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  1. I can't disagree with that.
  2. I guess since anyone can join, why not: http://www.trendolizer.com/2017/10/boy-scouts-to-allow-old-men-into-cub-scouts-program.html
  3. Boy Scouts has always been a safe and fun place for boys to be boys. A place for boys to learn to be men. That's exactly what it was made for in the first place. It has always been a place were boys gather together to learn from men. It builds better men for the future. It's not anti-girl, but pro-boy. I think that's important. At the same time, girls should have the same thing. That's what Girl Scouts are about. What is wrong with it being a boys club? Why is exclusivity so hated now? Mentorship and education for boys from men is a good thing, not a bad thing. I would never want to force boys into Girl Scouts, that's their thing and should stay that way. This move goes against everything that the group was established for in the first place. I have no problem with a coed group that teaches both boys and girls the same thing as Boy Scouts, if parents want to put their children in it, that's fine. But don't force it upon a group that doesn't want it. Someone earlier said that this won't "ruin" Boy Scouts. I disagree. It completely changes it and makes it something completely different. It fundamentally is no longer BOY Scouts.
  4. It seems like nothing but a money grab to me. Boy Scouts has been hemorrhaging members in the last decade. After they announced that gay and "transgendered" kids could be in, their numbers dropped significantly. Now they're getting scared so they figure that they'll cater even more to the pressure of the left and allow girls. What they don't realize is that Scouting is so far from what it was originally and has lost so much of it's focus and meaning. Doing this just furthers that. Next thing they'll remove God from Scouting, then guns, etc. Until it's unrecognizable by anyone. It makes me ashamed to be a part of it anymore. When did exclusivity become such a bad thing to so many?
  5. Cub's ASL of Scout Law and Oath

    I've tried to learn sign language before. I'm partially deaf (about 80% deaf in one ear and 10% in the other, which I suppose would be insulting to any truly deaf person to call myself deaf) so I've always thought that it would be good to at least know some sign language. I've never been any good at it though. I commend anyone who can use it proficiently.
  6. World Jamboree and Home Hospitality

    What?? I almost fainted when I read that. Balderdash I say!
  7. Transgender policy change

    I agree 100%.
  8. I didn't realize that either. It gives me hope that I might get one now after some vast clerical error.
  9. Transgender policy change

    I would argue that that is a very, very different situation.
  10. Transgender policy change

    Sounds like a great time to me.
  11. Transgender policy change

    @@gumbymaster, I like to think so. I'm pretty much open to most anything. I like everyone. But I'll always voice my opinion if asked. When you're as ugly as I am, it's hard to be judgmental of others.
  12. World Jamboree and Home Hospitality

    My God, that would be my favorite part.....
  13. Transgender policy change

    I believe the remark was made towards me. I took no offence whatsoever to it. Just one person stating his opinion and using a word that is misunderstood by so many nowadays. We have differing opinions and you are welcome to voice yours.
  14. Transgender policy change

    We like to fight politely.
  15. World Jamboree and Home Hospitality

    I wouldn't think that there would be any issues. The policies of other countries Scouting organizations are probably not a very big deal to us. I think the point of our pushback with the transgender issue in the BSA is just the principle of it (at least to me anyway). I don't hate transgenders. Never have. And I have no problem with them being in a Scouting program. Just not a group designed for boys only. I imagine that that is the same for most of us that are against it. I would never force myself into the Girl Scouts even if for some reason I wanted to be a girl. But it's our program, our history, our group. Scouting from other countries is those countries group. If they've chosen to let them in, then that's on them.
  16. Transgender policy change

    pchadbo was just referring to the tag I put above my Icon on here. He's not calling me anything that I haven't called myself. I felt that he was polite in his rebuttal of my rant.
  17. Transgender policy change

    And that is the point. 100%. It's not about bigotry or hate, it's about keeping true to the original meaning and point of the Boy Scouts of America.
  18. weird patrol names

    I love that.
  19. Scouting ties in the Trump Administration

    Can't think of a better start to the day.
  20. Transgender policy change

    I would have to disagree. I would love to look like a model or have the ability to fly but it's never going to happen. I can't just decide that I feel like I can fly and then jump off a building and have it be true. Sorry, life doesn't work that way. I have no problem with people who decide they want to be a different gender or race or animal (Yes, that happens) but don't force that on others. Just because they want to be a boy doesn't mean that they are. And it sure as heck doesn't mean that others need to accept that. I would never force myself into a group that I don't belong in just because I want to be in it.
  21. Transgender policy change

    What? You might want to go re-read some of the handbooks and history of the BSA.
  22. Transgender policy change

    Except that they are not a boy. And they never truly can be. This is a program for boys only. To help them become men. If a person can never become a man, then this is not something they should be involved in. I understand that someone might want to be included, there have been girls who desperately want to be in Boy Scouts and earn Eagle. I feel bad for them, but I would not let them in. I might love aspects of certain girls only clubs or organizations, but I would never force myself into one just because I want to be thought of as a girl. I understand that some people think that they can just "feel" like a boy and think that they are one, but in reality that's not how it works.
  23. Can a SM ban OA elections?

    Lol, that wouldn't surprise me at all.
  24. Transgender policy change

    That right there is exactly right. The direction the BSA has been moving in the last 10+ years is the complete antithesis of what it was created for. It's almost like it's an intentional dismantling of the founding principles it was based on.
  25. Transgender policy change

    I've seen the same thing happen. When they announced that gays would be accepted we hade a severe drop in membership in my Council. Donations have been cut almost in half. Last night after this new announcement we had 3 boys pulled out of my troop and I know of several other troops in my district that have lost members. I can't say that I blame them. The Boy Scouts that we grew up with are now long gone.