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  1. That is exactly what we're thinking of. I'd love to see that patch....
  2. So it was suggested by a few of our ASMs that we should have more adult activities. By that, I don't mean "risqué" activities, but more things for the leaders to do; training exercises, helping earn knots, etc. It was suggested that we form our own leader patrol. I can definitely see the fun in this as long as it doesn't take the focus off of the youth. Our troop is very youth oriented and boy-run so I don't think that that should be a problem. It would give the more experienced leaders the ability to help the others learn skills that would help our youth (you would be surprised how many leaders can't tie the basic knots required for youth advancement and merit badges). Do any of you do this in your troops? Any suggestions that might help?
  3. I have to agree with you, fun should be first. I've always felt that if a boy wants to rise in the ranks I'll help him in any way that I can. If he doesn't, I'll give him encouragement to progress, but I won't push him.
  4. I remember when I was a Scout, everyone always told you that you'd be asked at your Eagle board of review whether or not you would wear your Uniform to school. The rumor was that they would base whether or not you got your Eagle Scout based on your answer. Most kids assumed that you should always say yes so that they are impressed by your pride in Scouting. Sure enough when I got to my Eagle boar of review they asked me the big question. I was honest with them and told them no. I said that I am very proud of Scouting, but unfortunately with the ridicule that you would get from classmates, I would probably not wear it. Surprisingly they all accepted my answer and said that they were proud of my honesty. I hadn't heard this in a long time, but recently a boy from my troop brought it up and asked if it were true. Is this a thing everywhere? Has anyone else heard fearful rumors about the big question from their boys?
  5. Welcome aboard. Glad you're getting your sons into Scouting. My cousin grew up in Chicago, he was in the Calumet Council for years.
  6. I'm not sure on that. I would have to agree, it sounds like a Vigil pin. Do you have any pictures?
  7. Mine is pretty worn. Good to know there are others out there that are as well tenured as myself.
  8. I was an 18 year old ASM. Of course that was 21 years ago. I remember finding the transition quite easy. I've seen several boys who turn 18 stay on as ASM's. I've found that a lot of times, they're actually more qualified then most of the ASM's who were already there. If he was an active Scout as a boy and was a good leader as a youth, I'd say that he should have no problem.
  9. I agree, they shouldn't be the main point of focus above everything else.
  10. Exactly this. Scouting was created to give boys experiences and knowledge about a great many things so that they could excel in life and have a broader experience. Merit badges do exactly this. They are a fundamental part of Scouting.
  11. It would still be worth it to me. I've always wondered what they start out at.
  12. I've never understood that. I'd love to be a professional scout. One of my biggest ambitions at one time.
  13. That's true. I live in a area that's been a dry county for as long as it's been around. They finally passed a law this year that made it wet. The first liquor store opened it's doors last Saturday (to much local protest). I'm probably the happiest person here. I've been brewing my own beer for years and collect beer/liquor collectables. If you go to Germany, France, etc. kids are drinking wine and beer at dinner. Churches in a lot of countries have beer festivals and make or produce liquor. Alcohol just isn't that big of a deal in most places. Not that I'm defending Boy Scouts getting drunk on camp outs by any means.....
  14. That has to be the greatest thing I have read on here. I think you handled the situation perfectly.
  15. I remember when I was a kid, we were at a camporee one time and to fulfill some requirements for our cooking merit badge (or maybe for a rank, I don't remember) I had to cook breakfast. A buddy and I decided we were going to make bacon and eggs. We made our bacon first (a pretty good amount of it) and then made a big portion of scrambled eggs. Neither one of us had ever done this before and didn't realize that you had to drain the bacon grease out before making the eggs. They were probably the greasiest eggs that had ever been made. When our scoutmaster came over to see it he just smiled and laughed. We were a bit embarrassed so he decided to cheer us up by eating a big helping of them. He said that they were the best greasy eggs he had ever had.
  16. Actually I think it was. Which makes sense.
  17. I've always wondered that too. Why not blue and yellow like the AOL itself?
  18. I agree 100%. I collect Boy Scout memorabilia. Rank insignia are a big part of that. I have several knot patches that I haven't earned myself, I would never think of wearing them. I am all for rank patches, knots, medals, etc. being for sale on ebay, it's a great place for collectors to get them. Trying to pass them off as your own is despicable.
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