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  1. Have you seen the Advancement form that must be submitted to the council office? I have attached the top portion of it (less my personal information). To order the Merit Badge I have to fill out this form and sign it. That puts my name on the record that I verified it. Item 7 - I get to verify they are registered as a merit badge counselor. Below that, I get to certify that it's all correct and following the standards. Scoutbook is the easy way to verify this. If there is going to be a problem, I would rather find out now, then when the scout is applying for Eagle and the office is double checking records. Before anyone asks, this form is populated from my Scoutbook account.
  2. After logging into Scoutbook this morning; I had to share a screen shot for my personal kids: Even with a 3 year age gap between them, they have both earn the title of Eagle within 7 months of each other. The younger one even finished it during COVID 19.
  3. THANK YOU!!!! I needed something fun for our virtual cub meeting this Monday. This will be perfect. I might turn it into Bingo too.
  4. Does your son or unit use Scoutbook? The Eagle Rank Application is mostly filled out there for you. Dates included.
  5. Not familiar with his work, but Amazon has a couple of his books including a preview of them. I might pick up the Boy's Book of Camping and Wood Crafts. Thanks for the recommendation.
  6. Yes I did have my last shirt altered. But I'm not a great seamstress so I took it in. They added darts to the back and since I'm vertically challenged, the shirt was also shortened. I have never received any comments that anyone even noticed. I would say go for it.
  7. Adding to the list - Many Point Scout Camp in Minnesota. They multiple subcamps - take your pick - Buckskin has a dining hall; Ten Chiefs has troops cook 2 meals while the third is pre-cooked and delivered; Voyageur has troops cook all of their meals.
  8. This is our local camp. When the tiered pricing came out it was very confusing as the statement that they expected most people to pay Tier C was left out. It's a great camp to go to. The river runs along the south side of the property. Lots of wildlife.
  9. So where and when is this campout? I'm a female; I like camping; I'm registered; I have YPT. Can I bring our girl Webelos den?
  10. Thank you for bringing up this topic. Yes this is the exact reason I haven't taken Wood Badge too. Other than Wood Badge, our camps usually don't start up on Sunday morning until 8:30. One of the local parish's have a 7:00 am mass that I can make it to. When we go camping I make it a point to find a parish near our camping site and schedule around them.
  11. Challenge accepted! Can't wait for the next campout to find out. Thanks!
  12. With kayak we play bobber tag. Use a fishing bobber, try to toss it into another persons boat. If you miss the bobber is up for anyone to grab and re-throw. 1 point for each time you get the bobber into another boat. We did try it once with a beach ball, but teenage boys with a large ball and paddles...the ball never made it in any kayak.
  13. We borrow the stomp rockets from our BSA service center. I hope they are allowed.
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