our son has been in his Boy Scout troop. Our daughter has been a Girl Scout for about five years and I have helped out with her troop when I could. Funny side-note.... due to scheduling with my job and my husband's job, he ended u
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