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  1. TWCub

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    So where and when is this campout? I'm a female; I like camping; I'm registered; I have YPT. Can I bring our girl Webelos den?
  2. TWCub

    Religous observeance

    Thank you for bringing up this topic. Yes this is the exact reason I haven't taken Wood Badge too. Other than Wood Badge, our camps usually don't start up on Sunday morning until 8:30. One of the local parish's have a 7:00 am mass that I can make it to. When we go camping I make it a point to find a parish near our camping site and schedule around them.
  3. TWCub

    Is this the new normal?

    Challenge accepted! Can't wait for the next campout to find out. Thanks!
  4. This sounds like fun! We are in.
  5. TWCub

    Canoe Games?

    With kayak we play bobber tag. Use a fishing bobber, try to toss it into another persons boat. If you miss the bobber is up for anyone to grab and re-throw. 1 point for each time you get the bobber into another boat. We did try it once with a beach ball, but teenage boys with a large ball and paddles...the ball never made it in any kayak.
  6. TWCub

    Water / Bottle Rockets ?

    We borrow the stomp rockets from our BSA service center. I hope they are allowed.
  7. TWCub

    Linked Troops - What are these?

    Link for that poster above: https://www.scouting.org/familyscouting/ Looks like girls in the troop can start Jan. 2019.
  8. I checked my stash and it seems I don't have any emblems or beads. I knew I was happy to see the beads go away, but didn't realize I was that happy!
  9. I'll look tonight; I might have an old one.
  10. TWCub

    Cubtrails not working?

    Scoutbook has a mobile version. I use it on the computer and on my phone.
  11. TWCub

    Where to start with a sewing machine for badges

    I purchased a Black Friday special two years ago; a Singer from Target. Paid less than $80 for it. Using a blue jean needle, that machine can handle the patches. I also use it to replace zippers in coats and fixed coverall's. Otherwise I don't sew. I also use clear thread; but don't get the cheap stuff! (The expensive stuff is still less than $5.)
  12. TWCub

    Ideas for Tent Tags

    We have an un-creative group. We use duct tape and a sharpie marker.
  13. I looked on Amazon for this book. Cost of $99. Where did you get your copy? Not sure I want to pay that much. Another fun scouting book for leaders is "I Thought Scout Uniforms Were Fireproof!"
  14. TWCub

    Meritorious awards

    I have submitted one. We used the form that was linked above. It is not fast process. After we submitted the paperwork, we waited months before we heard anything. The award must first be approved from your local council, who will then forward it on to the national committee. For us the national committee came back with a couple of question; then we waited for another 2 months. They finally came back with the approval for the Honor Medal with Crossed Palms. (Another couple of months for the award to arrive at our local council.) The process is worth it though. Good luck!