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  1. Cubtrails not working?

    Scoutbook has a mobile version. I use it on the computer and on my phone.
  2. Where to start with a sewing machine for badges

    I purchased a Black Friday special two years ago; a Singer from Target. Paid less than $80 for it. Using a blue jean needle, that machine can handle the patches. I also use it to replace zippers in coats and fixed coverall's. Otherwise I don't sew. I also use clear thread; but don't get the cheap stuff! (The expensive stuff is still less than $5.)
  3. Ideas for Tent Tags

    We have an un-creative group. We use duct tape and a sharpie marker.
  4. I looked on Amazon for this book. Cost of $99. Where did you get your copy? Not sure I want to pay that much. Another fun scouting book for leaders is "I Thought Scout Uniforms Were Fireproof!"
  5. Meritorious awards

    I have submitted one. We used the form that was linked above. It is not fast process. After we submitted the paperwork, we waited months before we heard anything. The award must first be approved from your local council, who will then forward it on to the national committee. For us the national committee came back with a couple of question; then we waited for another 2 months. They finally came back with the approval for the Honor Medal with Crossed Palms. (Another couple of months for the award to arrive at our local council.) The process is worth it though. Good luck!
  6. An ever popular night

    This sounds like fun. How many of the questions change each year and approximately how much time do you give them to complete this?
  7. Struggling to stay in Scouts

    How about seeing if his old pack needs a den chief. Best of both worlds than. He can continue doing cub scout activities as a leader and maybe help plan some which would help him out with moving into a boy lead troop. Good luck!
  8. Campout form?

    I'm interested in what other do. Right now, each time we go it's different. A basic form would be great.
  9. recording software for cub scouts

    I will place another vote for Scoutbook. For the last year I recorded items for both the pack level and the troop level. It was a great, easy way to communicate with the other leaders too. And very helpful when someone was making a run to the scout shop. They could log-on and see what needed to be picked up.
  10. Patrol vs. Troop Cooking

    Okay completely busted here! 300' apart doesn't happen. We are working on it, but for now, the adults typically start pitching our own tents first while the patrols seek out the best spots. Then for some reason they come back and set up close to the adults. It's a work in progress. We do have a big push this year to move to more boy-led. I'll keep taking down notes and reading. Thanks!
  11. Patrol vs. Troop Cooking

    We have 2 small patrols too. One with 3 boys and the other with 5. We make the adults a third patrol. In an effort to not spend our entire camping time cooking, each patrol takes one meal and is responsible for it. (We have sandwiches for lunch.) This requires us packing less as we only need 1 chuck box instead of 3, and the other 2 groups can be working on other things.
  12. New to all of this

    At the beginning of the year, I asked my Webelos scouts which ones cared about rank advancement and which ones just wanted to have fun. The ones that cared about rank advancement, I made sure we got through the rank advancement, tracked what they did, how they progressed, and made sure we had opportunities to get fun stuff in too. The Webelos that just wanted to have fun, I didn't worry if they missed a meeting or didn't work on anything at home. If it's not important to them, than it's not that important to me. We had crossover at the beginning of the month; the ones that wanted the Arrow of Light found a way to get it all done. The others didn't come to the ceremony because it wasn't important to them. We had fun regardless.