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  1. I share your sentiments. Scouting isn't just an activity to me; it's a lifestyle. It is character development, it is patriotism and citizenship, it is outdoor skills, it is leadership, it is service to other, it is finding out who you are and what you're capable of, it is a worldwide mission and organization that recognizes and honors our differences and unites us in our many similarities. I don't see similar opportunities from soccer, karate, or piano, or at least not for the particular son I have. My cousins were MP in the Air Force. Stationed in Japan, Qatar, and Nebraska. Congratulat
  2. I believe in the mission of scouting and want my kids to participate. We are Jewish and many of the Scouts BSA alternatives are either not a good fit for us (Pioneer, Trail Life USA, Awanas, CotF, Faith-Based Boys, Royal Ambassadors, Spiral Scouts, etc) or not in our area (Baden Powell). What would you recommend we do?
  3. Tell me more! Are you in the same council or were you a scout here?
  4. Hello, happy to find this forum. I was a Brownie and Junior Girl Scout, and have very fond memories of my time in scouting. My son just turned 5, so we're visiting a Lion's Den meeting this week in the Triangle region of North Carolina. Looking forward to learn from you all as I learn about Scout BSA's culture and program.
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